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Services: Eavestroughing

If you have worked very hard to make your home a beautiful place to live, then you will definitely want to make sure it stays that way. So protect your home ‘s foundation with the finest eavestroughs anybody can offer. AV Exterior Ltd. offers the best eavestroughing services. We work on renovation, new residential and commercial projects. Our company offers 5’’ and 6’’ eavestroughs, which is the perfect size to keep your home safe from rain, snow, and erosion. After we have provided you with an estimate, we do not alter it so that there is full fairness and customer satisfaction with our services.

Want to keep your home in good condition and avoid major eavestrough-related problems and risks? Discover how you can have truly functional eavestroughs.

The Gutter Clean System leaf guard and Fixa-Tech continuous eavestroughs fastening system are patented products designed to help you keep your eavestroughs clean and in good condition—guaranteed

With traditional hangers and spikes, eavestroughs are anchored only at the fastening points. Between these points, eavestroughs are a lot less robust. There are weak spots. Snow, ice, and ladders love these vulnerable areas!

With the Fixa-Tech system, your eavestroughs are continuously fastened to the wall. Your eavestroughs are equally strong from one end to the other. No weak points! Amazingly, it can even support the weight of three men at the same time!

Moreover the Fixa-Tech eavestroughs fastening system also stops leaves, debris, ice and snow from getting stuck in the eavestrough. Finally an innovative design!