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AV Panels

AV Panels is a subsidiary of AV Exterior that specializes in the manufacturing of steel and aluminum products. Steel roof, steel siding, aluminum soffit, fascia and accessories are among the items manufactured by AV Panels in Edmonton.
Our products are designed and manufactured specifically in compliance with the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) codes (NBCC-2015, CAN/CGSB 93.4-92, CSSBI 23M-2011, JIS G3321, and CAN/CSA-S136).
Our products are covered by AV Exterior warranty which is valid for 30 years for the steel substrate and 40 years for the coat. Our product is water-resistant, hail-resistant, non-flammable, and low-maintenance.

Dubai Single

Commonly known as 4 Inch DutchLap

Dubai Double

Commonly known as Double 4 Inch Dutchlap

London – 4 Inch

Commonly known as 4 Inch Contemporary

London – 8 Inch

Commonly known as 8 Inch Contemporary


Board and Batten


Versatile roof profile


Traditional 6 Inch



Aluminum Soffit and Fascia