We’re so glad you asked! We'll also ask you how you like your coffee. Gerardine Sanj is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference. I have given this company thousands of dollars to help pack, then load a trailer. Learn more. The crew had left that night when it was already dark out, and I hadn’t yet discovered all of the damages or started to unpack. Move size: We would definitely recommend You Move Me to anyone. $3378, Service cost: This was our first time ever hiring movers and we couldn't be more impressed! How are we different from your average moving company in Denver? Everything from their customer service representative to their crew was outstanding. hands down one of the best experiences of my life. As a full-service moving company, we can do it all: pack your things or just one room, pick up your boxes, help you plan your move, pack up your clothes (Yes, we have FREE wardrobe service), problem solve, and even bring you a cup of coffee on moving day. Stay clear if this company! Our professional movers and process will make your entire moving day smooth. Enjoy this new stage in your life, and thanks again for giving us the opportunity to move YOU and not just your boxes! Thanks so much guys! I responded that I would not be signing the agreement, and have not received any response from this employee or the company since. Instead got 400. You Move Me can do more than just residential moves, we can do office moves as well. My move started with glowing promises which fizzled into very poor administrative lack of communication. Your submission has been received! I haven't been disappointed yet. not provided. Hands down best moving experience I have ever had. Shawn, the supervisor, was utterly unapologetic, and, actually quite confrontational with me. I really don't know how this company manages to stay in business in Toronto. Without proper comparison, bold statements as "the best" and "the cheapest" often fall flat like a pancake. We will never use any other mover - clients for life! After months of preparation we launched You Move Me in February of 2013. I'll definitely use them next time anyone in my family moves. Partners do a lot more than move around boxes. No matter what size your move might be, you'll have a ton on your mind that day, so it's our goal to be more than a mover. We finish things off with a completion checklist to make sure everything is where it should be, and then jump at the opportunity to be the first to offer a housewarming gift. The team leader himself ended up taking on the responsibility of packing the kitchen, and what we found (on the other end of the move) was that $100-$150 pans had been nested inside of each other, and were severely gouged after rattling around in a box all the way to Arizona. Tyler, Alex, and Jeff showed up nearly to the exact minute they said they would when they called earlier with an ETA. Speaking of unpacking, when we arrive at your new home we'll unpack all of your furniture and boxes exactly where you want them. And they charged us 1700! Ask Anna Kornobis about the services of You Move Me. Don't look any further and ask for these guys!! I have never used movers before so I was a little apprehensive but You Move Me was great! We had huge problems with them simply packing (how hard can that be?) Austin helped confirm day-of plans and answered all of my questions. They were very polite and were able to complete the move in the time frame expected. $522. I was born and Raised in Kansas City, and I went to school here too. And, they were very friendly, polite, and accommodating. Wrapped furniture and even offered to bring me coffee in the morning. Polite, kind and helpful -- Such a treat to deal with real-life, engaged caring people. Seriously happy with the job Austin and his crew did. Our friendly crew leader will walk you through the completion checklist – this ensures that everything has been done perfectly. To top it off the movers ran over a bottle of cleaner left it tipped over on the carpet so I have a huge round bleach stain and I reported it to them and they have yet to pay for the damages or submit a claim to their insurance company to cover the damages. They talked to me but kept working hard. To legitimately perform interstate moves, moving companies must be registered with the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) . These idiots have caused thousands of dollars of damage, and they truly don’t care. We will confirm your address and figure out exactly where you want us to park. We also try to make the day as light-hearted as possible. Hands down best packing experience I've ever had- and we've not only moved a LOT but have had some really awful experiences that are best left as horror stories while sitting around a camp fire binge eating s'mores to try and soothe the fear.Coming off of a particularly bad move less than a year ago, I had about the same expectations as a Junior guy on Prom night- hopeful but preparing to be disappointed.Austin and Tyler exceeded my expectations almost instantly by being kind, courteous and funny, packed our items efficiently, and were even nice to my children- that alone earned them extra points in my fake permanent record book. $1550, Move size: I believe they packed like this to steal even more money from me, using as many boxes as possible regardless of my actual need. When I got into the house later, I saw that there was too much for me to move myself. We can pack anything from a single item to every item in your home. They certainly know what they're doing and were a joy to work with. They talked to me but kept working hard. This is some text inside of a div block. :). We want to be your partner. All furniture was disassembled and reassembled, wrapped with blankets and shrink wrap, and moved on dollies. I didn’t realize that we had been scammed, or the extent of the damages until that morning.

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