Both platforms allow you to add as many products as possible. The system has a broad international community of WordPress enthusiasts who are busy generating new ideas and improving the plugin. There are two available editions of Magento: Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce. The Magento platform is huge when it comes to discussing its features: This is just a partial list of the features Magento presents, and one can find additional opportunities for using this CMS upon closer inspection. Also, it is possible to start and maintain several online shops at once, set different languages, use various pricing methods and currencies within a Magento user-friendly admin panel. The quality and credibility of the Magento platform are proved by scores of users all around the globe. © Copyright 2020 by Mageplaza. Both WooCommerce and Magento let you implement several security measures, but mostly through extensions and manual process. Popular search: It’s far more convenient than having to wait hours before the support team finally gets back to you. Before you drill into the aspects of web development with Magento or WooCommerce, we recommend that you ask yourself the following questions. According to a study recently, there are more than 30,000 sites hacked every day, so keeping your site secure is a challenging and vital task for any online store owners. Though smaller online stores also can find its functionality beneficial. Magento gets the edge here with support for several languages that come built-in. There are two packages Magento users can opt for. Both platforms offer a wide range of flexibility in eCommerce development with various plugins and extensions. Overall, this round is a tie because you and your hosting provider are critical factors that decide the store performance. Once your report is ready, it will be updated permanently. Magento Commerce is a universal solution that is easy-to-use and full of capabilities. However, for large e-stores with multiple people operating the admin area, it might be a trouble-maker. Maybe, this fact explains why both of them rule the market for e-commerce platforms. Whether you already run an online store or thinking to launch a new venture, you have possibly thought about the technical aspect of the deal. One of the most crucial consideration when selecting your e-commerce platform is the ease of use. This implies that majority of companies want to spend less and get more out of their e-commerce website. Both Magento and WooCommerce are open-source platforms that give them the advantage of attracting a large user base and community. Magento vs WooCommerce 2020: Which One Is Better? The success of any e-commerce business largely depends on the platform behind it. To migrate or not to migrate? Advantages of working with dedicated development teams. Magento is known for its SEO capabilities with SEO extension. At first sight, this update seems to be a minor improvement, although it is going to bring more satisfaction to your regular clients. According to SimilarTech, WooCommerce is widespread as it is leading in top 1M sites and the entire web. Both Magento vs WooCommerce are open-source whose original code can be easily modified, improved to your requirements. The appropriate back-end suitable just for your e-commerce needs is vital for starting and maintaining your online shop, processing the orders and dealing with customers successfully. Above is a quick comparison between Magento 2 and WooCommerce. Apart from these features, the intuitive interfaces and responsive design of the developed product are some of the most sought-after elements. A possible way out is to create several admin users and assign personal credentials to each of them. You may end up paying more of that cost if you opt for WooCommerce to give more features for your store. Also, there is a theme section on the plugin website where you can download the Storefront Theme and its child products to get a beautiful ready-made website for your shop. Effective product management with item comparison, favourite and related products are very useful in the case with big stores and lots of goods. – Intelligent reporting system. The capabilities of the open-source version include: On top of that, users can improve the functionality of the free version by using the extensions from the marketplace. While the large scaled organizations should opt for Magento, as it may cost more but the e-commerce solutions developed are highly enriched and customized. However, there is something about WooCommerce you should be aware of. The plugin helps to increase customers’ loyalty by showing their reviews right on the product page. Moreover, thanks to the enhanced product search and site navigation, your visitors will unlikely face any challenges while shopping online at your store. It is possible to configure currency, language and measure settings to suit your selling style. Regardless of the platform, the speed and performance of the website depend on many factors, such as your Magento web hosting provider and whether your posted images are optimized or not. Period. Magento is a powerful open-source CMS tailored for e-commerce websites. The first e-commerce entrepreneurs appeared in the late ’90s, and since then, the myriads of new online shops have crowded the market.

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