But in real case, the flowing charges are not positive (in the case of a metal); but the current carriers are electrons which are negatively charged. And in electrolysis, we are concerned about where the electrons actually go, and can't possibly stick to the notion that current is actually flowing the opposite direction, right? ^ hmm, but the only positive charge carriers in this case would be electrolytes, positive ions. This was the convention chosen during the discovery of … Manishankar Asks: “What is the difference between conventional current and real current?” Answer: Conventionally.

Why use conventional current? The conventional current flows in the direction that positive charge carriers would move, and in the opposite direction that negative carriers would move. Things like a battery and all set up a current made up of moving electrons, which are basically negative charge carriers only. JavaScript is disabled.

The difference is a little more than tradition. This is called the Conventional Current Direction. Why do we even need the term 'conventional current'?

Conventional current is the flow of a positive charge from positive to negative and is the reverse of real electron flow. A new spin on atoms gives scientists a closer look at quantum weirdness, New model that describes the organization of organisms could lead to a better understanding of biological processes, Ultrapure copper for an ultrasensitive dark matter detector. Conventional current says 'whatever's really happening in a circuit, we'll pretend it's positive charges moving in the sense positive to negative'. All descriptions of electronic circuits use conventional current, so if you see an arrow depicting current flow in a circuit diagram, you know it is showing the … This means if electrons the direction of current is defined as the direction of flow of positive charges.
But when I learnt about electrolysis in chemistry, where we are indeed concerned about the electrons themselves, it seems that conventional current is also used, why is this the case, when current do not really flow as conventional current states? The convention we've had for hundreds of years is that current is the direction that a positive charge would move if there was a positive charge there.

Difference in conventional and fundamental entropy. Conventional Current assumes that current flows out of the positive terminal, through the circuit and into the negative terminal of the source. It states that electrons flow from positive to negative. Conventional current flow is the one most often used. What is conventional current? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I have always taught that conventional current still is being taught and accepted is because that most laws in physics follow the notion of conventional current, such as fleming's left/right hand rule and all. … Continue reading →

In the image below, we can see current moving from the positive terminal of the battery through the resistance to the negative terminal of …

If you don't want to specify what is carrying the charge, you can still talk about currents by referring to the conventional current. So, whenever we talk about If the real physics is too complicated, then just use Conventional Current, where we can ignore the copper atoms and ignore the motion of the circuitry, since CC doesn't change when the wires move along.

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