See c. The 8 signs of Prophet Muhammad in the Gospel of Mark. 13. Al Quran surah 48. Life in Paradise. The Quran chapter 31. 3. Hadith stories about 72 virgins all contradict the teachings of Allah delivered by Prophet Muhammad in the Quran about life on Earth and life in Paradise Jannah as explained below.

See explain Genesis 22:2,, See b. The fourteenth last revelation from Allah.


326-6. Isa is not returning to this Earth. Jewish Muslim Christian interfaith dialogue. Al Quran surah 59. Al Quran surah 46. 52a. Mock religion.

Do you see the word ‘ virgins ’? Can a small family retire early with 1.2M + a part time job? Righteous people learn from their mistakes to do good behaviour. Jewish Muslim Christian interfaith dialogue. Can Prophet Muhammad read and write?

In what message after the Quran shall you believe? He (Allah) is the greatest (in importance to every creation) and the wisest. --------- 001-015 Islam. 61c.

People who believe false stories invented by other humans after the death of a prophet can be made to believe other false stories invented by humans as seen in some Christian cults and some Muslim cults who followed stories supporting their killing of people and their killing of themselves.

Which son of Prophet Nuh drowned? The covenant between Allaah and the children of Israel. How to find false hadith stories made after the death of Prophet Muhammad. The Quran chapter 95. Yahoo ist Teil von Verizon Media. Jesus died a natural death 2000 years ago in the Quran and in the Gospel. In a similar way in the story of the vision dream of the sacrifice of the son of Prophet Abraham Ibrahim in Quran chapter 37 Allah only blesses Prophet Abraham Ibrahim and his son Prophet Isaac Ishaq and leaves no other blessings in the story of the sacrifice and this famous vision dream is remembered in the next chapter Quran chapter 38 where Allah blesses Prophet Abraham Ibrahim and Prophet Isaac Ishaq with the vision dream in Quran 38:45 – 38:47 and shows in the next verse that Prophet Ishmael Ismail was not the son in the vision dream and Prophet Ishmael Ismail was not living with his father during the vision dream by blessing Prophet Ishmael Ismail without his father and without the blessing of the vision dream in Quran 38:48. God has not ordered stoning to death for adultery in the Quran.

95d. Time does not exist for God. Life in the Garden of Eden. Quran 45:14 Verse 45:14 Say (Prophet Muhammad) to those who believe (in Allah that) they (should) forgive those who do not expect the Days of Allah (in the hereafter, meaning forgive the disbelievers, forgive the non believers, forgive the stone idol worshippers in Makkah, forgive the people who do not believe in Allah) so that He (Allah) may reward (the righteous) people for what they earn (in reward for the hereafter by obeying Allah’s command that the people who believe in Allah should forgive the people who do not believe in Allah so that you forgive the disbelievers in your life in the same way that you wish Allah to forgive you in the next life in the hereafter).

(Quran 33:28 “… Say to your wives, “If you desire the life of the world and its adornment” instead of life with me “then come I shall provide for you and release you” from our marriage contract “in a good” honourable “manner” if you want a divorce). Is that a misinterpretation of the Quran? The eleventh last revelation from Allah. Al Quran surah 67. The Quran chapter 50. Ta Seen Meem طسم, 28c. Islamic Quotes on Knowledge/Study/Education,…,…,…,…,…. 282d. The Quran chapter 40. is fruit, date palm trees and pomegranate. 212. God (Allah) is the creator of the Jews, Christians, Muslims and everyone and everything that exists. Alef Lam Mim الم, 3b. Al Quran surah 55. When I fetched them, he set fire to them. The eighth revelation of Prophet Muhammad. 290. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. have promised to them and whoever was righteous among their fathers and their spouses.

The key to correctly identify Haman in the Quran. The 377 signs of Prophet Muhammad in the Gospel of Luke. Prophet Muhammad is not a mad man. These hadith stories are false hadith stories because they contradict the stories of Allah and Prophet Muhammad which are protected in the Quran. Hadeeth do not abuse people for leaving Islam. Specially 72 Virgins and Killing Verses Miss-conception…Indeed We are working hard to show the truth to world. 109d. Hadith torment of the grave. The Quran chapter 105. The Day of Judgement. 17. Now, I order you all to bring me all the books that you hold so that I will decide about them.’Thinking that `Umar wanted to correct and submit the books to a certain criterion, all people brought their books to him. See b. Every person is responsible for what they earned, For there is not a righteous man on earth, who continually does good and who never sins.

The resurrection of humans as a new creation in Paradise Jannah is explained in Quran 30:11, Quran 30:27, Quran 40:8, Quran 37:47-37:49, Quran 44:54-44:56, Quran 52:20-52:21, Quran 55:54-55:60, Quran 55:68-55:74, Quran 56:15-56:18, Quran 56:22-56:24, Quran 56:35-56:38, Quran 76:17-76:19 and Quran 78:31-78:33. The Quran chapter 55. What happened to Prophet Isa at the end of his life? The trusted man was invited to eat in the house of Prophet Muhammad and therefore it was thought that this trusted man had direct knowledge about the sayings of the prophet.

Allah gives the Quran as an inheritance to those who believe in Allah. Quran chapter 17 index.

Al Quran surah 74. It is simply a misguided verse of the Quran. The reality is that there are no 72 virgins in Paradise. Hadith whoever changes his religion kill him.
The Persecution of Muslims in Mecca because they believed in God.

325-7. Al Quran surah 69. on: February 7, 2011. 409. 81. Für nähere Informationen zur Nutzung Ihrer Daten lesen Sie bitte unsere Datenschutzerklärung und Cookie-Richtlinie. The Torah Taurat. Prophet Muhammad in Palestine. What is the benefit of forgiving a disbeliever? Numerous Islamic sources and my own interviews with religious figures across the Muslim and Western world confirm this truth.

Kaaf Ha Ya Ayn Sad كهيعص Kaaf Ha Ya Ayn Suad كهيعص Kaaf Ha Ya Ayn Saad كهيعص. 107b. The Quran chapter 96. 304a. Allah removed stoning to death for adultery. Quran chapter 2. 326-8. 309a. Alif Laam Miim الم, 31. Jesus is not God. Note 1. Ha Mim حم, 41b. AD years converted to Islamic years.

Where on the Moon did man walk last? Stories that Prophet Muhammad cannot read and write contradicts the Quran.

Al Quran surah 34.

The third revelation of Prophet Muhammad. 300. The Taurat, Injil and Quran united - Part 5. On the Day of Judgment whoever destroyed a life will be punished with a punishment fitting for a person who had destroyed all humankind if Allah wills. Asking for the protection of God. Al Quran surah 98. Are these hadith useful in religion?

The Quran chapter 39. Quran chapter 8. The third revelation from Allaah.

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