WARNING: only deposit cash at an ATM or in a bank branch, do not send cash through the mail. If depositing one check, list on the front of the deposit slip. To pay your Westar Energy bill in a quick and easy way, bring along your bill stub displaying your account number, plus the money to cover your bill and a fee. Kroger engages in the money transmission and/or currency exchange business as an authorized delegate of MoneyGram® Payment Systems, Inc. under Chapter 151 of the Texas Finance Code. *Not available in all locations. Logos and other trademarks within this site are the property of their respective owners. Use Money Services Express to start your bill payments online and complete in store. Suggest an update. See something wrong? Can I find my bill online? Customers that follow Evergy most often also follow: Common questions, curated and answered by doxo, about paying Evergy bills. This will either be "Checking" or "Savings". You can find your routing number a few ways: Westar Energy - Residential Bill Pay includes a routing number on its deposit slips, but THIS MAY NOT BE THE CORRECT ONE FOR YOUR ACCOUNT. Westar Energy - Residential Bill Pay uses multiple routing numbers and your deposit may not work if you use the wrong one. Organize & pay all your bills in one place. Find information you need to recover credentials or get help signing in . See a store for details. Westar Energy support: https://www.westarenergy.com/contact-details. And don’t forget the everyday low fees you can get by visiting our coupons and offers page, where you can download promotions and discounts to your Shopper’s Card*. Make an initial 1/12 payment of the total energy charges, plus the full amount of any required disconnect and reconnect fees, plus applicable deposit. Enter the contact email in case the bank reaches out by email. You can add all of your checks after clicking the "Create Deposit Slip" button at the end of this page. You can enter check information on the next screen. Wherever you live in the state, we’re never far away – use our store locator to find your nearest Money Services. We will do this automatically for you. If you will not get cash back, you do not need to sign it. When finished, you can print out your deposit slip for no charge. Plus, we’re open evenings and weekends, so you can pay your Westar Energy bill whenever you need to. Use the methods above to validate you enter the correct routing number. No deposit limits on the size or amount of checks, Fast access to funds than a mobile deposit, Fully stored and searchable check and deposit records with CheckDeposit.io, Automatic recordkeeping and accounting integration with CheckDeposit.io, You need access to a printer and an envelope (CheckDeposit.io can print the stamp for you). Make sure you filled in each field above. This should be the person who fills out the deposit slip and is an account holder. Industry groups comprise multiple related services. Click the button below to make and print your own Westar Energy - Residential Bill Pay deposit slip, using CheckDeposit.io's deposit slip template. If you will get cash back from your deposit, sign the deposit slip. Call Westar Energy - Residential Bill Pay and order some in the mail: Head to your nearest Westar Energy - Residential Bill Pay branch and pick one up: Grab one out of your Westar Energy - Residential Bill Pay checkbook: Look at the number on the lower left of a check, see the figure below. You can always take your deposit to the nearest bank branch. Pay your Evergy bill online with doxo, Pay with a credit card, debit card, or direct from your bank account. What types of Westar Energy payments does doxo process? I can't find my paper bill. Where can I ask questions about my Westar Energy bill? PIN. To do this, write, "For deposit only to account number: xxxx routing number: yyyyy" where xxxx is your account number and yyyyy is your routing number . If you're depositing to a business account, this can either be an account holder or the business name as it appears on the account. If you have any questions to what this is, check a recent statement. . If you will make your deposit at a bank and want cash back, enter your desired amount of cash back. doxo is the simple, protected way to pay your bills with a single account and accomplish your financial goals. Provide enough information to allow Westar to make a payment agreement. Do you need to deposit money at Westar Energy - Residential Bill Pay? You don't want your money ending up in someone else's account, so sign each check using a "restrictive endorsement". To pay your Westar Energy bill in a quick and easy way, bring along your bill stub displaying your account number, plus the money to cover your bill and a fee. doxo is a secure all-in-one service to organize all your provider accounts in a single app, enabling reliable This is the name of the company or organization, as it appears on the account. Enter amount of each check you will deposit. To be extra safe, also sign the check, making sure your name is listed as an account holder on the account. doxo users have indicated this company does business in these areas. The address of the company or organization, or account holder, as it appears on the account. westarenergy.com. payment delivery to thousands of billers. We will walk you through each step of filling out a Westar Energy - Residential Bill Pay Deposit slip. Make billing inquiries directly by phone at 800-383-1183. doxo processes payments for all Westar Energy services, including Electric and others. CheckDeposit.io even lets you print a deposit envelope with a fully-paid stamp so you don't need to go buy stamps. Maybe you want to deposit checks too large for Westar Energy - Residential Bill Pay’s mobile app deposit limits (where you deposit checks by taking a photo). doxo is not an affiliate of Evergy. KG&E merged with the Kansas Power and Light Company to become Western Resources in 1992 – the company changed its name to Westar Energy 10 years later. CheckDeposit.io will calculate this for you when you create your deposit slip. The bank will call this number if they run into any questions with the deposit. Do you have a Westar Energy bill to pay? Banks often hold funds deposited via their mobile app for longer hold periods than traditional deposits. This is the name of a person listed on the account. Use Money Services for an easy and convenient way to pay your energy bill. Mobile deposit limits may not let you deposit large checks, or a large number of checks. We’re based in over 60 Dillons stores across Kansas – including 15 in Wichita alone. If you had an online account with KCP&L or Westar Energy before we became Evergy, sign in using the same username and password. The phone number of the account holder. Double check this to make sure you enter this correctly, if you enter the wrong account number your money may end up in someone else's account. Options for reaching Evergy customer service. IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE THIS IS THE CORRECT ROUTING NUMBER FOR YOUR ACCOUNT. Don't feel like going to the bank? Print out your Westar Energy - Residential Bill Pay deposit slip form (free) Print out an envelope with the deposit-by-mail address for your bank (free) Print out a paid stamp on your envelope ($1, optional) Create an account and save the record of your deposit, including a PDF of the deposit slip for your records (free)

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