to become UNIQ by Yuehua Entertainment. Signup now. This contemporary drama is the story of Lin Zhi Xiao (Yang Zi) and Gu Wei (Xiao Zhan). 2. Disclaimer Wang further shared that after his recovery, he went to dance lessons for six hours everyday. "Song Ends with Chen Qing (曲尽陈情)" (Wei Wuxian's theme song) Yi Zhe Lian Xiao Zui Qing He: Within_Yi Ming: Xiao Zhan: 03:53: 6. His latest song was released in December of 2019 & sold millions of copies in just a few hours. Tang San’s mother was killed when he was just a small boy & he  grew up depending on his father. EOEO – Korean Ver8. Personal Assistant of Female President: Season 1 (女总裁的贴身高手) | 2016 – Guest Role, profile made by ♡julyrose♡ [48], On 1 June 2020, Wang was announced as the Chinese ambassador of "NO CHILD ALONE - I want to have a family" campaign that was jointly launched by China SOS Children's Village Association and Easy to Raise Fundraising. Listen to Me – Chinese Ver.2. – In August, 2019 he participated in Asia Road Racing Championship as part of the Yamaha China Racing Team in Xiangzhou, Zhuhai, China. Height: 179 cm (5’10″) On August 2020, Forbes published Forbes China Celebrity 100 List 2020, and Wang Yibo was ranked #9. "Newborn (赤子)" (Wen Ning's theme song) Zhang Pengpeng: Zheng Guofeng: Yu Bin: 04:18: 8. [39] On the same month, he officially served as the Firefighting Public Welfare Ambassador of Luoyang City. He also performed, along with other Hunan Television hosts, an adaptation of UNIQ's song "Happy New Year". [14] The same year, he made a guest appearance in the youth campus drama When We Were Young,[15] and was cast in the science fiction drama Super Talent. 5. Kpop Ships [6], Wang made his acting debut in the film MBA Partners. It aims to evoke interest and enthusiasm of the youth to start reading literary works. Luv Again – Chinese Ver.4. – Born in Luoyang, China She meets Xie Yun, who rescues her from a freak drowning incident, and the two set off on adventures together. Close. [Wang YiBo] Vương Nhất Bác hát "Tôi là một viên kẹo nổ" (I'm a Pop rocks candy) Within 20 minutes of its release, 6 million digital copies were sold with the sales exceeding 18 million yuan. "No Sense" is the first attempt of Wang in songwriting. He continues to top the charts with his music, and. Private Shushan College (私立蜀山学园) | 2020 – Teng Jing Suggestions, About Us Wang Yibo: 04:13: 5. We dare you to not be mesmerized by his dancing. He took to his Weibo account to urge fans to support and love him rationally, to stop calling him and not to waste their money to purchase his number as the calls have adversely affected his privacy. [2][3] Prior to his debut, Wang trained in South Korea and studied in Hanlim Multi Art School. Eventually, he was cured and had to start learning how to dance from scratch. It currently has over 17.0 Million sales worlwide (as of 09/10/2020) [30]. Bethany dreams of making her own award-winning film, but for now writes about other media and current events. All their lives are hopelessly intertwined and connected. [5] He served as the lead dancer and rapper of the group. He is a member of South Korean-Chinese boyband UNIQ. Starring two boy band icons, Wang Yibo (王一博) of Korean-Chinese group UNIQ and Xiao Zhan (肖战) of the Chinese band X NINE, The Untamed has received a lot of attention from YA viewers. Poll: Who are the funniest members of BTOB? Luo Fei Fei’s appearance in the kingdom disrupts the balance of power and conflict clearly ensues. Though my hope os that as all the hate and stress of this year dies down for them they would consider doing projects and spending time together (in public)again. Poll: Whose part in AUTOMATIC is your favorite? Thanks to their involvement with these huge releases, UNIQ quickly became a household name in China. At the age of eighteen, his upcoming marriage to a princess places him in the middle of much political upheaval. Here is a list of some of his projects (other than. ) [21] He also sung the drama's theme song, "The Coolest Adventure". Thanks a lot! [40], On 8 December 2019, with his great influence among young people, Wang was honored as the Kuwo Music's 2019 Role Model Reading Charity Artist. Enter Gu Wei, her father’s doctor. [citation needed]. Zodiac Sign: Leo [4], Wang debuted in 2014 as a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy band group Uniq with the song "Falling in Love". Both characters come to the table with baggage from previous relationships, which means that the process of getting to know each other is not all smooth sailing. It seems the world has Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo fever. when i saw them acting as wei wuxian and lan zhan from untamed/Mo dao zu shi i will always simp of how handsome they are-. She’s currently stuck on 'Shadowhunters', anxiously awaiting the reboot of Buffy, and spending way too much time on Twitter. 4. In 2011, during his second year in high school, Wang participated in IBD dance competition, emerging as the top sixteen in the hip-hop category. [16], In celebration of the 2018 lunar new year, Wang performed his solo dance number at the Hunan Spring Festival of the Hunan Television. 7. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. 3. Poll: Who wore it better? These talented young men have multi-faceted careers with a variety of different types of media projects on the go. Signup for our newsletter and make sure you never miss another story about your fandom fave. Hmmm, a lot of words about Wang Yi Bo… WAIT! I love the chemistry That Xiao Zhan & Wang Yibo had together. His daughter Li Jin Rong (Che Xiao) leads the charge with the assistance of a local hero. Wang received international recognition for his role as Lan Wangji (蓝忘机) in the drama The Untamed (2019). Posted by 6 hours ago. Stage Name: Yibo (이보/一博) 9. – He went to Hanlim Multi Art School. That means there is a lot of content to be consumed. Originally a successful designer, Xiao Zhan participated in a reality television program that landed him a spot in the boy band X NINE. In this historical romantic drama, the Emperor secretly ordered a mountain stronghold to keep the Pugilist world under control. – His favorite bands are Air Jordan, Chrome Heart, Givenchy, Armani, and HBA. Luv Again – Korean Ver. He is also an accomplished, professional motorbike rider. Xiao Zhan is a supporting character in this series. Xiao Zhan clearly plays a lead character in this show. Wang received international recognition for his role as Lan Wangji (蓝忘机) in the drama The Untamed (2019). ESports gamer, Ji Xiang Kong (Wang Yibo), is successful, good-looking, and very popular among the fangirls. Wang Yibo also branched out on his own musically, releasing several of his own songs independent of his band. Xiao Zhan is a supporting character in this series. Upon her arrival, she is at odds with all constellation rulers, yet as time passes and relationships form, things begin to change. Personal Assistant of Female President Season 1, An Exploration of Chinese Gaming and E-Sports Dramas, Rising Post-95 Chinese Actors to Look Out For, Drama Recommendation: Chasing Dreams Edition. It’s so good to hear about our most talented and gifted artists Xiao Zhan & Wang Yibo. Ever watched a show and felt like you just experienced an exquisite painting or symphony that brought tears to your eyes? Like Xiao Zhan, he is now one of China’s most sought after product endorsers in China. Around the same time, the group got their own reality show. So I do have quite a list of other Cdramas to watch now (generously submitted in my previous post). Luv Again – Korean Ver.9. While it’s not fair to say this is their best single just because it’s the only one that has an English version, UNIQ’s debut “Falling In Love” is easily their most popular song.

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