The meaning of “Zulu” according to the Universal Zulu Nation is the ”Strength In Numbers”, so we can say that Universal Zulu Nation literally means “Universal – Zulu = Strength In Numbers – Nation”. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

The Universal Zulu Nation official web site contains various information, with many symbols connected, among others, with Masonic Symbolism. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. You must be clean at all times (mind and body) at home and abroad. The UZN also assures that all the religions are respected by them.

If the above is true, the UZN should not interfere in presence of other religions, remaining impartiality and respect, which is stressed by the UZN. ULTIMATE OLDSCHOOL HIPHOP & 80's STYLE SOURCE in POLAND, New York Times - 'Taki 183' Spawns Pen Pals, The History Of Rap-A-Lot Records Documentary, "12 Bronx Dogs ‎– Tribute To Jazzy Jay (1997), Knights of the City (1986) reż. Przypominamy o fundamentach kultury hiphopowej, oddajemy hołd pionierom i rozkręcamy imprezy w stylu lat 80 w Bronksie.

The Universal Zulu Nation used to be described as a social gang mainly because of similarities in organization structures of such gangs as: Latin Kings, La Familia, Dominicans Don’t Play, or Netas.

Dr Dre, T Money DJ Clark Kent @ WBLS 1991. The UZN explains and assures that it is not an unspecified group or a social gang, but international society creating according to it itself – one independent nation.

Zulus are forbidden to advertise their involvement in the Zulu Nation in an unrespectful way, especially using our name with crime or violence.

According to the UZN philosophy it should be “Zulu Knowledge”, wisdom and ability to understand this knowledge.

Ghetto Gospel Youth & Gang Violence Prevention Program, The Universal Zulu Nation Order of the Phoenix… Bringing Theory to Practice, Wisdom Born AmaZulu Small Business Consultant Program, Order of the Phoenix Rites of Passage Program, Wisdom Born AmaZulu Department of Community Education & Research, The Elements of Culture Performance Lecture Series, Featured Guest Performance Lecturer… Dr.

To answer this and other questions we invite you to deeper “Magical Mystery Tour” to the World of Universal Zulu Nation. CANADA Teach “the truth”. First, we acknowledge and say thank you to Hip-Hop’s first international awareness organization – The Universal Zulu Nation. Reminders of the foundations of hip hop culture, we pay tribute to pioneers and spin specific events 80's Bronx Style on the breaks. ( Log Out /  This “Organization” acts as a group in groups using organization structures derived from Black Spades street gang.

In the UZN “sciences” a reference to two different religions can be found: Christianity and Islam, and a certain stress on the figure of Jesus Christ. Formed and headed by Hip-Hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa, it arose in 1973 in the South Bronx and began to organize cultural events for youths combining local dance and music movements into what would become known as the various elements of Hip- Hop Culture. Zulus are expected to be at peace with self and others at all times. TAÏWAN : BOJIN CHEN (President) The Universal Zulu Nation Celebrates Its 45th Anniversary and 44 Years of Hip Hop Culture!!! The UZN has its chapters, with a specified hierarchy.

All this mixture, that by the UZN is called the knowledge, may arouse anxiety. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. [Megas Production Co.-1985], Analog Nostalgia: A Design History of the GhettoBlaster.

AFRICA Speak truth and stand up on the facts of truth.

It is an Organization of individuals in search of success, peace, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and the righteous way of life.

Zulus should not be affiliatied with any organizations, whose foundation is based on negativeness. The aim of the Universal Zulu Nation is a society unity. ( Log Out /  The Universal Zulu Nation Celebrates Its 45th Anniversary and 44 Years of Hip Hop Culture!!!

Provide a safe haven to for adults and youth around the world. Leaders must be respected (Kings and Queens). For one the views of the Universal Zulu Nation may be indisputable views, while for others may sound like utopian ideas.

SOUTH AMERICA. | Godz. Posted on October 28, 2013 Updated on October 28, 2013.

Zulu members must search for ways to survive positively in this society.

All members should follow and carry out rules within everyday life. This is the official date and should be celebrated in the same week, Friday and Saturday, wherever the 12th falls on. The Universal Zulu Nation and all Pioneers of the Culture we claim identifies who we are. The Zulu Nation anniverary (Founded date) is November 12. The UZN itself prefers the name “street organization” than “social gang”. TAÏWAN The Zulu knowledge is so called “Zulu Infinity Lesson” – the basis to improve Zulu’s mind. Hip-Hop’s global reach and influence is in large part due to the UZN. Co-Founded By MINISTER King JAÏD SEDDAK and AFRIKA BAMBAATAA our Honorary member, “Amen Ra” of Hip-Hop culture. The Universal Zulu Nation literally claims that searching for the Truth, broadening “other” knowledge, reaching a certain kind of wisdom and ability to understand everything “that is devoured by our mind”, everything that “surrounds us” is its only aim.

“Zulu Infinity Lesson” are also, according to UZN, information from various fields and sources of knowledge, based (according to UZN theory) on facts, that as The Universal Zulu Nation states, is addressed to all the people all over the world in order to spread the knowledge everywhere. First, we acknowledge and say thank you to Hip-Hop’s first international awareness organization – The Universal Zulu Nation. Spread our message of love, truth, peace, freedom and justice. You should love your brother or sister believe in yourself. Zulus are to search for knowledge of self in order to elevate themselves from the jungle world. FRANCE : DJ BOMB (Vice-President & Advisor)

These are the information on how to be a success, on personal rights, which may differ a bit from the constitutional personal rights applying to everybody and information about human mind etc. By the 1980s, Hip-Hop had spread globally, and the Universal Zulu Nation has since established chapters in Japan, France, the UK, Australia, South Korea, Cape Town South Africa and other locations all over the planet so-called Earth.

Zulus are not allowed to settle their differences with other Zulus by fighting each other. RUSSIA : ORLOV ARTEM (President), DJ CHELL(Vice-President)

It also stated that every UZN chapter, regardless of a geographical situation, that is regardless of a country, comes under the UZN Constitution authority. Change ). The proof of the above is the UZN emblem with a Solar System around the Bible and the Koran, with symbols of Alpha and Omega visible between them, and a question mark inside. The UZN considers the following issue: “Do the UZN members believe, that Jesus Christ is Allah?”. They should enlighten those who give us a bad name into the true way of a Zulu, which is described in the Infinity Lesson number 4, question number 5 (What is the job of a Zulu). Do not deal with the hypocrite or show sympathy towards them. Respect must be insured. People of the Universal Zulu Nation claim that every religion or faith may contain truth and untruth.

Do not play any game of chance (Russian Roulette, Train Surfing etc). For some people it will be a kind if a challenge, while for others it may associate with Jehovah’s Witnesses mission. We stand for Dj's, Mc's, Breakdance & knowledge... What is a Universal Zulu Nation?

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