Headphones output A dry, unprocessed signal is sent to the R output and A and B are mixed in mono and sent to the L output. Torpedo Studio and to the signal’s frequency content (notes played are heard). With the “COMPARE” switch, you have access to an advanced comparison functionality developed by Two notes Audio Engineering. The Torpedo Studio is a digital product. Perfect working condition. Digital means that the analog signal at the input will be converted into digital, processed, then converted back to analog. Note that the musician can, with a MIDI floorboard, control the parameters (Control Change) and/or the presets (Program Change) of the Torpedo Studio. Some DAWs (such as Pro Tools) are able to measure and compensate for the outboard latency. Finally, plug your headphones into the Headphones output of the Torpedo Studio (number 8 in figure “3.1.1 Front panel”). Guitar or bass amplifier 5. With Torpedo BlendIR you are able to use the Torpedo technology to capture the sound signature of your own cabinet and microphone in the deepest details. You can download the most recent versions of these products on the Two notes Audio Engineering website. In this first simple configuration, you will be creating a line-level professional “studio” quality output AS/NZS 3548 class B for Australia and New Zealand. If you can’t be as precise as you would want (because the DAW won’t allow sub-sample positioning), just add a delay on the microphone track and play around to find the right value. Line L, Line R, S/PDIF L, S/PDIF R, AES/EBU L or AES/EBU R, The selected mono input feeds both A and B channels. Two Notes; Two Notes Torpedo Studio 2018. depends on your amplifier’s internal design). ... never left my home studio. The Low and High bands have the following parameters : The 4 middle bands are peak filters with the following parameters : An exciter is very useful to give a tone a certain character, or to add presence, or “air”, to the sound. 6. The Torpedo Studio is set up to be connected, right out of the box, to a guitar or a bass amplifier, 5.0 stars based on . In order to take full advantage of these digital algorithms, the highest quality audio design guarantees perfect analog-to-digital conversion and a wide dynamic range to provide the ultimate playing experience. Learn more. The first two parameters determine the microphone’s position. The Two Notes TORPEDO Live is certified to be compliant to the CE and FCC standards: •EN 55103-1 : 1996 and EN 55103-2 : 1996. Audio interface You will also be able to control speaker saturation and balance between simulated and non-simulated tones. Torpedo Remote Re: Two notes torpedo live vs torpedo studio? This encoder has another function: letting you display all the input Boost levels, output volumes, and pan of A and B channels. First, plug a cable into the speaker output of your amp. solution to a traditional cabinet miking solution, it is obviously A LOT quieter. You can create either a digital or an analog loop. Note: Wordclock is optional in a digital loop. Your ampli- 8. The complete electronic version of this manual, as well as the Two Notes Audio Enginering software and A and B channels are respectively sent to the L and R outputs. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the, The world's most advanced digital loadbox, The complete electronic version of this manual, as well as the Two notes Audio Engineering software, and hardware products, are subject to updates. speaker inside the box. This symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product must not be disposed of with your other household waste. Electric guitar or bass. We have no technical specifications for this productbut your help will be much welcomed. Take control of the unit via USB, change the parameters, arrange or add/delete cabinets and IR files, and apply updates. The main parameter of the loadbox is its impedance, expressed in Foreword. We recommend that for your first experience with The Torpedo Studio you start with the Arcade preset mode to get more familiar with the concept of virtual miking. For the Live, are you still able to use WoSIII or do you need to use Torpedo Remote? You can download the most recent versions of the, This manual describes the Torpedo Studio and provides instructions for its operation. The Torpedo Studio comes with a large library of 50 cabinets and 8 microphones among the most commonly used models in the world. You can download the most recent versions of the products on the Two notes Audio Engineering website. Rating : Amplifier and effects routing with a Torpedo C.A.B. 3. When recording, connecting the unit in this manner will allow you to rework a given recording after it has been made. Don't hesitate to browse the Knowledgebase, which contains all sorts of useful informations, or submit a ticket if you have any question or need assistance with a Two notes product. 1. An interesting option with the Torpedo Loadboxes (Live, Reload, VB-101, Studio...) is the possibility to place some effects AFTER the loadbox. Speaker THRU (Output), 12. Or How To Figure Out The Latency Of The Full Digital System, Page 31: A Note On External Effects Placement, Page 32: Step One: Recording The Dry Signal, Page 33: Configuring And Using The Torpedo Studio. This is what we call the “studio setup”: in a studio, most of the time, the time-based effects will be placed in auxiliary, meaning AFTER the miking, or directly in the DAW. 9. Here is how we recommend you proceed to minimize the phase cancellation effect: It is not possible to determine the exact latency of your system as soon as you use the digital I/Os of the Torpedo. looking for! and the provided mains power adapter are certified to be com-pliant to the CE and FCC standards: •EN 55103-1 : 1996 and EN 55103-2 : 1996. On this figure, we have added an optional microphone to take the sound directly from the cabinet. We do not offer technical support via e-mail. launch a real-time preview of the cabinet by pressing the “play” button. The Torpedo technology was created as an answer to the high pressure musicians have to deal with: lack of time, limited gear availability, loud amplifiers that cannot be played at desired volume, as well as bulky and heavy cabinets to carry. as well as their range and behavior. The reproduction of any part of this document is strictly. Dry recording the amplifier (i.e., recording the sound of the amplifier at the speaker output with the Torpedo Studio but without a speaker simulation), Using the Torpedo Studio as an external processing unit inside a digital or analog loop by using the AES/EBU, the S/PDIF or the Line I/Os, browsing the presets if you are on the PERFORM screen, browsing the parameters if you are on a menu screen. The input gain adjustment must be done with input signal present at the SPEAKER input. (at OROSYS SAS’s sole discretion) with a like or comparable product, without charge. There are two “BYPASS” switches, each associated to a red LED. 4. Because the digital product sending and/or receiving the signal to/from the Torpedo have a latency at its I/Os too. Simulation bypass The “OUT” label in the upper right corner of the main screen indicates the current output volume value. Fax: +33 (0)467 595 703 The cabinet list in the plug-in will be automatically refreshed. Category of product: digital audio signal processor Add to Cart. It is very common to use DI boxes on line level products, especially on stage (even if it's not mandatory because the signal is strong and balanced), to prevent any phantom power supply to be sent from the mixer to your Torpedo (you should avoid that as much as possible). It is highly, recommended that you read this document before using the product. with no effect such as modulation, compression, hysteresis, etc.). 8. Should you encounter a problem with your product or need help regarding any technical aspects, please To enhance your experience with the Torpedo Studio, especially when playing with headphones, your unit features a room reverb. maximum volume for a long period of time. Two Notes AE would like to thank Cyril Cazin from Le Son Du Bout Des Pieds for the awesome connection diagram you can see here. here on digital recording, but you can use the Line Outputs, for example to feed a microphone the manual — otherwise overheating may cause damage, both to the loadbox and to the amplifier. You will note that we put DI boxes after the Torpedo. Compare switch location, it is of vital importance that you keep the original packing material. dealer in order to obtain an RMA to return the complete product to the Authorized TWO NOTES PA avoid damage when shipping the product without that material. You can choose between two preset modes: Arcade or Simulation. Two Notes torpedo studio User Manual 57 pages Summary of Contents for Two Notes Torpedo Studio Page 1 OROSYS SAS cannot be held responsible for any damage, accidental or otherwise, that results from an inappropriate use of the Torpedo Studio. We usually talk about “silent recording” when a loadbox is involved. All maintenance operations must be performed by service centers approved by OROSYS SAS or by can electrically replace the speaker cabinet while dissipating (transforming into heat) the power Control the Torpedo Studio with a USB link. 4. The Torpedo Studio includes an equalizer, which is a central tool for mixing. Using a compressor will reduce the dynamics of your sound, but can also be used to create special effects, such as pumping. 9. product. In other words, if after editing the channel B MIKING you click once on Post FX, you will stay in channel B, and you will have to click twice to get the channel A.

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