You can support policies and lawmakers that favor vultures and the environment. But conservationists say they are among the most vulnerable of Africa's large birds, and its only getting worse after a spate of poisonings in Kenya. Vultures are large, impressive birds, but many birders don’t realize that these raptors face many insidious threats to their survival. However, information about this threat is sparse and geographically biased. The scientists also studied the major threats to African vultures based on data from published and unpublished articles, as well as media reports, drawn from 1961 to 2014. There is also belief that vultures threaten healthy domestic livestock. Vultures that live in populated areas often find roadkill to be an easy source of food, but a dangerous one as well. Windfarms are dangerous for vultures and many other species of bird, especially when mills are placed close to known bird migration routes. “This is a classic example of where not to site a wind farm and we're extremely concerned about the negative precedent this wind farm would set.”. 818 Beijing Road, Urumqi, 830011, Xinjiang, P. R. of China. Support captive bird breeding programs and other conservation initiatives working with vultures either by donating to appropriate organizations or offering volunteer services. This raises many concerns as the wind turbines in such a location will result in the birds colliding with the blades. Even the death of a single individual with the current population status is a significant loss. Twitter stumble The primary threats faced by the species includes poisoning for the traditional medicine trade or by poachers, agricultural poisoning through the illegal use of poisons, accidental poisoning by feeding on meat containing lead or harmful veterinary products, and electrocution and collision with the ever-expanding energy network. © 2020 Deutsche Welle | Lead ammunition falls into the food chain when hunted animals are left behind by irresponsible hunters. If you find yourself driving by birds on the roadside, slow down and be prepared to stop if needed and if it is safe to do so. These mistaken beliefs lead to direct hunting or persecution of vultures. Wind turbines have already added to the numerous threats the two vulture species face, with several fatalities recorded in the Eastern Cape, adds Booth. “Population models suggest that even small increases in mortality from wind farms in the Lesotho Highlands could hasten the local extinction of both the Bearded vulture and the Cape vulture.”. “We have sufficient information to be pretty sure the area around Letseng is not suitable for wind farm development and had the developer and their environmental consultant done their homework (site screening), they would have known this too. During 1980's, there were nearly 40 million vultures in India. We have no control over the nature, content and availability of those sites. Forsyth says the Letseng project received an environmental authorisation in 2013.

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