A specification had been prepared dated 31 January. Cranky loves teasing the engines, and has an intense dislike for Salty's stories. "Devious" Diesel is a devious diesel shunter.
He was troublesome when he returned, ruining Sir Topham Hatt's new top-hat with his steam and jarring his coaches so much a brake pipe leaks. It is possible that he rejected this prototype for James' official "biography" on the grounds that an English locomotive would be more likely to end up on Sodor. Ivo Hugh, named after the Skarloey Railway's former Chief Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Ivo Hugh, is a narrow-gauge tank engine. At some stage, de Normanby gave up his regency, but Henry IV wisely returned power to de Normanby and the Abbot of Cronk, also making de Normanby the first Earl of Sodor.

They worked in the mines on the Mid Sodor Railway. She is used for maintenance and goods trains. Atlas and Alfred are based on Jouef Decauville 0-4-0PT. He carries two plaques on his cab that reads "NWR No. When Stafford first arrived on the Island, Spencer was given the job of showing him around. Unlike Sixteen, they obeyed the rules and never went beyond the "DANGER" notice at the tip. Of course, all three got their comeuppance in due course: one fell off a mountainside, one broke down after being overloaded with flour and one reversed into the sea. In his first appearance in "Hero of the Rails", Victor helped Thomas to restore Hiro with the help of Kevin. The locomotive has visited the Romney, Hythe, and Dymchurch Railway several times and was a predecessor to that railway's Greenly Pacific locomotives. Molly is based on the Claud Hamilton 4-4-0 of the Great Eastern Railway. Mavis is based on a BR Class 04 0-6-0, fitted with additional cowcatchers and sideplates so she can run near public roads, designed and built at Drewry Car Co. in 1952, approx. He speaks with a deep, booming, gruff voice and a South London accent.

After Thomas' trucks started getting too old and unreliable, the Fat Controller arranged for him to get new trucks. In the US, from The Adventure Begins onwards, he is now voiced by Rob Rackstraw. Despite the opposing personalities of the two ends, they are technically one engine. When Billy first arrived on the railway, Thomas was asked by The Fat Controller to show Billy around. When Diesel came on loan to the North Western Railway in June 1957, Duck was asked to show him around. The one-eyed truck is a ghost Kelly mentioned in "Percy's Scary Tale". Several of these coaches form the express, known as the "Wild Nor' Wester" - usually pulled by Gordon, although Henry, James and Bear take the train when Gordon is busy - other coaches form the "Limited", which was pulled by Bear in Enterprising Engines. His main task is collecting garbage and scrap, which explains his dirty appearance and smell. After overhaul and alteration from 2ft to 2ft 3in gauge, he entered service in 1954 and was named "Douglas" at the donor's request. He actually raced Thomas again in the seventh season episode "Three Cheers for Thomas", but only won because Thomas was sidetracked with collecting the sport medals.

George is a grumpy steamroller whose interactions with engines generally lead to trouble. Godred Crovan, the son of King Harold and grandson of Godred MacHarold, was born in Iceland in 1045. The Flying Scotsman is painted LNER green with black and yellow lining and LNER painted in yellow on his first tender side and the number 4472 painted in yellow on his second tender side.

He is a simple but kind engine who befriended Skarloey when he was young.

He was loaned to Barrow Hill Engine Sheds in 1999, and returned to the Bluebell Railway in 2008. He failed both times, but was never captured and returned in 989. Although a "person" Duke came to the opening ceremony, Peter Sam was doubtful and interrupted the Duke during a speech to ask him if he was real. Brave Belle is one of the newest additions to the Search and Rescue Team. Toby was built by James Holden at GER's Stratford Works in 1903 and originally lived at Great Yarmouth Docks, Norfolk with his brothers before working on an unnamed tramway. Engine Inspector 21. He was brought to relieve the engines of their heavy workloads. D199 soon made himself an enemy of the steam engines when he claimed that "steam engines spoil our image", and was swiftly quietened by 7101 and Duck. He wears large spectacles on his smokebox. In 2007, Terence was helping build a barn on the day Victoria was sent back to Thomas' branchline.

His hat looks just like a funnel Thomas once had to wear. 'Sam' is a Virginian Railway articulated engine.

Unusually, he appears to be wearing glasses in the illustration. This resulted in an agreement for a two year delay, and an undertaking from the NWPT that the PBSSR would recommence construction on or before March 1908 and complete the railways within a reasonable time of that date.

He speaks with a Orcadian accent.

While being cleaned, a strange squeak came from the coaches.

If you have photos or information on any of the Thomas Train characters that you would like to share, please send them in. By 1962 Prince was in need of a major overhaul and was given a different frame arrangement, to try and take the drawbar load through the frames and not the boiler.
Hee-Haw is a steam donkey on Misty Island. It always carries the standard TR deep bronze green livery. BoCo had to bring workmen to help Derek when he first broke down. Nelson is a ballast tractor whose job is to carry construction workers to and the rest of the Pack. Ernest is painted CFR purple with orange lining.

He doesn't seem to care what the other engines think about him: either that or he is oblivious to their opinions.

He is also clever and inventive, as seen when he suggested that signal-wire might be used to act as a coupling for a truck. Spencer returned to Sodor to help build the new summer-house for the Duke and Duchess of Boxford, much to the annoyance of all the engines. With perhaps the most distinctive appearance of any engine, Harvey is painted burgundy with yellow line-work and brown square buffers.

There is no separate tank for cooling water as it is drawn from the boiler on these engines. At the "Drain", a hollow in the land where rainwater collected, the water even began to come near the rails, although no one took much notice. Henry performed very well, and the Fat Director promised him a new coat of paint, as his existing paintwork had been damaged more by his stay in the tunnel than it would have been by the rain. One day, Whiff was meant to take away a truck of old cans from a siding. Wendell is described as being friendly and is impossible to not like - even James, who retained a hearty dislike of diesels, couldn't help but befriend him before the two had even reached the Works. Victoria is painted blue with white windows.

Three days later it left Leeds for North Wales. Tar wagons are painted black with "TAR" on the side in white.

That chance came sooner than expected when Toby came across a tree and asked if he could use to rebuild the mill. Since Trainz, Hiro has been built with two screwlink couplings. As the animal shelter was running out of room, Thomas asked for the coach to be overhauled and renovated to be used as an animal home. An extensive overhaul, which included the fitting of a new boiler, was completed in late May 2004, and the engine returned to public service on the thirtieth of that month as "Edward Thomas" in unlined green livery. Duck continued working on the main line until 1968, at which time the Tidmouth-Arlesburgh branchline - nicknamed "The Little Western" - was restored and Duck was asked to run it with help from Oliver, and Donald and Douglas on occasion. This train is usually full of people from England, Wales and Scotland.

Samson is based on a Neilson-built 0-4-0ST. Flora ran out of coal near Toby's shed and Toby saw the bright yelloew tram for the first time. Henry respected Duck more after that. Rheneas is based on the Talyllyn Railway's Dolgoch. Despite having a name, he has no face or voice.

Unknown in US. When Culdee returned to the Culdee Fell Railway in 1964 after an overhaul, Wilfred and Ernest informed him of the arrival of Lord Harry, Alaric and Eric. Their leader arranged with Mr. Hugh to fix some ditches near the line. According to the official website, he was constructed out of parts from a diesel, a lorry and a crane.

A star indicates that the character isn't owned by the railway, but works alongside it. Agnes, Ruth, Lucy and Jemima are painted blue with cream windows. At last the Fat Controller looked into it personally, and asked the opinion of Henry's fireman, who told him about the coal and suggested purchasing the high-grade Welsh coal the Great Western Railway used. BoCo is painted in the green livery of British Railways in 1960s with yellow warning panels and has a grey face to match the other characters. These were upgraded in 1975 with a Perkins 6/354 diesel, and replaced altogther in 1998, when she gained a Ford industrial engine with Spicer Compact Shuttle transmission, making her a Diesel Mechanical engine. By the end of his visit, the special bus service had learned that Bertie was useful despite his size. Mountain Engine - inspects the early Culdee Fell Railway in Culdee. He was sold to Sir Topham Hatt, who was desperate for a locomotive. Bulstrode was used to carry cargo like coal and stone, but always complained about not being loaded fast enough. As Edward was unable to move the train himself, the Fat Director offered to let Henry out of the tunnel to help. They were repainted and fitted with a new cab and bonnet, in the style of a Lister Blackstone RM2. Mavis was arrogant until being brought down to earth after her embarrassing incident at the Ffarquhar crossing. When Fergus told them to be careful, the twins deliberately ignored his advice and made as much noise as they could, which only caused a landslide. He later warned Diesel about a bull and a cow on the line ahead. They have had several adventures, such as losing their guard and becoming runaways. Gordon was then built at Doncaster Works, Yorkshire, and tested against a similar NER Pacific in 1923. Most are on static display in Japan, and only D51-498 is still running today, doing rail-tours on Eastern Japanese lines. He also dumped sneezing powder all around Tidmouth Sheds, the wind from Harold's blades blew it all over the place.

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