Critics accused the term, which goes against the recommendation of health officials, of being racist and xenophobic.”. CCP apparat spreads the Foreign Ministry spokesman’s line about US origin of virus. ], WHO sends Beijing questions & offers assistance. ■ Hightower, James R., trans. The Canadian foreign ministry thanks China, but Prime Minister Trudeau hints at doubts about the quality, saying, “We need to make sure that the equipment that our health-care workers rely on to keep them safe as they keep us safe is of a quality that is going to actually do the job.”. The supplies are reportedly to be distributed through the US Centers for Disease Control, the SCMP says. Highlights: Culture war: Comedian Bill Maher tears into those triggered by ‘Chinese Virus’ talk. And now you continue to charge courageously towards the virus,” an unnamed captain of an unnamed chartered plane says. The statement puts the President of the United States on par with Xi Jinping and calls on both sides to cooperate (not indicating the reality that both sides are already cooperating). Indicating frustration that the US may have developed a vaccine before China did, the official CCTV runs an interview with a Party-approved physician who hints that the US must have known about the virus in advance. Chinese ship fired laser at US surveillance aircraft over Philippine Sea. Alibaba owns the South China Morning Post which carries the story. We had the biggest trade deficits in the history of the world with China. As with Soviet disinformation in the past, the article alleges that the virus was part of a US germ warfare lab at Fort Dietrich, Maryland. A Facebook “fact checker” who tagged and censored posts about the coronavirus is exposed as having been a researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. . The Global Times says that the Lab argued “that continuing calling COVID-19 Chinese Virus could be used to denigrate a group and implicitly blame Chinese people for the outbreak, despite the World Health Organization’s stepped up efforts to push back against stigmatizing terms that needlessly divide COVID-19 rhetoric.”, Beijing accuses US of deflection from Wall Street collapse. Ambassador Cui Tiankai in Washington tells Axios on HBO that he has a a message for President Trump: “My message is very clear. Xinhua and PLA agree that WHO is ‘objective’ and ‘impartial.’ The World Health Organization is “objective” and “impartial” in its handling of the pandemic, Xinhua says in an article published on a People’s Liberation Army website. “China sends around 2,000 bomber patrols a year into the Taiwan Strait, which separates the two countries, according to Taiwan’s defence minister. McDonald’s appears forced to put a sign on the door saying, “We’ve been informed that from now on black people are not allowed to enter the restaurant. [Note: This December 31 warning will become the basis for China’s subsequent insistence that it was “transparent” from the beginning. We just have to take every precaution” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says on CNN. Highlights: Chinese government spreads disinformation in Arabic that US is behind pandemic. Washington Post: Chinese ‘internal politics’ are responsible for pandemic. US is holding CCP accountable. London’s Guardian reports as fact that the US is “hijacking” emergency medical masks meant for France and Germany. CNN runs mea culpa for saying ‘Wuhan virus,’ says it changed after WHO guidance. A British study says that the Chinese government is culpable for “patent breaches” of the International Health Regulations for its handling of the pandemic, with damages to G7 countries alone, according to its calculations, amounting to £3.2 trillion (US$4 billion). Fauci says SARS and MERS coronaviruses do not spread person-to-person like the flu, and “maybe never will.”, Fauci: China wasn’t transparent with SARS. In a formal statement attributed to the “thought” of Xi Jinping and the regime’s strategic vision about coronavirus diplomacy, the Chinese Foreign Ministry expresses no shame or remorse about the pandemic. Highlights: Former top China hand at State Department warns against holding CCP responsible. US blames Chinese Communist Party specifically for pandemic. WHO does not inform member nations about the report on its internal website. New York Times headline: “China Spins Coronavirus Crisis, Hailing Itself as a Global Leader.”. . Global Times now headlines that “Trump puts Asian Americans at risk with racist claim,”, Theme: US stands alone. “Diplomats, state media and officials in China encourage idea that COVID-19 came from the US,” the Guardian reports from Beijing. Trump’s February 7 Tweets: Trump makes personal statement supporting China. “US exports of surgical masks, ventilators and other personal protective gear to China skyrocketed in January and February, when the coronavirus was wreaking havoc in the country where it began and as U.S. intelligence agencies warned it would soon spread,” USA Today will report in April. He may also have lacked opportunity, by virtue of his station, to be in the presence of a young woman of cultured upbringing and who possesses such physical enhancements to her natural beauty. Chinese party-run outlets publicize the delivery of 150,000 portable, quick COVID-19 virus test kits to the Czech Republic. Some countries are struggling with a lack of resources. New theme: Virus was ‘imported.’ Global Times, a CCP English-language mouthpiece, tweets an emphasis on foreigners who “imported” the virus to China. China’s “fail safe” system that was supposedly developed after the SARS outbreak of 2002 was a total fail when the Wuhan Virus broke in 2019. “It isn’t something the American public needs to worry about or be frightened about. Under US law, American scientists who secretly work for Chinese institutions aren’t technically “spies,” and NPR explains why in a story about the arrest of Harvard Professor Charles Lieber. I think that’s part and parcel of the reciprocity that the President demanded.”, “So I do think as we wind our way out of the coronavirus issue, as we wind our way through this, I think we’ll have to make some very important decisions about exactly how these relationships ought to be structured.”. It’s unclear how easily this virus is spreading between people.”, “The patient from Washington with confirmed 2019-nCoV infection returned to the United States from Wuhan on January 15, 2020. CCP may be backing off claim that US soldier was ‘Patient Zero’ in Wuhan. The United States government is freezing its funding for the World Health Organization until a proper investigation takes place for what President Trump calls WHO’s “role in severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of coronavirus.”, Pompeo: WHO ‘delayed the capacity for the world to respond.’ Secretary of State Mike Pompeo holds WHO responsible for the pandemic: “The World Health Organization wasn’t able to get in either. Bild editor Julian Reichelt savages Xi. Xi Jinping’s earth-friendly vision has China going green. Attorney General Bob Barr gives a Center for Strategic and International Studies speech on China’s 5G threat, and US policies to counter it that predate the coronavirus outbreak. This is the official recognition of WHO, and it has hardly been disputed across the globe other than the US. It even briefly offered up cartoon mascots named Jiangshan Jiao and Hongqi Man, characters meant to stir patriotic feelings among the young during the crisis.”, Big propaganda challenge ahead. “A safer public health environment,” one commentator said, “requires tens of millions of Li Wenliang.”, New York Times calls it ‘Wuhan Coronavirus.’ A feature by Dan Werb is titled, “To Understand the Wuhan Coronavirus, Look to the Epidemic Triangle.” (On revising its line, the New York Times will tweet on March 10 that the term is “racist and xenophobic.”), Trump states more sympathy for China. Facebook flags Mosher’s New York Post column as disinformation, censors the column from the Facebook platform, and bans Mosher’s posts. “On Jan. 20, as more than 400 million Chinese people prepared to travel home to mark the Lunar New Year, the mood shifted. Highlights: WHO says virus looks natural but won’t say whether it could have escaped from lab. Americans came to China to help during the earliest stages of the virus, Chinese Ambassador to Washington Cui Tiankai acknowledges. The page may have been created prior to February 27, but as of this writing had been most recently modified on this date. Foreign Policy journal emails subscribers with story of ‘Wuhan coronavirus.’ In an email to subscribers, Foreign Policy, one of the premier left-of-center establishment journals on foreign affairs, sends a story about what it calls the “Wuhan coronavirus.”, Washington Post: China is a geographic area with ‘unique factors’ for ‘incubating infections’ like ‘Wuhan virus.’ Using geographic names to describe disease, the Washington Post explains why China is especially prone to developing new diseases. ‘The whole world can judge. US sells virus protective gear to China in January & February. The People’s Liberation Army is laying out the case for blaming the United States for the pandemic. The US ambassador to Germany and German commentators fight back against disinformation campaigns across Europe that accused the United States of “pirating” hundreds of thousands of anti-virus masks from China that were supposed to go to Europe. The Atlantic Council holds a panel to discuss whether China is winning the coronavirus narrative in Europe. The revision is posted on April 20 but dated April 27. Rather, he may have been privy only to the raw (and probably debased) femininity of the common servant girl—or perhaps he (as a scholar) had been kept away from women altogether. I don’t think this is a big issue. US House of Representatives unanimously passes TAIPEI Act. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau falls victim to a disinformation story that the US hijacked and redirected a DHL delivery of masks from China bound for Canada. Most modern readers see Chang’s action as heartless and sympathize with Ying-ying, but Chang does present an argument that his breaking off the affair is a matter of duty to his family and to the Confucian ideal of public service. CCP & PLA say US ‘loses decency under virus panic.’ ‘US President Donald Trump has been repeatedly and deliberately using the term ‘Chinese Virus,’ which is considered racist,” a Chinese military website says, carrying the CCP’s English-language outlet Global Times. Chang is willing to go the distance for Yingying, but he feels as though the relationship will never work because he thinks she is so much better than him. The New York Times does a fine review, but uses “Beijing” as a metaphor for “Xi Jinping” and his centralized “Chinese Communist Party leadership.” The following points in quotation marks are from NYT writer Steven Lee Myers: Taiwan takes WHO to task; WHO responds. Related points in the article: EU commissioner wants to hold ‘social media giants’ accountable for spreading disinformation. China’s ambassador to South Africa hints that the virus originated outside China. The Story of Yingying features two characters who approach their relationship from different moral perspectives. “Among world leaders, only Trump and politicians like Pompeo are blathering on about ‘Chinese Virus’ or ‘Wuhan virus,’ blaming China for their own incompetence in the pandemic fight. “The Chinese Communist Party’s leaders responded to the coronavirus outbreak first with disinformation and misdirection,” Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) says. In doing so, it undermined its implicit deal with its people, in which they trade away their individual rights for the promise of security.”. People’s Daily calls the lab origin concern a “conspiracy theory.” Highlights from People’s Daily, with purported quotes within the quotes (we have not gone back to the original quotes to verify): Chinese regime bypasses US laws by broadcasting propaganda into California from Mexico. I want to be accurate.”. A scholarly University of Hong Kong study published in The Lancet health professional journal finds that the virus pandemic in China may be four times worse than officials are reporting. Li became a folk hero for defying authorities’ censorship and writing about it on social media. Are you cooperating with China?“, THE PRESIDENT:  “I don’t know. “The claims are in line with Beijing’s attempt to change the narrative internationally about how the pandemic started.”.

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