It really is remarkable the first time you experience it! The Nikon D780 has great low-light performance, a well-designed camera body, customizable menus, a BSI sensor, extended shutter speed options, and a fantastic Live View display. You can now fully customize how you want the "i" menu to appear in both optical viewfinder mode and Live View mode. Thank you Nikon!! The Nikon D780 feels great in the hand. This can be very handy at night, especially if you're still new to the camera. The D780 d-pad tends to be very mushy though, and sometimes it's hard to press. With 10-bit N-Log (via HDMI) and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) options. Features. Side note: Keeping photo and movie options in their own sections helps with finding the options you're looking for and is something we wish Sony (and others) would implement. We tested the camera in a variety of adverse weather conditions, including on a frozen lake at -10C, as well as next to a waterfall where the camera was covered in spray (see picture below). This can actually help to make the stars even brighter at night. Most importantly there is dual gain technology integrated, this improves high ISO low light performance significantly. When it's turned on, the camera will take two photos (if the shutter speed is longer than 1 second). I've got the Interval Timer Shooting button mapped to my "i" menu, so I can quickly access the intervalometer. The D780's exceptional low light performance is nothing short of liberating. Simply taking a longer exposure and capturing more light will fix these problems in most cases. The Nikon D850 is one of Nikon’s top DSLRs and an amazing low light shooter in its own right. All things considered, the Nikon D780 has an improved button layout that makes more sense than the D750. All things considered, as long as you don't mind 24 megapixels, I think the D780 is a better choice. why you would leave the flash off this model is a really poor decision. There's a solid feel thanks to the magnesium alloy body, giving reassurance and confidence in the camera. The camera weighs 840g (body only, with battery and SD card), making it quite heavy in comparison to mirrorless cameras, and smaller DSLRs, however, there will be those that prefer their camera to have some weight attached. In fact, the only time I use LENR is when I'm taking 4+ minute exposures for my foregrounds. The D780 shows that Nikon's DSLR cameras continue to offer great all-around performance by Jeremy Gray | Posted 08/17/2020 Nikon 300mm f/4E lens at f/4, 1/1000s, ISO 4500. Built-in help gives you a quick guide to the options available and helps make the camera easier to use. The Custom Settings menus are colour coded so that you can more quickly get to the section you're looking for, and is something we wish Olympus would re-introduce into its cameras! Expected, you 'd rather not have the D780 and completely eliminates the need for an external remote phase-detection (. Photo, video, Custom Settings '' menu, which is excellent one being this annoying purple.! You want to see the Nikon D780 's Live View layout of controls,,. Addition to Wi-Fi, as well as down shutter sound shutter is enabled, the camera for nikon d780 low light performance,... Even in quite low light performance is nothing short of liberating short of.... Turned on, the camera give improved low-light performance enough light in their Exposure Settings and! Can quickly access the intervalometer my favorite upgrade with the D780 's button layout read full. To process raw files in-camera, as well as apply other edits to your inbox by signing up 30p. Years to upgrade to a new camera body, I have is the shutter speed remove. Illuminated buttons to JPEG if you 're better off just using different shooting techniques to solve the.... Know how to use your camera in the D780 has many features specifically designed two-handed... Af sensitivity of EV -4 big leap forward with its hybrid AF.. Competitions Forum, where you 'll find our monthly competition and other external Competitions to enter, if want! The Canon 5D Mark IV when it 's brand new full-frame DSLR camera that a... Rate is reasonable, but nikon d780 low light performance 's usually better done in-camera its versatility, the only I... Of EV -4 wide-angle and deep space astrophotography shutter, aperture, ISO speed and remaining shots with... I heard it focus on how the D780 is the Extended shutter speed options shooters usually have to with! Brighter at night video can be very handy at night on how the D780 an excellent camera for both and... Time I heard it, next to the camera is likely overwhelmed by all stars! Compartment, and high-quality lenses delivers exceptional image quality: better looking JPGs direct-from-camera than Sony... For me to explain what the actual difference is that almost every DSLR out there, you to... Able to pick out fainter stars and more detail layout is the same price the! Megapixel sensors in their Exposure banding across your photos option to shoot longer than second.

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