There were two varieties — one made in Japan, one in Taiwan. No such thing as good long-reach brakes? Street tire for a scooter/mini bike with a 10" rim. Thanks again! Do I need to purchase 32-520 wheels? If so, try the 24 x 1-1/4 Terry Tellus: My options are to see if a rim swap is possible, thus maintaining as much of the original components as I can. Wheel is chrome zinc plated. Can you tell me what size tires and tubes I need? 3.50 - 10" Front/Rear Tire MB90. We did make the Precision, which used a 600A clincher rim. (Dixon is on bottom tube with a “D’ on head tube.). Most Terry bikes use 24″ wheels with a 520mm bead seat diameter. Most Terry bikes use 24″ wheels with a 520mm bead seat diameter. 520 is the ISO designation for the 24″ wheel used on Despatch. The rear wheel is 700. Sources: I realize now that the earliest Terry Precision bikes used the even-less-common 600A wheel size, or ISO 540. The quick answer is “no”. If... S83™ is perfectly suited for classic scooters; heavily siped tread pattern for maximum grip in wet conditions I was thinking XL-reach like those awful things you get on department store MTBs. Unless you’re on gnarly roads, it’s the best. Tube type (TT) I plan to get it ready for my daughter to ride it, so I bought those Schwalbe Rightruns and new tubes that Georgena suggested (the original Wolbers still look brand new, but wanted to play it safe). The Panaracer tires are standard 23mm nominal and maybe narrower in reality. Superb grip with high-mileage durability I’m sure I’m missing something simple. I would like a more heavy duty tire on the front. Terry Tellus 32-520 Thank you for the quick reply and information where to find ISO 540 rims. Have anyone tried to use a 451 mm inner tube inside a 520 mm tyre? My wife has an older Gambit model that needs new tires/tubes. Why do the brakes "freeze" the suspension? Had you made a Precision or other bike with Campagnolo horizontal dropouts? fideli...... you made a wise choice especially if the brakes align well now. Hey Georgena, sorry to bother you again but I don’t see any tires or tubes on your website to match the rear tire of my wife’s Gambit. The Velocity rim would be much more appropriate for the Classic — it’s a traditional road rim. •Valve: Standard Schrader I have a Terry Symmetry-possibly pre-1990. 10" Black Plated Steel modular style wheel. Will the 32-520s work? •Width: 12 mm Try a Terry and see what we mean by love at first ride. I'm building up an old early 80s Terry Precision bicycle. You can get tubes from Schwalbe. @Duntov sorry I just saw your comment now. Newer gravel bikes also have the option to run 700c wheels or 650b wheels. ROAD BIKE TIRES/TUBES. JAXPETY 48V 1000W Electric Bicycle Cycle E Bike 26" Front/Rear Wheel Ebike Hub Motor Conversion Kit Hub Motor Wheel. •Hub Drilling: 28 Google Terry Precision bikes and they have semi-vertical rear dropouts. If that fails, I would look at a Sta-Tru 520 QR wheel – not a great product, but I don’t have the time/resources for option 4: building a custom wheel. These wheels do have minor scratches on them and do tend to chip easily. I learned that many small Terry frames use an ISO 520 24" front wheel so I went hunting around for that. Great tire — highly recommended: I’m finding so many options online and none seems just right. P.S. 90 degree valve stem, Mini Bike Build: TrailMaster MB200 Gambler Bike. Side question: does anyone know any companies that sell ISO 540 road rims (and tires/tubes)? Is "beyond your comprehension" an offensive phrase? Another source you may want to investigate is Alex Rims. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. You’ll need a 32-507 size. More information available here. While we got two different ISO’s in our calculations, they both confirm my experiences with 520 and 540 tires on this wheel. Everything is original and basically tuned from the get-go. I'm building up an old early 80s Terry Precision bicycle. Beginning my search for a 540 rim for a Terry, and commenting: Where can I get replacement tire (and tubes) for my Terry Flora (24×1.25, 32-507)? 451 would definitely be a stretch (literally). Later Precisions and all other Terry road bikes which are built with a 24″ front wheel use the 520 size. I should clarify, I would never tear my Gambit down for parts. Hello Georgena, Thanks again, I decided to go with the ISO 520 rims. Our wide … The rear wheel is labeled as 27″, so I gladly bought and installed a 27×1 (25-630) Panaracer Pasela (gumwall) to the rear – no issues there. Its really close to the top of the brake with a 700×25. And thank you for taking questions from folks. Blackwall Great off-road tire for the 8" wheeled mini bikes and other units. •Tire Type: Clincher This whole front wheel situation kinda rags on my otherwise purist Terry restoration so I'm not sure what the best course of action is to proceed. So — go with the wider Pasela which will match the front. Without that larger wheel, a larger and more comfortable rear tire, a 25-28mm, will make the handling more squirrely than it already is. Question One was the “24” front wheel. And then there’s always the psychological side: if you think you’re fast, you are! Terry bicycles for women are the best-fitting, best-performing bicycles made for women.

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