I've already had three boys so I won't be doing any of this again. حوامل, Really I enjoy your site with effective and useful information. Your students will be so excited when th This is my first pregnancy, so I can't wait much longer to share the news! It asks for name suggestions, due date and gender guesses.I recommend completi, Is your baby belly starting to show? Teacher Pregnancy Announcement and Class Activities, Teacher Pregnancy Announcement and Celebration Activities, Teacher Pregnancy Announcement - Color-by-Number (Spanish & English), Pregnancy Announcement - Reading Word Search, My Teacher is Having a Baby Activities and Class Book | Pregnancy Announcement, Pregnancy Announcement English Language Arts ELA Puzzle, Pregnancy Announcement Social Studies Puzzle, Pregnancy Announcement- A creative baby reveal, Pregnancy Announcement to Staff - My Teaching Partner is Pregnant Contract, Pregnancy Announcement - Order of Operations. )- Teacher Pregnancy Announcement Puzzle "Y, This teacher pregnancy announcement is a fun and engaging way to announce your pregnancy to the class. This teacher pregnancy announcement is a fun and engaging way to announce your pregnancy to the class. I have told a couple of my colleagues but not all. If you’re an elementary teacher who’s pregnant and struggling with the same dilemma, I’m happy to share my own classroom pregnancy announcement and hopefully provide a little inspiration on how to tell your students that you’re pregnant.

حوامل, I haven’t any word to appreciate this post.....Really i am impressed from this post....the person who create this post it was a great human..thanks for shared this with us. I'm hoping to put off telling everyone until the end of September after my NT scan, but I'm currently carrying a zofran pump and don't know how many people will believe its due to my stomach condition and not pregnancy. Thanks for the funny stories about the 1st grader and your mom's advice. Teacher Pregnancy Announcement Word Puzzle. I go to my first appointment this coming Tuesday. I'll wait until 12 weeks to tell the rest of the staff. This is my first pregnancy, so I can't wait much longer to share the news! Trump campaigns continue into the final weekend of the presidential race, Gov. I have been wondering this too. I am thinking 12 weeks before I announce it to the staff, but not sure if I should wait to tell the kids.

I don't know when to tell my principal but I am worried she might find out from someone else because there are a few staff members that I work closely with that have already figured it out because I am sick all the time.

"There is an extra assignment for students that finish early to complete quietly while others solve the puzzle. The kids were really sad, because I guess they'd had a lot of teachers in the past who got pregnant, and then left teaching and never came back. "There is an extra assignment for students that finish early to complete quietly while others solve the puzzle. It will reveal "Your teacher is having a baby!" Baby, © 2015 Teaching in Stripes // Design by Laugh Eat Learn Designs // Theme by Georgia Lou Studios. Of course I haven't told anyone else at the school-planning to wait till week 20. The shirts had the words "No Lives Matter" written on them along with images of fictional serial killers Michael Myers and Jason Underneath. The news will spread. Your email address will not be published. I am thrilled to offer 2 Popular Resources Now in One Convenient Bundle! Mine is the same as my username on here, at yahoo. I teach 3rd grade, and I am not sure when I want to tell my class I'm pregnant. I teach elem music so everyone in school sees me at least once a week. We are thrilled to be able to announce our future addition. Thanks! حوامل, Awesome and interesting article. The kids were really sad, because I guess they'd had a lot of teachers in the past who got pregnant, and … So anyone who wants them can download them here and then just change your questions to suit your situation. Cheers, keep doing awesome! Students will practice writing and math skills while completing different activities to guess your secret, vote on gender and graph it, name the baby, give parenting advice, and write a letter to your baby! I will email the parents at 13 weeks and then talk about it with my class. I got lots of emails from parents that night, too, with congrats. They'll be excited to get the message "Your teacher is having a baby!

I teach high school math, and I have finally decided on a way to announce my pregnancy to my students. Pregnancy Announcement Activities, Teacher Pregnancy Announcement Word Scramble Puzzle with QR Codes.

Yup, probably the same day i tell the staff. "There is an extra assignment for students that finish early to complete quietly while others solve the puzzle. You see, while I no longer can say that I have two children under 2, I will soon have the distinct privilege of having 3 children under 3. Perfect for a theater/music/performing arts teacher or anyone who loves the Great White Way! Yeah, I'm back and forth about telling them. You will find differentiated writing prompts, pages to create a book for your interim teacher, Memory Book class covers, 2 choices of how to ann, Are you thinking of a creative way to announce your pregnancy to your class? I think it will be fun to tell them, so I'm not going to wait til they 'figure it out'. No topic is off limits and forum interaction is active. If they solve the problems correctly, it ends up spelling out "Mrs. Turtlegirl is going to have a baby!". I simply began in this and I'm becoming more acquainted with it better! Danielle married to Seth since January 8th 2012. They will have to color in the correct squares to reveal a hidden picture which is a baby and the word BABY. This comment has been removed by the author. I told them that they would have a real teacher and things would continue as normal, just with another person leading them (I teach band, so my kids were concerned about our fun events that happen in April and May). I am not due until September, so other than missing school for appointments, my students this semester won't be affected.

I'm just going to wear a maternity shirt one day and let them figure it out. The facts speak for themselves. They identify the beginning sounds in the phonics puzzle to solve the big secret... "Your teacher is having a baby!" I have 15 classes at two campuses and word travels fast, so I'm worried that after I tell my first class in the morning it'll be all over the school by lunch, which will mean me fielding out of control questions instead of announcing anything. Please be sure to check out the whole preview file to get a sneak peek at everything that is included! I'll be waiting until I have a visible baby bump. Hope I didn't jump the wagon but I think most had an idea anyway. I teach Kindergarten so I am hoping to find a an age appropriate book and read it to them.

Your email address will not be published. My class just LOVED figuring out my "secret" and solving the word puzzle. I can't find one that matches letters. I'm due in August and was debating whether I should even tell my students or not. Your students will be so excited when th I have neglected this blog, for reasons that might be made clear by the post title. Or do you know a friend who is ready to share their pregnancy joy with their class? Congratulations! Maybe maternity leave is far off, but you are beginning to show and your darling students are asking you questions like, "Have you been eating a lot of donuts?" You're expecting! Required fields are marked *. Although it is a sensitive subject that some schools won’t touch and others want to over-mandate, students need to learn sex education. ...and yes, I know my poster is crudely made and has an apostrophe in the wrong place, I was rushing that morning- shocking! But to each his own.

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