VO iOS/OS X ignores all tables except the first one with a border attribute. html documentation: role= Example. Users with temporary disabilities (such as broken hands, hospitalization etc.) IE with JAWS completely ignores the context provided by the legend element). The role of the input element is not an issue. If it's impossible to avoid layout tables for the whole website, at least avoid using tables for layout within fieldset/legend elements. We also use cookies to assist in marketing and advertising efforts to provide you with useful information related to our products and services. For immediate answers to your questions, visit our Help Center by clicking "Help" located on any PayPal page or email.

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While I reported that the aria-hidden and role=”presentation” often silenced the … 23 min ago, JavaScript | To do this, add an id attribute to the legend element, and use aria-describedby on the radio buttons that references the id attribute set on the legend element.

Sometimes, it's difficult to find a repair technique that works in all situations, but using the most semantically appropriate elements will always result in a more accessible experience. All rights reserved. It also means that screen readers that do announce the group label provided by the legend element also announce the description afterwards, which is overly verbose. We recommend checking out these posts to learn more about creating accessible emails: Ready to jump in?

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