Menu. Most of the regular menu is still available. RAPUPUIKKO, MAJONEESI, SRIRACHA CHILIKASTIKE, TERIYAKI KASTIKE, RIISI, TILAPIA, RUOHOSIPULI, Open Wednesday through Saturday for takeout, the Encinitas restaurant features a rotating menu of fresh seafood, from Spanish mackerel and sea urchin to king crab and golden eye snapper, for nigiri and sashimi as well as appetizers, cold beer, and sake. Ken sushi Always fresh, quality take-out comparable to high class sushi restaurant. Salmon belly has white ribbons of fat throughout the pink flesh which adds a pleasing creaminess to an already silky piece of raw fish. 1420 New York Ave NW Washington DC 20005. At first glance, the restaurant looks like it has a 25 person capacity, but as soon as you step through the doors, the dining area seems to double in size. RIISI, KURKKU, PAAHDETTU MERILEVÄ, PORKKANA, AVOKADO, SEESAMI, SIS. All wine, sake, and beer is 25% off. With one taste of the sushi rice, it is obvious that Sushi Ota’s chefs are masters of their craft. My Sushi Combo B is brought to the table in a large platter with neatly arranged nigiri, tekka, and kappa, accompanied by the traditional gari (pickled ginger) and wasabi. Order. One bite of this salad leads to a contrast of textures and flavors that all beautifully meld together. The large Chirashi Sushi Bowl contains a foundation of sushi rice with a variety of ingredients precisely arranged in a seafood and vegetable bouquet. Vegan option for 2 is $29.99, for 4: $59.99 Sushi Ota is the perfect example of how first impressions can be deceptive; the parking lot is small, the tiny strip mall only housing about six business. RIISI, LIEKITETTY LOHI, PAISTETTUA SIPULIA, KURKKU, PAAHDETTU MERILEVÄ, SURIMI, MAJONEESI, SIS. Overall, the Sashimi salad is very well composed in both flavor and appearance. The sushi rice is molded to the perfect size for each slice of fish, and is firm enough to remain intact during the trip from the plate to my mouth. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Otaki Japanese Fusion, Otaki Sushi, Otaki Sushi in Gardne City Park, Otaki Japanese Fusion, Otaki Special Roll, Otaki Sashimi | Tel:516-739-8868, 516-739-8866 | Best Sushi in Garden City Long Island The slightly sweet sushi rice acts as an excellent bed for the fish. The crowning of calamari has a great crispy texture that is reminiscent of traditional salad croutons. Our main dishes are served quickly after we finish our soup; the Sashimi Salad arriving with a healthy topping of fried calamari and sashimi pieces atop a bed of lightly dressed spring greens. Many of the hot kitchen lunches can be purchased for under $10 and the sushi bar lunches average $15-$20, a bargain for the quality of fish patrons will receive. L: Laktoositon P: Pähkinätön K: Kananmunaton VE: Vegaan, SIS. After perusing through the lunch menu, we decide to try the Sashimi Salad, Chirashi Sushi Bowl, and the Sushi Combo B. RIISI, BANAANI, PAAHDETTU MERILEVÄ, MANSIKKA, The Pacific Beach institution is still open for takeout, with options ranging from chef’s choice 12-piece sushi to a la carte nigiri, sashimi, and appetizers such as miso seabass and chicken karaage. This neighborhood Japanese restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner, offering a great selection of sushi and seafood for both meals. Call us to place your order 619-233-3072 or place your order on the Online Ordering Tab (only available for pickup at this time) Watch the video for Hand Rolling instructions! Yellowtail,Tuna, Surf Clam, Shrimp, Uni, Egg and Eel Nigiri, Sashimi Salad with spring greens, sashimi, and calamari, Sushi rice with sashimi, shredded egg, and vegetables. Look for … Numerous tables fill a fairly large dining area, and to the side, there is sushi bar seating where guests happily interact with their sushi chefs. Order online from a menu that includes sushi, sashimi, hand rolls, specialty rolls, and family-sized sushi platters, plus ramen and appetizers. RIISI, KEITETTY VALKOKATKARAPU (Litopenaeusvannamei), RIISI, SEESAMI, RUOHOSIPULI, TONNIKALA, MAJONEESI, TERIYAKI KASTIKE, SIS. Some nights, the Salmon Belly Sashimi is featured on the dinner specials menu, if so, it must be ordered. RIISI, LOHI, AVOKADO, PAAHDETTU MERILEVÄ, SEESAMI, SIS. All the hot menu items like the Seafood Dynamite and Teriyaki dishes come from the kitchen menu, while the cold sushi preparations are ordered from the sushi bar. RIISI, GRILLATTU LOHI, KURKKU, PAAHDETTU MERILEVÄ, NANAMI TOGARASHI, MANGOKASTIKE, SIS. TAMAGO, MAJONEESI, TERIYAKI KASTIKE, RIISI, SEESAMI, The abridged menu includes nigiri, sushi rolls, and hot entrees like teriyaki chicken and sweet chili tofu. Etsimme jatkuvasti uutta keittiöhenkilökuntaa sia ravintoloihimme. The Little Italy sushi bar is open for takeout from 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday through Sunday, offering a menu of sushi, sashimi, rolls, and hot plates that include gyoza, pork belly kakuni, and chicken teriyaki. RIISI, LOHI, AVOKADO, PAAHDETTU MERILEVÄ, RUOHOSIPULI(TIILI), TUOREJUUSTO, MAKEA CHILI KASTIKE, SIS. Being a coastal city, San Diego is blessed with the good fortune of having a wealth of great seafood at its disposal. Authentic Japanese Omakase dining not only includes artistically presenting Japanese delicacies with proper balance, texture, temperature, and taste- it is an exquisite meal customized for each guest by Chef Soichi and served with superb Omotenashi- deep-rooted Japanese hospitality- in an authentic atmosphere that appeals to all the senses. MAJONEESI, TERIYAKASTIKE, SIS. MAJONEESI, NANAMI TOGARASHI. Ma – La ennen kello 15 tehdyt tilaukset ovat valmiina noudettavaksi kolmen tunnin kuluttua tilaamisesta. The opportunity to dine on fresh, high quality seafood is everywhere, and one of the best places to find delicious fish preparations is at Sushi Ota located on the corner of Mission Bay Drive and Bunker Hill Street. Lähetä vapaamuotoinen CV osoitteeseen jos kiinnostuit. Blue Tail. Sushi Ota is the ideal place to sample some of San Diego’s finest seafood. Sushi Ota’s lunch menu is extensive, offering many of the same sashmi, nigiri, and sushi rolls that diners can find on the dinner menu. SURIMI, MAJONEESI, TERIYAKI KASTIKE, SIS. RIISI, LOHI, AVOKADO,PAAHDETTU MERILEVÄ, SEESAMI, TUOREJUUSTO, SIS. With more than 10 years of experience, our chef always put the best ingredients in every sushi roll. RIISI, AVOKADO, PAAHDETTU MERILEVÄ, This bowl includes the same types of fish found in my Sushi Combo B: eel, yellowtail, tuna, and shrimp, with the addition of shiromi (white fish), octopus and salmon. Check social media accounts and websites for menu details and delivery hours as they are subject to change. As I continue devouring my lunch, I save the best part of my Sushi B Combo for the end. The soup is a cloud of delicious Miso with thin rings of spring onions, tofu cubes, and seaweed. Salmon-Ikura Rice Bowl. Crisp snow pea pods, shredded egg, and cucumbers complete the rice bowl. Website. Sushi Ota’s popular rolls include the Softshell Crab and the Spicy Hamachi rolls. Use your Uber account to order delivery from Ojiya - Industry in Los Angeles.

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