Want more? Although difficult to read, Epictetus instructs us to judge whether something is inside or outside our control, if we find it to be outside then be ready to say ‘Then it’s none of my concern’. © 2020 Leaderonomics Sdn. So, why did Seneca cause so much loathing amongst the elite? What is fascinating is that this influence came by pure luck. If you’re interested I’ve included a few below with liks to their wiki pages. To learn more and follow Musonius Rufus’ example of living a good life, order his Lectures and Sayings translated by Cynthia King. theme: { ads: { color: '#000000', background: 'transparent', font: 'Verdana', size: 13, title_bold: true, When Patrick Henry dared King George to give him liberty or death, he was cribbing from Cato. Copyright © 2020 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania. Read More → Aug 8, 2020. It is the definitive text on self-discipline, personal ethics, humility, self-actualization and strength. Peace of mind that comes from living a life of virtue in accordance with reason and nature. Since you’re here, we’d like to ask you to consider donating to the maintenance and upkeep of our site, While the early Greek Stoics spoke of the perfect sage, the later Roman Stoics focused on Stoicism as a path, in which you make small amounts of progress each day. History remembers Cato as Julius Caesar’s most formidable, infuriating enemy—at times the leader of the opposition, at times an opposition party unto himself, but always Caesar’s equal in eloquence, in conviction, and in force of character, a man equally capable of a full-volume dawn-to-dusk speech before Rome’s Senate and of a 30-day trek through North Africa’s sands, on foot. Seneca had become a great orator, philosopher, and dramatist with great public speaking skills and a brilliance that was not matched by many, and when Caligula became the emperor of Rome in AD37, he tried to have Seneca killed as he was extremely jealous of Seneca’s quick intelligence. – Seneca. Stoic Quotes: The Best Quotes From The Stoic Philosophers, The Socratic Method: How To Think For Yourself, Who Was Epictetus? In his own day, he was a soldier and an aristocrat, a senator and a Stoic. However, in popular usage, “stoic” usually refers to a grim-faced, emotionless person — someone who shows neither joy nor pain, is capable of suffering much in silence, and is not very social. The journal, as far as we know, was not meant for anyone else to read or anyone to publish. Despite this, Epictetus believed that a person could still live a good life regardless of their situation, it is all down to how we manage our thoughts and how we view the world. Voir aussi Catégorie: Philosophes stoïciens. Just think of the diary that he left behind, which is now known as his Meditations: It is essentially the private thoughts of the most powerful man in the world, admonishing himself on how to be more virtuous, more just, more immune to temptation, wiser. For more insights into business, personal development and leadership, you can email him at roshan.thiran@leaderonomics.com. Zeno’s journey began on the wooden deck of a merchant ship. Whether they were chafing under the … Epaphroditus, his owner, gave him the permission to pursue liberal studies and it is how Epictetus discovered philosophy through the Stoic Musonius Rufus who became his teacher and mentor. The criteria for inclusion in this list are fairly mild. One of the choices we have is when we find ourselves faced with a challenge. Reading about Cleanthes one finds a curious lesson relayed by Diogenes Laërtius: “When someone inquired of him what lesson he ought to give his son, Cleanthes in reply quoted words from the Electra: Silence, silence, light be thy step.” And as a Stoic he also held that living according to nature is living virtuously. These influences drastically changed the course of his life, leading him to develop the thinking and principles that we now know as Stoicism. (function(d, t) { s.src = 'https://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/linkcious/asset/linkcious.js'; At the age of 34, Zeno eventually found himself in the centre of Athens debating philosophy and founding one of the most prominent philosophical schools of the time, and one of the few that are practised to this day. Seneca embodied (and was well aware of) the messy complexities that make up our human nature. With no boat and no way to make a living, Zeno made it to shore and found his way to Athens. Epictetus has coined some of the most memorable Stoic quotes: “To make the best of what is in our power, and take the rest as it occurs.” “Let death and exile, and all other things which appear terrible, be daily before your eyes, but death chiefly; and you will never entertain any abject thought, nor too eagerly covet anything.”. Life as a slave was full of suffering and uncertainty, with a constant threat of violence, execution or mistreatment. Under the service of Nero, Seneca became extremely wealthy – but he was never a slave to his material wealth and was able to make use of it without being seduced by it. One example: After being exiled several times he’d exclaim, “How could exile be an obstacle to a person’s own cultivation, or to attaining virtue when no one has ever been cut off from learning or practicing what is needed by exile?”. Bhd. It has seen a revival in recent years, particularly as the world of business strives to define what it means, exactly, to be a good leader. One philosopher consistently keeps coming up again and again in Seneca’s writings. Realise this, and you will find strength.”. Rather, focus on the many areas we can influence and control, including how to influence our return on luck. Around the year 301BC, Zeno started to teach philosophy under the shade of a colonnade in central Athens. Criticized for his silence, he would say, “I begin to speak only when I’m certain what I’ll say isn’t better left unsaid.” Think of this lesson today as you impulsively seek to add your opinion or thoughts to every and any matter in your life. According to the ancient biographer Diogenes Laertius, Zeno joked, “Now that I’ve suffered shipwreck, I’m on a good journey,” or according to another account, “You’ve done well, Fortune, driving me thus to philosophy,” he reportedly said. He was a senator who was also childless and was required to adopt Marcus, as per Hadrian’s condition. During this time he frequented a bookseller and began to read a copy of Xenephon’s Memorabilia. When Nathan Hale regretted that he had only one life to give for his country—seconds before the British army hanged him for high treason—he was poaching words straight from Cato. The Stoics are one of five major philosophical schools in classical Greece and Rome: Platonist, Aristotelian, Stoic, Epicurean, and Skeptic. Exclusive interviews with leading scholars on Stoicism. Musonius eventually returned to Rome under Galba in 68 but only to be exiled again, this time by Vespasian. While Hecato was a prolific writer in his time—we know of several treatises of his name, including “On Goods,” “On Virtues,” “On Passions,” “On Ends,” “On Paradoxes,” “Maxims.”—none of these have survived. Who were the Stoic philosophers? The Stoic philosopher Seneca wrote that anger was the worst and most damaging emotion. Check out: Lessons from a 20-Something Who Ruled the World. If he chose to, nothing would be off limits. Many successful leaders and entrepreneurs today make great use of the teachings of Seneca, with the realisation that leadership requires a lot of mental strength, perseverance and sacrifice, as well as the ability to adapt to the uncertainties we face. It has seen a revival in recent years, particularly as the world of business strives to define what it means, exactly, to be a good leader. As a result, much of the work from Stoic philosophers has been lost, however some of these ancient thinkers left us surviving work. In 65AD Nero forced Seneca to commit suicide after being accused of plotting Nero’s assassination. Pupil of, Eighth leader of the Stoic school, also an astronomer and geographer, Stoic philosopher who wrote a biography of, Set up a school teaching Stoicism mixed with, Collected excerpts from earlier Stoic writers, Teacher of Seneca. Zeno of Citium founded Stoic philosophy around 300BC. Adviser of Marcus Aurelius, Final leader of the Stoic school. Think of the two Stoics we just studied. - Memento Mori. More importantly, life is about action. While we can’t always choose what happens to us in life, we do have a say over how we respond. Should Stoicism be updated? John Sellars explores the timeless benefits of Stoic philosophy. Even in his own death, he turned it into an opportunity to display virtue. He held the most powerful position in the world at the time. In life, we are often swayed by our emotions, passions and desires, and try to run away or distract ourselves from any difficulties that we encounter. Through becoming virtuous and mindful, Stoicism teaches how to experience true wealth and joy in the present moment. One was a water carrier, another a famous playwright.

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