II. 6. D.  Multiple complaints.

The approved application shall be accompanied by a written agreement signed by the agency head and the employee containing the following provisions at a minimum: 1.

(6) Employees should be retained on the basis of the adequacy of their performance, inadequate performance should be corrected, and employees should be separated who can not or will not improve their performance to meet required standards. B.

Outlines program for pre-employment drug testing for employees in high-risk positions.

The employee’s leave exceeds the accumulation limit contained in subsection (D)(1).

D.            Members of the civil air patrol shall be granted military leave not to exceed 30 workdays per calendar year for search and rescue missions.

D.            An agency head may require verification by a physician regarding the purpose of the leave requested and information from the physician regarding the length of the leave requested.                 DONATING AN ORGAN OR BONE MARROW: A. 8. Fees received as a juror, excluding reimbursement for travel, shall be remitted to the employee's agency. 2. An employee shall possess the qualifications required when the position was last filled, unless the Director grants an exception.


Grievance Procedures, R2-5B-503. }



Failure of an employee to reply in writing within the stated time period, or failure to accept the job offer, shall constitute a resignation.


An agency head may suspend an employee without pay for cause. 1 The State Personnel Board adopts a comparison market annually which shall be comprised of private and public entities with the state of New Mexico, regional state government employers, and central,western and southwestern government employers. Definition. (5) The hearing shall be recorded by a sound recording device under the supervision of the hearing.

upon the agency hire date. M.  Legislatively-appropriated salary adjustments. ", 2. E.   Separation. Disability of the employee that is caused by pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, or abortion.

D. Unless otherwise ordered by the board in advance of its consideration of the appeal, the board.

An agency head shall break any tie in total retention points in the following manner and order: 1. B.

B. Exhaustion of available leave.

Only the Director, or designee, has authority to determine whether a manifest error exists and to correct the manifest error. An employee may request a review of the following determinations made during a reduction in force: 1.

A requirement that the grievant have an oral discussion with the immediate supervisor in an attempt to resolve the employee's disagreement with the disciplinary action, prior to initiating the written grievance procedure.

var pubEndate = new Date(pubeveEndDate); C.            Employees who are working part-time while on educational leave shall accrue annual and sick leave in accordance with the provisions of.

Any brief in support of exceptions shall not contain.

1. var pubFinalEnddate = monthNames[pubEndate.getMonth()]+pubEndate.getDate(); A.R.S. F.            Employees with a child or children enrolled in a school shall be entitled to the following amounts of paid administrative leave for parent-teacher conferences, provided that the express purpose of the leave is to attend a parent-teacher conference during the employee’s normal work day; provided that the leave is not being requested for parental participation or assistance in extra-curricular school activities; provided that the employee follows any procedures required by the office or agency to request paid administrative leave for the parent-teacher conference; and, provided that the employee provides reasonable notice to the agency in an effort to avoid disruption to operational needs: (1)           Employees with three or more children may be granted up to four hours of paid administrative leave during the spring semester, and up to four hours of paid administrative leave during the fall semester for parent-teacher conferences; and.

The hearing officer shall exclude immaterial, irrelevant, or unduly cumulative testimony.

} The dismissal action is not effective until one of the following occurs: 1. f.    Holding a position in a political party or organization. B.

A. Employees having a common complaint may submit one group complaint, identifying one complainant as the selected spokesperson for the group.

General. B.

var pubFinalStartdate = monthNames[pubStdate.getMonth()]+pubStdate.getDate(); Temporary employees shall not accrue sick leave.

F. Employees in career status shall be given at least 14 calendar days written notice of layoff. The Personnel Act {NMSA 1978, Sections 10-9-1 to 10-9-25} was enacted according to the provisions of the Constitution of New Mexico [N.M. Const. A. An agency head’s right to direct agency employees. [ NMAC - Rp, 1 NMAC 7.9.9, 07/07/01; A, 11/14/02; A, 7/30/03; 12/01/03; A, 3/31/04], [ NMAC - N, 07/01/02; A, 11/14/02; A, 7/30/03; A, 12/01/03; A, 3/31/04].

The agency head may dismiss an employee with permanent status only for cause but not before attempting to serve the employee personally or by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested (addressee only), with written notice of the specific reasons for dismissal in sufficient detail to inform the employee of the facts, with a copy to the Director. “Essential job function” means a fundamental job duty of a position that an applicant or employee must be able to perform, with or without a reasonable accommodation.

The Director shall establish guidelines for merit increases to base pay. The granting of any compensation under these rules is contingent upon the availability of funds, as determined by an agency head and the Director. If the classification to which the employee is on a special assignment is a higher grade, the employee shall be provided a conditional pay supplement in an amount that, when added to the employee’s base salary, would be within the range of the higher classification. Expiration of its term and the employee’s return to work; b.   Rescission of the leave without pay by the agency head before its scheduled expiration due to an unforeseen need that results in an insufficient number of employees available to provide service and for which: i. An agency head may not appoint, transfer, promote, or demote an employee, or make any change in salary for any position until the position is allocated to a class. Prior to imposing a suspension greater than 80 working hours, an involuntary demotion, or dismissal, the agency head shall submit the proposed action to the Director for review as prescribed in R2-5A-802, unless the employee is in a position listed in A.R.S.

An employee shall select either overtime pay or compensatory leave for overtime compensation. General. A. An agency head may choose to incorporate an additional step in the agency grievance procedure after the first step review.

An agency shall identify organizational units for purposes of a layoff and submit a written plan to.


This version reflects rulemaking by the State Personnel Board to amend Board Rules, as follows: Board Rules 1-2, 1-26, 4-42, 6-10, 6-14, 8-28, 8-38, 8-39, 8-45, 8-47, 8-51, and 9-6, effective January 1, 2015.

(2) All employees and applicants for employment should receive fair and equitable treatment in all aspects of personnel management with out regard to political affiliation,race,color,religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age, or handicapping condition, and with proper regard for their privacy and constitutional rights. [ NMAC - Rp, 1 NMAC 7.10.10, 07/07/01; A, 11/14/02], REEMPLOYMENT AFTER MILITARY SERVICE: Any employee who separates from the classified service to enter the United States armed forces, national guard, or an organized reserve unit may be reemployed in accordance with the provisions of 38 U.S.C.

Temporary employees do not accrue annual leave and shall receive either additional pay or time off as in subsection (E)(1)(c) above. b. Staff reduction. The total number of days an employee is placed on furlough may vary based on the amount of the reduction or length of suspension of funding.

A furlough is the involuntary placement of an employee on leave of absence without pay for budgetary reasons.

Approval. Shall administer a performance plan for each employee within 30 days of becoming the employee’s supervisor. The term “dependent child” means a natural child, an adopted child, a foster child, or a stepchild, more than one-half of whose support is received from the employee.

"Aug. ", "Sep. ", "Oct. ", "Nov. ", "Dec. " ]; D.  Preparation.

An employee who is on leave without pay for a health-related reason that is not an industrial illness or injury and who either does not meet FMLA eligibility requirements or has exhausted FMLA leave and remains absent from work may continue to participate in the basic life insurance plan by paying the state premium/contribution. E.            Employees on military leave with pay shall accrue annual and sick leave. Change in assignment.

F.   Use of paid leave. If extenuating circumstances exist, an extension shall be requested through the agency complaint coordinator.

D.  Subject to the guidelines established by the Director, a meritorious service leave program may be implemented at the discretion of the agency head. The Rules of the State Personnel Board are those policies adopted by the Board and approved by the Governor to serve as a framework for legal compliance and effective talent management across the state. Reversion of covered employee. [ NMAC - Rp, 1 NMAC 7.12.18, 07/07/01; NMAC - Rn, NMAC, 7-15-05; A, 5/15/07; A, 12/1/10], POST-HEARING BRIEFS: The hearing officer may require or permit written closing arguments, post-hearing briefs and proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law according to a scheduling order issued by the hearing officer. 1 NMAC 7.9, Absence and Leave, filed 01-12-96 replaced SPB 10, filed 09-01-95; 1 NMAC 7.7, Absence and Leave, filed 06-13-97 replaced 1 NMAC 7.9, Absence and Leave, filed 01-12-96; 1 NMAC 7.7, Absence and Leave, filed 06-13-97 replaced by 1.7.7 NMAC, Absence and Leave, effective 07/07/01. 2. Terms and Conditions of Agreement for Access to Rules and Regulations of the State of Georgia Website (Note: certain features of this site have been disabled for the general public to prevent digital piracy. Employee Request for Review of Disciplinary Action, R2-5B-201.

B. var offset = pubStdate.getTimezoneOffset(); The maximum percentage of agency employees eligible for meritorious service leave; 3.

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