For a mere $12 USD for a year, you can become an AllMusic subscriber and we’ll remove the ads from the site for you. Channeling dread, anxiety, and frustration, the electronic-tinged rock trio hold a mirror to society as the world burns. Database of physical/digital products, venues, photos, artists, participants, composers, movements, labels, publishers and rights. Search Songs Search our database of over 1,400,000 songs by composer, arranger, publisher, publisher song ID, and other popular music industry work IDs. You can acquire song information (meta information such as names of albums, artists, and songs) automatically via the internet using the CDDB (Gracenote CD DataBase), a data service for song information. Allows users to provide annotations and interpretation of song lyrics. A restless, adventurous album where Elvis Costello puts a new spin on old tricks. "Put Your Records On" is a song by English singer-songwriter Corinne Bailey Rae from her self-titled debut studio album (2006). To Research Song Information Only. The description of a video that contains music may include information about the song(s) in the video. Songfacts is a searchable database of song information where you can find out the stories behind the songs, get the lyrics, and watch the videos. I was working in the lab, late one nightWhen my eyes beheld an eerie sightFor my monster from hi.. Day-o, day-oDaylight come and me wan' go homeDay, me say day, me say day, me say dayMe say day.. Goddess on the mountain topBurning like a silver flameThe summit of beauty and loveAnd Venus w.. All my friends know the low riderThe low rider is a little higherLow rider drives a little slo.. Everybody was kung-fu fightingThose kicks were fast as lightningIn fact it was a little bit frig.. Royalty Free Music Sound Recordings to License If you go down in the woods today, you're sure of a big surpriseIf you go down in the woods today,.. Charlotte was established in the LA punk scene when a freaky girl named Belinda approached her wearing a garbage bag. ​From classical and Clapton to the shredders who followed in his wake, the Van Halen guitarist was a turning point for the instrument. ~20,000,000 ~2,200,000: Song samples only. Support AllMusic and Go Ad-Free — Now Accepting PayPal! More information from the lawsuit: "Spirit played 'Taurus' at almost all of their concerts in the late 1960s and at many of their concerts in the early 1970s, where the song played a key role in the band's set list. Was "Pearl" Eddie Vedder's grandmother, and did she really make a hallucinogenic jam? Download easily transposable chord charts and sheet music plus lyrics for 100,000 songs. Bob Seger got inspired to write "Night Moves" after watching the movie American Graffiti, which showed young people growing up in his "neck of the woods." What's really cool is that dancing and singing along are patrons that are 1 or 2 generations younger than original fans. Check out our Public Domain Music Lists. The Eddie Van Halen Prism: Tracing His Impact Through His Influences and Disciples. The story of the legendary lupine DJ through the songs he inspired. and its services was shut down in June 2020. International Music Score Library Project, University of Pittsburgh Library System Archives Service Center, Comparison of on-demand music streaming services, List of online digital musical document libraries, "LyricFind becomes more easily available to developers", "Home - Audio-Visual Resources @ Pitt Archives - LibGuides at University of Pittsburgh",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Music recognition & audio based music retrieval, Commercially available with SDKs, APIs for file scanning, airplay monitoring, shazam-liked features, Sheet music archive of choral and vocal music in the public domain or otherwise freely available for printing and performing.

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