This chapter of NCERT class 12 sociology PDF recounts the origin of mass media and how it changed the course of communications. Chapter 1: Introducing Indian Society Then it proceeds with the principle of caste, the basis of differentiation.

Some features of the site may not work correctly. As the name suggests, this chapter of NCERT book sociology class 12 informs about all the traits and characteristics of Indian democracy. Along with that, this section also concentrates on the fundamental rights, constituent assembly, drafting committee all are discussed with minute details. The state is the “monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force within a given territory.”1 So claims Max Weber (1864–1920) in what has become the generally accepted definition of the modern state in the social sciences. On successful completion of that, you can apply for the posts like human resources manager, public relation specialist, social worker and other similar ones. The idea of cultural diversity and the provisions to maintain it dominates this chapter of NCERT book of sociology class 12. Starting from the size, the pattern of the population to proportions of men & women, this chapter covers it all.

We also acknowledge previous National Science Foundation support under grant numbers 1246120, 1525057, and 1413739. Chapter 6: The Challenges of Cultural Diversity. Also, these are presented interactively. Sociology is even more important for the students who aspire to become civil servants in the future. Following are the factors that will definitely answer your question. Moreover, a subject like sociology requires deeper understanding to utilise them further and integrating them into your answers. (2 Documents). All the lessons of NCERT book class 12 sociology aims at bringing out the best of every student. The language of almost all NCERT books is easy to understand, and the explanations are short and crisp. From this chapter of NCERT sociology book class 12 PDF, students can learn about the meaning of market. Hence, after assessing all the points, you must be convinced why NCERT books are must-have for the students. However, try not to mug the answers, instead, understand the idea behind it.

This is a preview of subscription content. Why Are NCERT Books Most Popular Among Students? The new modes of communication and transportation also introduce from that period. PDF | The formation of states changes the rules governing the behavior of the groups it comprises in ways not easily foreseen. Moreover, capitalism, role of cities, industrialisation and urbanisation constitute a larger part of this chapter.

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