ShopWorn watches come with a 2 year warranty period. About ShopWorn ShopWorn is a platform offering authentic, brand new, and unworn luxury products secured directly from authorized retailers and brands to customers at very affordable prices. Received the watch in the original case with all booklets and additional NATO strap included. Whether they want even more detailed photos of a watch or to have someone model it on a wrist prior to purchase, we listen and believe that strong communication builds lasting relationships.”. At ShopWorn, you will find watches and jewelry at different price ranges for both men and women. ShopWorn is a platform offering authentic, brand new, and unworn luxury products secured directly from authorized retailers and brands to customers at very affordable prices. The watches do not represent the latest new products but are typically only a few years old — hardly a problem for “timeless luxury.” More important is that ShopWorn is incredibly transparent about where it gets the watches and that they are not perfectly new. Larry Birnbaum speaks with enthusiasm about his business, ShopWorn, that sells previously unsold wristwatches, writing instruments, cuff links, and other accessories at consumer-friendly prices online. ShopWorn is further able to offer a generous two-year warranty on the watches it sells. well shopworn is my one of the favorites and theer are lots of reason behind it not just they have good collections in design but the expert here really knows what they are talking about not just I found the good services. Accordingly, this ensures that all of the products sold by ShopWorn are 100% authentic. My item arrived promptly, in perfect condition. ShopWorn Is Where To Find Guaranteed Authentic, Well-Priced Wristwatches That Are Neither New Nor Pre-Owned. Unfortunately, although told they would change the listing, just checking the website, the wrong photos and inaccurate description still remain on their website so others may face the same dilemma I did... good purchasing with reasonable sale price. Look different by adding conventionally clashing pieces and you will be making a great fashion statement. Commendable. More so, according to the company’s CEO, ShopWorn “will go the extra mile” to show consumers exactly what they are purchasing (including taking extra pictures or offering detailed verbal descriptions of a wristwatch’s condition) and will also offer generous return and exchange policies. also i have a collection of all kind of watches! They also sell Fendi, Shinola, and other brands of wristwatches. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Your feedback will help potential clients make the right decision. Copyright © 2020. aBlogtoWatch. Birnbaum readily admits that there is no shortage of places to purchase a timepiece online, but he feels it is important to remind aBlogtoWatch and the larger watch enthusiast community what makes ShopWorn an especially appealing place to browse and shop for your next piece. ShopWorn typically only has one of any given product, meaning that discounts and selection are often on a “first-come, first-serve basis.”. The movement of the watch was NOT a column wheel movement as stated in the description (it was actually a different movement number than in the listing altogether) but a clutch driven one, the coloring was slightly different and some of the hands of the watch were a different design than pictured. I had read articles and other reviews for ShopWorn and expected great things. Shopping For Exceptional Variety & Values, One of the positive side effects of the ShopWorn business model of getting unsold store inventory is that consumers who visit the ShopWorn website are routinely greeted with entirely different products. Welcome to our eBay Store. Win This Out Of Order Blue Swiss Automatico. Instead, they are “shop worn.”. Product exactly as advertised, fast shipping, very pleased. Get to know the best shop place your (online) order. There are different styles of jewelry you might want to go for every day, such as contemporary, outstanding, exciting, and bold. Excellent service. | 857 people have already reviewed ShopWorn. As always Lauren and Mia are out standing employee’s for customer service’s.shopworn is awesome purchased a few watches now and never had a. Years of luxury watch industry experience has provided ShopWorn’s leaders with vast contacts across the watch manufacturing and retail landscape. All of the luxury items that we sell are 100% authentic and original. ShopWorn purchases select watches (along with jewelry and accessories such as designer sunglasses) that have not yet sold to consumers. When there have been issues, Shopworn has responded promptly and resolved them in an amicable and satisfactory manner. What is “shop worn?” It is ShopWorn’s elegant way of describing that even though their timepieces have never been worn on a consumer’s wrist, they have been moved around in stores, may be display pieces, or that otherwise have minor cosmetic signs of handling. This will help you to make the right decision when using these products. Validated By The Luxury Brands It Carries. I had put them on notice of same, provided photos of what I received and what they had listed and to their credit, they offered me a refund and return shipping at their expense. The ShopWorn team carefully inspects every item to ensure customers receive only high-quality products with minimal defects. It is a please to do business with you. The item arrived brand new in original packaging. She loves the quality and I love the price! Negative issue. ", Reviews, complaints and customer experiences (1), designer display-model watches, jewelry, and accessories, Wallets, handbags, Cufflinks, Sunglasses, Ballpoint, Rollerball, Fountains. I was concerned at first as it ran fast by about 8 seconds over 24 hours, but a little research revealed that this particular reference is not COSC certified and reviews of this reference all talk about them running fast by some 10 seconds or so a day, so all is good.Finally let me just add this. Thank you ShopWorn, and especially Emily. This is an important point because, in the online watch retail space, there are gray-market watch dealers who operate against the wishes of the brands they carry. It is all about making the consumer happy. If so, then you can place your order on the ShopWorn website with confidence. Sponsored Posts are a form of advertising that allows sponsors to share useful news, messages, and offers to aBlogtoWatch readers in a way traditional display advertising is often not best suited to. along with that they have designer collections and other selections which suits my taste perfectly. “We’re here with purpose. ShopWorn wants consumers happy, not just their money. In practice, if a watch breaks or requires service in the first two years of ownership, the service is covered. This isn't a negative, just reality. Not here. Will plan to make more purchases from them in the future. EVER. They offer Free Two-day shipping on all U.S. Orders, all their products are sourced only from Authorized Retailers, and they offer a 14 day return period. ShopWorn purchases select watches (along with jewelry and accessories such as designer sunglasses) that have not yet sold to consumers. ShopWorn, therefore, is an online jewelry store where you can find different designer brands like Gucci, Robert Coin, and Crivelli amongst others. ”, ShopWorn’s business model is simple. If I were to say anything negative, it would be that they take a few days for purchases to be shipped, but this is so slight an inconvenience, it's almost not worth mentioning. Tell us what you think about their products and services by leaving a review below. ShopWorn isn’t trying to compete in the new watch retail space, so you won’t see trendy watches priced at over retail prices or watches sought more by financial speculators than actual collectors. ShopWorn purchases these watches either directly from brands (who often take back unsold retailer inventory) or directly from authorized dealers.

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