The ideal team to effect change may include teachers, family, an adolescent therapist, and any specialist working with the child outside of school.

Parents, guardians, and school professionals should be aligned in implementing some or all of the following interventions: A comprehensive medical and psychological evaluation will identify the underlying causes of school refusal. If students do not receive the support that enables them to express their feelings of anxiety, school refusal or avoidance can become increasingly entrenched, resulting in social isolation and education gaps. A multi-disciplinary school meeting including parents/guardians will ensure a unified decision on how to address those issues and assign responsible roles. School refusal impacts between 2 and 5% of students.1 This anxiety-based mental health issue ranges from mild separation anxiety to more severe cases of anxiety or depression that can cause young adolescents to miss weeks or months of school each year. An effective means to help the child make it out the front door and into the classroom is to consistently employ supportive home and school-based interventions. 6 steps to create an effective interventions strategy. A safe launch pad at school might be part of this routine, allowing the child to report to an emotionally neutral place like a counselor’s office at the start of their school day. Category : Blog. Required fields are marked *. The student’s support team should work together to create a suitable re-entry plan. School-based mental health clinicians can coordinate care with outside providers and agencies as needed. Sleep deprivation and inactivity contribute to anxiety and depression. Strategies to reduce anxiety and foster confidence include cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation training, and systemic desensitization. Help the student develop and maintain social relationships that provide motivation to attend school. ie several weeks or months. Once the child is attending school regularly, make clear to the student that resources and counseling are always available if he or she needs help. Predictable home and school routines reduce anxiety., Mental Wellness Culture in Schools: Why and How, The State of Student Mental Health in NJ School Districts, Virtual Counseling Tips for School-Based Mental Health Counselors, Episode 11: Nancy Sulla on Engaging Students in a Hybrid Learning Environment. By working with these teens by using effective intervention strategies for studying and learning, it's possible to help guide them on the right educational course. School professionals and parents/guardians need to work together in proactively addressing the issue of school refusal. Because the root cause is anxiety, addressing that issue by restoring a feeling of safety while maintaining clear expectations and accountabilities will best guide the student back into a productive educational experience. School Refusal: 8 Effective Intervention Strategies, Taking Charge of School Refusal: 10 Warning Signs and 8 Interventions.

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