And it pays off. Holder’s still got Bullet on his mind though, and it starts to break him. Colum’s mad he married a Sassenach, ruining his chances to be the Laird’s successor. It’s a nice moment, especially for Lyric, but underneath the happiness is the painful realization that Bullet would never be able to see it. Now, I’m of two minds about this scene. John says he wanted to help but Leo wants to make sure that Valarie’s body is found. Mike takes his family to church as well. This is the most heated (non-sexually speaking) we’ve seen Claire and Jamie get thus far—and the most at-odds over their differing cultures and time periods. That should throw a sizable wrench in things, though it’s tough to say where all this fits in so far. Leo tells Mike that Arlen’s attorney is going to tell the jury how an obsessive cop harassed an old man with dementia. In other words, much to Linden’s horror, he wasn’t in town on the night of the Seward murder. NEXT: ‘My words do the killing.’But, of course, things aren’t that simple. Mike tries to convince the kids to hang out with him for the weekend but Paige has to work and the others aren’t interested. As you’ll recall, when last we saw newlywed Claire Fraser, she was being held prisoner at Ft. William, in the clutches of the nefarious Black Jack. If you have nothing else better to do, Reckoning is at least interesting. Claire hesitates before relenting. Black Jack takes the gun, and when he fires at Jamie sans bullet, he becomes distracted long enough for the Highlander to knock him out and cut Claire’s binds. “I saw a rigid man bend,” he tells Claire of the MacKenzie compromise. He says he thinks it might work but John will have to die. June 29, 2020; TV Show Recaps ; 0 Comments; ReelMockery; As the episode begins, John Ainsworth (Toby Schmitz) and Leo Doyle (Sam Trammell) speak about Valarie’s body which is now hidden in John’s fridge. Mike says he wants to see his kids grow up before it is too late and possibly save his marriage. Sort of. Later that night, Mike speaks with Amanda in her room. Your email address will not be published. (Talk about a bad school day.) Breaking away from the book, this episode is told from Jamie's point of view. (If you, like me, watch The Family Stone every Christmas, the moment may have called to mind that scene where Dermot Mulroney chases Luke Wilson around the Stone Family dinner table. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. She, of course, refuses. Yeah. As a modern-day woman, I obviously take umbrage to a man hitting a woman. Because, you know, the weather’s so nice out. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. In the middle of the night, Mike wakes up after hearing something downstairs. Those questions were put on the backburner as this week’s episode (directed, it should be noted, by the great Jonathan Demme) began. At the very least, it was interesting that we have two possible killers and it is tough to say which one is the RRK. Mugshots are taken and DNA is collected from Arlen. He explains that if she were a man, she would have been flogged—or worse. It is mostly mediocre. She must be punished. Yet when Linden sits down for a small talk with Danette, an inconvenient truth arises: According to Danette, Joe was in Alaska three years ago on the day after Christmas. Mike Serrato (Aden Young) imagines that he is at the office and a stranger is lurking nearby so he … Candace asks Father Moran if Arlen could be forgiven for the murder and he believes it is possible. Ouch. Candace finds a rubber glove when doing laundry. He grabs his gun and chases a hooded figure out of the house before firing several shots at it. A shouting match ensues between the brothers MacKenzie, with Dougal landing a thudding blow over the true paternity of Column’s son. “Outside, I use my hands,” he tells Seward. 10 funny mockumentaries to remind us about the absurdity of life, Family-friendly Halloween films for boos big and small. It’s an ill-wish, Jamie explains, meant to cause harm to whoever receives it. Who was the driver? He tells her he has been trying and she knows it. for the belt-wielder. He suspects this will lead police to him and it’ll be the end of the road for the RRK. ), and it got a hearty chuckle from the crowd, which I had not expected. It never occurred to me to kill a helpless man—even one such as Randall.” Famous last words, amirite? She offers him a photographic lineup of white guys — Papa Seward and Joey Pervert among them — and asks him which of these guys knifed his mother. “For whatever it’s worth, I think you should stay on. ), So, Bullet’s gone, and Joe’s being held downtown, waiting to be taken through the ringer. To be fair, Jamie is right. He wants to know who will take responsibility for the scuffle at Ft. William. He doesn’t get one, however, though he does get a face full of Becker, who mockingly tells Seward that he did get one message: He gets an extra hour of yard time tomorrow, his last day on earth. Of course, any show whose plot is about the hunt for a serial killer whose victims are local teenage girls is going to be pretty bleak; it’s subject matter that you don’t usually find much levity in. Best Turntables and Best Vintage Turntables. Will Seward worm his way out of his execution?

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