The school will have the menu available in print or online. Instead of asking the first day of school questions to students outloud, give them a printed sheet and have them write out their responses. Click the ice breaker questions below to copy into your account. From setting up a homework area, to being sure that your child has all the supplies they need in the classroom…..your child’s teacher will be able to provide you with a list of necessary supplies. I’ve had parents offer to cut out shapes at home for in class games, or to help sharpen pencils before drop off when they had to head to work. Get our best articles straight to your inbox! Although my toddler is still a few years away from school (although some may definitely apply when he starts preschool next year!) Your child's not a napper? Of all the first-day experiences children have in their school careers, perhaps none is as exciting, nerve-wracking, and emotional as the first day of preschool. It is important to reinforce positive behavior in the classroom. Have your child practice at home, and let them hang up their own jacket and backpack at school, even if it takes a couple of tries. As you consider what the 2020-2021 school year may look like for your community ― and what changes may need to be made to reopen safely and efficiently ― here are 33 questions you may want to ponder: Questions to ask about managing student and staff health. Check out: // 5 Tips for Making the First Day of School Easy / How to Prepare for Kindergarten / How to Practice Sight Words (17 ways that aren’t flash cards)  //, Your email address will not be published. Her writing is featured at Christian Web Copywriter and at Writing That Breathes Life. Be sure that you know what is best, and what to expect from the teacher’s side as well. Do a bit of research on VAK learning styles so you’re prepared. For instance, I once had a student whose mother needed to pick her up 20 minutes early every day so that she could make it to her older child's school in time for their dismissal. As a parent, I’ll be on the other side of this for the first time as Lydia start kindergarten this year. Love these ideas! Talk to your teacher about any regular alternate arrangement you may need. What accomplishment fills you with pride so far this year? How do you show your school spirit? So I know that parents have lots of questions to ask their preschool teacher on the first day. As each parent comes into the room, tightly holding onto their little one's hand, I know that they're torn between wanting to let go and wanting to turn around, run back home, and keep their baby close for just a little longer. For example, many lower grade classrooms use a color system to rate behavior.

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