Both of you who are considering taking on a student teacher, and those of you that are about to be or are in the middle of that fresh hell, otherwise known as student teaching. I’m an old dog, and so these student teachers are learning all these amazing and new tricks. But just to help your student teacher feel as though she has a place in your room, carving him or her out a little spot, even if it’s just a shelf, a small desk, a place for them to call their own and to feel at home, will really go a long way to help them feel at ease. These posts will be manually approved as soon as possible. That’s fine. 15 Common Questions Asked in a Teacher Interview (and How to Answer Them With Ease) by. Take notes and/or record the interview. Before my student teaching ends this semester, I want to make sure to ask as many beneficial questions as possible. Each one covers a different area relevant to art teachers today so go ahead and explore them. I really remember that, because I was letting so much of my failures as I saw them, and the things the kids said to me, and the unpleasantries from the teacher who just wasn’t really thrilled with what I was doing with the students. Cecilie_Arcurs/Getty Images. This little blip in your art teacher and history is not going to define you. Do it with a few weeks to go, and work on improving that over the next few weeks. Start loving the taste of an ice cold in the middle, although lava hot on the outside, burrito. I know that I'll be asking my teacher/principal information about best practices while subbing, any guidance for job interviews, etc. Ask how they structure the first few days. Meanwhile, someone like me closed the door in their face. What words and actions will transition that college-aged adult into a professional teacher? If you are interested in learning more, please check out Organization is a huge thing, and it doesn’t come naturally to many of us art teachers, so ask about how they organize everything. You hate to tell somebody that they need improve upon something, but it’s what they need to hear. Back to my top five. Thank you for your comment! Take another sip. Listen as she discusses what we can learn from our student teachers, why we need to give them space (literally and figuratively), and what you need to do to help your student teacher find their voice. Many cooperating teachers incorrectly believe that hosting a student teacher means giving directions on how to teach your classroom of learners. Thing number two. That left me totally clueless when I started with my own classroom as to how to set it up and get the year rolling. Do not take photos of the students. Why you do it the way you do, but keep an open mind. What kind of videos are their favorite ones to share? The 25 most common teacher interview questions and answers to prep for any teaching interview. If anything, be early. And then, when they arrive, you introduce your student teacher to the school community and activate the plan. It might even be yesterday’s cup of coffee. Maybe a middle-level education major will approach you with a request. These couple of questions seems to be pretty appropriate in light of today’s podcast topic. Coffee, of course. You imagine the luxury of an extra professional in your classroom and the potential rejuvenation that a college-adult might bring in terms of ideas and energy.

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