In Ancient Egypt Darius is the name of a Pharaoh, while in Persian culture it means Preserver, as Darius the Mede (of the kingdom Media) who assumed the role of King after its conquest by Cyrus. The name has a Persian, Japanese origin and the meaning of ‘Azami’ is ‘thistle flower’. The name is also associated with luck. Hi, According to the Hebrew Bible Esther was a Jewish Queen of the Persian King Ahasuerus. She is mother to fraternal girl/boy twins who loves music, hiking, offbeat pop culture and reading rock bios. ‘Freesia’ has a German origin and the meaning of the name is ‘Freese’s flower’. This name is a wonderful option for your baby too. One of the essential and meaningful flowers in Iran is Lotus. The meaning of the name is ‘star’. Both male and female versions of this name are equated with those who are wealthy, or one who has gold and silver coins. 64) Giti. One thing that makes this flower unique is the smoothness of its petals. In Ancient Egypt the skin of the god Amun, who at the height of Egyptian civilization was referred to as “King of the Gods” and was the god of air, sun, and sky, was painted blue to signify the divine, air, and primeval creation. Some parents take great lengths to ensure that their chosen namesake isn’t one of the most popular baby names of the year. Its is the short form of the flower Amaryllis. This flower is full of Antioxidants, so it is used for beauty purposes as well. ‘Mawar’ has an Indonesian origin and the meaning of the name is ‘rose’. It is of a Greek origin. ‘Thallo’ is the Greek goddess of buds, blooms, and spring. Another one among the most popular flower baby girl names, this name has an Old English origin and it means ‘to flourish’ or ‘a cluster of flowers’. Great Iranian poets such as Hafez and Saadi, used the name of flowers to describe different aspects of the loved one in their poems. Cyra is a derivative of the Persian Kureish a name that is believed to be from the Persian Khur, a name for the sun. How to Check Your Child’s Temperature the Right Way, 8 Baby Name Books to Choose the Best Name for Your Little One, Parallel Parenting – Benefits and Tips to Make It Successful, Tips for Dealing With Fever in Babies in a Safe Manner, List of 12 Healthy Weight Gain Foods for Babies & Kids, Newborn Umbilical Cord Care: Everything Parents Should Know, Brain Development in Premature Babies – Before and After Birth, Unschooling – A Parent’s Guide to Child-Led Learning at Home, Low Dose Birth Control – What It is, Pros & Cons, Review: Babyhug Hard Spout Non-Spill Sipper Cup with Handle. During the Persian weddings, the bride has a bouquet of flowers, and the salon is decorated with flowers as well. Daffodils can be great! 305) Kiana is Royal Queen. 10 Smart Tips Every Birth Partner Needs To Know To Make Everything Easier, Music is an important part of Persian culture, 10 Surprising Things Men Should Never Do During Labor, Plants That Are Actually Dangerous for Toddlers and Babies, WATCH: Wife Tells Husband She’s Pregnant At Nordstrom Rack & It’s Hilarious, How Anne Hathaway Hid Her Pregnancy On Set Of 'The Witches', Infertility Is More Common In Cities Versus Rural Areas, Research Shows, My First Pregnancy Was So Bad I Didn't Want To Have More Kids, The 7 Rapper Dads With The Most Kids And 7 Who Are Next, Clermiston Couple Raises Awareness For Rare Form Of Spina Bifida By Telling Their Story, Pregnant Kelly Rowland Tells Fans All About Her Cabo Babymoon, 2-Year Old Goes Viral For Giving Dad Moving Motivational Speech, 15 Things That Happen Immediately After The Belly Drops, Pope Francis Calls Breastfeeding Mother 'An Example Of Tenderness & Beauty', Jennifer Garner Fields Pregnancy Rumors Again Due To Halloween Pics, 10 '90s Girl Names That Are Worth A Comeback, Emily Maynard Reveals The Name Of Her Newborn Baby Girl, 'Harry Potter' Actress Jessie Cave Welcomes Third Child After Difficult Delivery. All rights reserved. What parent doesn’t want a life of joy and happiness for their child? What Are other Important Persian Flowers? ‘Tulip’ is a Persian name and the meaning of the name is ‘turban’. 306) Kianoosh is A character in Shahnameh. Bud of the flower a Persian name for girls. In Japanese, ‘Hana’ means ‘flower’. Another meaning of the name is ‘God’s vineyard’. Gulnar is not only used for its beauty but also as a treatment for diseases because of its medical values. Everything starts with the traditional gift of flowers as the symbol of love to the loved one. This is the name of a small white mountain flower. The implied figurative meaning of one who is achieving more and more success could be seen as a parent’s desire for their child to do better and exceed their previous generation, something most parents strive for. A kind of song a Persian name for girls. Begonia ‘Begonia’ is the name of a flower that looks like a rose and the word translates to ‘to be cautious’. The name has a Greek origin and the meaning of this charming name is ‘divine flower’. meaning Women's hair;ringlet;tress a Persian name for girls. Translated from old Persian Dārayavauš translates to “he who holds the firm good” and is often linked to royalty. ‘Susan’ has a Hebrew origin and the meaning of the name is ‘graceful lily’. Parents who are baseball fans may want to use this name to pay their respects to baseball legend Cy Young, a famous right handed pitcher, who won more games during his time as a professional ball player than any other pitcher in history. The charming name ‘Daisy’ is derived from an Old English word meaning ‘Day’s eye’ and the flower represents freshness and energy. It can be used to heal wounds, and its tea can help with heavy menstrual bleeding. The name is also related to ‘Primrose’. Another kind of rose that grows in Iran and its enchanting fragrance makes you relax, and happy is called Damask Rose or Rosa. Butterfly in other languages is the origin for the popular girl name Vanessa in English. Tulip can be found in Zagros and Alborz mountain ranges and is the symbol of the sacred blood of martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their country. The meaning of the cute name ‘Calanthe’ is ‘a beautiful Christmas orchid’., The Importance of Flowers in Iranians’ lives. Asha is a traditional Arabic name for little girls. ‘Posy’ means ‘small flower’ and it has an English origin. This is an Italian baby name and ‘Rosa’ means ‘Rose’. Rose or Gol-e Sorkh is used in Persian literature and poetry to simile the beauty of the loved one. This pink flower is used to make perfumes with oriental aroma and rose water, which can be added to water and make a delicious drink and reduce stress. Lotus exists and shows its enchanting blossom in swamps while looking at the sun to make an amazing contrast. ‘Amaranth’ a herb with pink flowers is a symbol of mortality. Because Iran (formerly Persia) has a large Islamic population, many Persian names overlap with Arabic Muslim names. It is the feminine form of the name ‘Chrystanthos’ meaning ‘golden flower’ which is believed to be Chrysanthemum.

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