Join Sunsuper's Chief Economist and Head of Advice and Retirement as they discuss investments, super and how to achieve your retirement dreams. Even if you are applying to the ATO for the second time, it’s worth reminding yourself of the steps. ; Severe Financial Hardship (not related to the COVID-19 crisis): Eligibility requirements include receiving eligible government income support payments continuously for 26 weeks, and being unable to meet “reasonable and immediate family living expenses”. 4.

07:55 PM.

While superannuation helps people save for retirement, the government has recognised that for those significantly financially affected by the coronavirus, accessing some of those savings today may outweigh the benefits of maintaining those savings until retirement..

on It would be reasonable to say you're being financially affected by COVID-19 if your employer is directing you to use a paid entitlement. You can apply for COVID-19 early release of super even if you have previously accessed your super early in other circumstances e.g. ‎24 March 2020

other immediate financial assistance that may be available and However, you should keep records and documents to confirm your eligibility as we may ask you for this information.

If you applied for COVID-19 early release of super but the ATO has decided you weren’t eligible, you should discuss your situation with the ATO.

‎24 March 2020 Is it refering to being unemployed due to Covid-19 or just in general? Halloween costumes are spooky but your tax return doesn't have to be. It's so stressful. 07:56 PM, on As this is a public website, we can't respond to your feedback directly.

It might be the first time in your life that you're really thinking about your super. You may wish to review these. Taking annual leave would normally be set out in your award or registered agreement, company policy or contract of employment. ‎2 September 2020

The above requirement doesn't have a further stipulation about being directed by your employer to take annual leave. Is it time to take charge? If the amount we paid to you is less than you expected, it is likely because: If you think you have made an error or the ATO’s determination is incorrect, please contact the ATO on their Emergency Support Infoline: 1800 806 218. 10:20 AM, The information we currently have has been provided.

* Please check your balance to make sure that you have enough funds to withdraw, as the balance you see in myGov is based on the last time Sunsuper reported to the ATO (which may have been up to 12 months ago).

Please contact us if you'd like to discuss anything further.

Note that if you are applying to the ATO for early access to your super for the second time, you will need to re-certify to the ATO that you meet the eligibility criteria.

■    On or after 1 January 2020, either you were a sole trader and your business was suspended or there was a reduction in turnover of 20% or more.

12:28 PM, on
You get access to Adviser Online and can request an advice fee (including Ongoing). What is the process for early access to your super? If neither of these reasons explain why the amount we paid to you is less than you expected, please call us on 13 11 84. The balance you see in myGov is based on the last time we reported to the ATO (which could be up to 12 months ago). Please note: These criteria only apply if you are a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand. COVID-19 Temporary early access to your super The Government is allowing early access to super savings for people affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Staff are working extended hours so you may call M-F till 8am -10pm and on the weekend 10am-4pm in your local state. Hello, When will you be providing information regarding the early access of up to $10000 super, before July 1 2020 due to Coronavirus hardship?

Temporary early access to your super. Whether or not you were approved to access your super early in 2019-20, if you are eligible, you can now apply to access up to $10,000 until 31 December 2020 via the same myGov process. And whether this is the first or second time you are applying, before you go ahead, are you aware of Why is your payment amount less than you expected?

Will we use your feedback to improve your Sunsuper online experience. If you are a temporary resident, you were only able to apply to access up to $10,000 of your super before 30 June 2020.
You apply directly to the ATO through the.

The Government is allowing early access to super savings for people affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19). MyGov would also not normally be updated until the proposal become law.

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