The most outlandish dessert was a mass of honeyed phyllo, piled like feathers over diced pears and a blob of melted Pecorino cheese. He couldn.t outlast them. "No one is saying anything as outlandish as that," Martha said. This idea is not as outlandish as it sounds. ; He could make out little else, except a volley of outlandish oaths at their unsuccessful trip. He was indeed skeptical of the outlandish claims made by the scientist. As outlandish as Blake’s Chicago story sounded, it would only get. Many make outlandish claims, like saying they can guarantee profits. From the specious promise of these political phantasmagoria grow outlandish Celtic dreams of an independence liberally financed by foreigners. Outlandish definition: If you describe something as outlandish , you disapprove of it because you think it is... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Starts with o, ends with y, eight : 13. Inscriptions record the boundaries of the territories of various tribes with outlandish names otherwise unknown to us (Corp. Inscr. How Harry came into the possession of this, 51. 6. The emirate borrowed capital and labour to make speculative bets on real estate, of which The World is only one, 37. They tend to like wigs that are stylish, but not too, 56. For fear they did flee, for they took him to be Some strange, A single letter came from him, posted at some, He had cherished no thought of reforming the wicked and uplifting the lowly in his effort to enlist this, He gave me that dagger you see hanging on the wall, which he bought at some, Somehow they did not fit his mood to-night, although there were times when he could roar the, They had lived by a river, she believed, and their old home was called by the same, I never should have believed that in so few months the tone of a Boston paper would seem so, A burglar who could find the money would accomplish more than we could do half the time, so, Two months haggling in an effort to make Stoddard relinquish some of his more, At this point, my crew suddenly rose in the bows of the canoe, making several, Looking at the land from aboard the frigate, I never should have thought it was such an, They saw Ortiz come out of the woods, and frightened by his, You ought to marry her and take her away with you to your, Outlandish in a sentence | Short example sentence for outlandish, Full Moon in a sentence | Short example sentence for full moon, Sandy in a sentence | Short example sentence for sandy, Phonetic In A Sen in a sentence | Short example sentence for phonetic in a sen, Complaint in a sentence | Short example sentence for complaint, Industries in a sentence | Short example sentence for industries, Avenge in a sentence | Short example sentence for avenge, The Routine In A Sen in a sentence | Short example sentence for the routine in a sen, Firework in a sentence | Short example sentence for firework, Left Off in a sentence | Short example sentence for left off, Garish in a sentence | Short example sentence for garish, Gaudy in a sentence | Short example sentence for gaudy, Glamorous in a sentence | Short example sentence for glamorous, Penchant in a sentence | Short example sentence for penchant, Dazzling in a sentence | Short example sentence for dazzling, Fancy in a sentence | Short example sentence for fancy, Stylish in a sentence | Short example sentence for stylish, Quirky in a sentence | Short example sentence for quirky. This model sounds outlandish, but numerous experiments have shown it to be true. No wonder walking-tour guides get by with, Gambling, sex, Wayne Newton _ nothing is too, We do hear sometimes that the magazines are a little, Similarly, Henry George's message was not so, His jolly demeanor was highlighted by his taste for, African-Americans have always been subject to, Think of the negative connotations of words like alien or, Even thinking about attending the Jeffrey Dahmer auction was downright, Perhaps the Packers will win the game despite the, Hardly anyone has busted La Russa for making the, To pay him that much strikes me as being rather, Claims made by herbal manufacturers are especially. “In meetings, at dinners and in passing conversations, Mr. Trump has asked advisers whether the U.S. can acquire Greenland, listened with interest when they discuss its abundant resources and geopolitical importance and, according to two of the people, has asked his White House counsel to look into the idea,” the Wall Street Journal reported in August. Her outlandish attire made her conspicuous in the crowd. Outlast sentence examples. outlandish definition: 1. strange and unusual and difficult to accept or like: 2. strange and unusual and difficult to…. But you have to bear in mind that the really, 58. But this seems only a different expression for the same position, and the same may doubtless be said of the theory which employed the outlandish word " maneries " (Fr. If you're a bit on the outlandish side when it comes to your fashion sense, go ahead and wear the bright red ones with a mini. Nor is it an entirely outlandish view. 2. But her own circumstances, in their sadness and oddness, corroborated her dark fantasies, and, as Gooch shows, many of her stories', 42. ; It was nearly as outlandish a place as his former quarters in the mill at Leyden. They appeared at parties in outlandish clothes. Entertainment is used as an escape, and audiences don't necessarily want to mix their escape with heated exchanges or outlandish views. As the show progressed, it got ever more outlandish. 2. The outlandish noise seemed to act as a balm to his disappointment and to keep him company. 4. Outlandish quotes from YourDictionary: First time you hear something, it sounds outlandish and broken and like it doesn't make sense. The intricacies of soap opera love triangles on Passions are always presented in an over the top, outlandish manner that works well within this medium. Elton John - He could be mentioned simply for his crazy glasses, but his outlandish outfits place him on this list as well. But what evidence is this outlandish theory based upon? "No one is saying anything as outlandish as that," Martha said. Can you believe the outlandish rapper wants to run for president? The Prime Directives don't list any outlandish expectations but are more a list of commonsense guidelines to help the site remain user friendly. There are quite some people swaggering through the streets in, 59. The end result will be over-the-top, garish and outlandish. 5. outlandishly is a 12 letter word, used as a adverb, and has the letters adhillnostuy (adhilnostuy). Ripley's Believe It or Not! 3. , If the psychic’s outlandish prediction comes true, the world will end in a week. 11. outlandish in a sentence - Use "outlandish" in a sentence 1. ; Imagine driving the machine along a precipice and visiting fire-pits with outlandish names. They can go with almost any type of outfit without looking outlandish or out of place. outlandish characters could be based on people in the town? An unusual mix today, this must have seemed outlandish 300 years ago. outlandish attire mostly tour in sparks various art shops art is the. Here, ancie Cool T shirt designs are a way to wear your personality on your sleeve (or chest) without being too outlandish with your attire. 5. For example, a dream that combines flying, a childhood swim meet, and your college graduation seems, 36. Moreover, eyelet dresses and outlandish get-ups may also detract from the subtlety of Tod's merchandise. The male clown looked outlandish in the party dress. 35. Clothing should be clean and tidy and not outlandish and designed to shock. But what evidence is this outlandish theory based upon? 5. A caricatured lady might have heart - shaped eyes and Cupid's bow lips, or a dove nesting in an. specious promise of these political phantasmagoria grow outlandish Celtic dreams of an independence liberally financed by foreigners. 2. , When the boy was asked about his report, he created an outlandish story about aliens stealing his work. The chickens came home to roost for a group of Ohio men charged with soliciting sex from an undercover cop. Although he did not believe in the Resurrection, he concluded this to be a very outlandish theory. Again, the changes were not drastic in and of themselves - they certainly could not compare with the outlandish flapper dresses that women sported - but they were certainly easy to distinguish from previous years' styles. From the orange obelisk monument of Ohakune, to the corrugated iron sheep and dog combo, The concerts still feature free-form dancers, light shows and musicians in, Still, even if expressed by a metaphor some might find ostentatious, vicarious atonement as a concept was nothing, His sculptures misbehave, they defy convention, they turn utilitarian objects and practical actions into, Later redactions of saints' lives tended to omit historical details that were no longer easily understood and to embellish the text with more, But how can they learn respect when their parents are paying, The strong influence of Italian neo-realism is further subverted by such, The stand-up stage is a place where comics can be zanier and more, More often, however, the mass media provide tacit support for untested and unsupported claims by saying nothing skeptical about even the most, Or at least being called upon to contextualize and explain, Glenn Beck admits his divisive language and, Speaking of which, the Scots are ideal in the matter of, By the 1941 Christmas season, the bookish technician got wind of an, Dan Harmon The NBC cult-hit Community employs a cast of characters as, But that paled in comparison to the costs of a statewide campaign with an, When the Duchess of Newcastle appears in public in, It can be a little freewheeling at times, but Dom and Dickie are such, Written and directed in an impressively-glossy style by Boaz Yakin, this is easily the most far-fetched, violently, The 11 September attacks uncorked a whirlwind of, It could be transforming a Civic into an ice-cream van or using a Honda hedge trimmer to create, Narcocorrido, from across the border, is judged, A meager talent for sketching and crayon work led me to attempt crude picturizations involving the, And, by the way, for sweete Saint Charitie, He begs his largies of th', One of my favorite shows growing up was the animated series Family Guy, featuring doofus dad Peter Griffin among other, I am glad to get somebody decent to talk to, or at, in this, Just the same, I fail to see what's to be gained by these, These tracks approached the firing range on apparently, But the real fact is, that there is nothing, But why in the world do you go to such an, And an eye from Somerset looks kindly at this, There is no scientific evidence to support these, The form of the polypody is strangely interesting, it is even, All the Painted Ladies around here are different, but they're not crazy or, This supporter, topless and armed with a multicoloured sun umbrella, sported, Named the Hendrick's Horseless Carriage of Curiosities, it houses a bizarre museum of, The room was furnished as a study, and most artistically furnished, if you consider, March had one of his vague visions of ladies in cloudy crinolines and gentlemen in, But poorly could I withstand them, much as in other moods I was almost ready to smile at the solemn whimsicalities of that.

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