It's a great boat for catching sharks and snook in the no motor zones of the everglades or just taking the kids fishing for blue gills at the lake. 14 1/2 foot long originally it’s green now it’s yellow on the outside. The perfect on-water family vessel that will provide good times and great memories. By all reports the stability should improve with more weight. After six hours of fairly calm water, I suddenly encountered Class three haystacks and class four rapids. Maybe we'll even catch enough fish to stink up the skillet. Lots of room for gear, and easily portaged. I have had the Kingfisher 16 Tuf-weave® layup for almost 10 years. It seemed par for the course for a canoe. Made by OLD TOWN of Maine in 1993.Free local pickup, will consider meeting halfway for pickup. The Kingfisher is a versatile canoe. With that said it is easy to compensate for the wind. I have landed 40" plus muskies out of this boat and never once felt I was in danger of capsizing. Very Poor. This boat is definitely slower than the Duck Hunter and I think not quite as stable. Coupon Code: RAPIDSHIP20. Paddling it solo from the bow seat in reverse I can stand to fish when desired. Weight is 57 lb. This recreational hull extremely stable and very comfortable for larger paddlers. 39.5" width, 14ft long. I have soloed with the canoe by reverse seating from back to the front seat and with a little ballast arranging it works fine on a calm day. Not good for small rivers, we used it on lakes and reservoirs. It's not a racing boat but very easy to paddle, tracks well (better with a load) and was very maneuverable. The Kevlar is a must for the construction,due to its width. We offer a variety of sizes and styles, including sit-on-top kayaks or tandem kayaks (also known as 2-person kayaks or double kayaks) as well as kayaks designed for adventure, like fishing kayaks and recreational kayaks. The first time I stood I was amazed at the stability. I find Kingfisher is my favorite and the canoe I use most. We were loaded down with lots of camping and fishing gear and this canoe is easy to paddle and very stable. My main use will be 2-4 day trips on lakes and rivers with some short to medium portages. Max Load Range: 1,200-1,250 lbs / 544.3-567 kg It's fantastic for trolling, flyfishing and the only reason I am considering a motor is to get to the secret spots quicker. The tide and wind were opposite of each other but the Kingfisher was easy enough to control. I have even put an electric trolling motor on it and performs excellent. Great boat for quiet water lake paddling. Two Aluminum/Plastic paddles included. Engineered for the kind of performance that allows parents and kids alike to feel at ease, the Camper is a general purpose canoe that is equally at home on ponds, lakes and rivers. Surprisingly fast for a 16' canoe, its on-the-water stability is also a plus when canoeing with younger children. We purchased a Kingfisher from a canoe/kayak specialty store in Austin, this being the recommended model from our knowledgeable saleperson. 39.5" width, 14ft long. It isn't a fast canoe, but I don't have the need to race. Fishing, canoe camping,. We offer a variety of sizes and styles, including sit-on-top kayaks or tandem kayaks (also … $547 Good Condition. 39.5" width, 14ft long. 2 paddles included, lightweight anchor for fishing trips etc, 1 life vest. Average Even in the wind, quartering the bow and kneeling makes it very competent. Made by OLD TOWN of Maine in 1993. We are currently backordered on kayaks until January. Rocker: Moderate, Your email address will not be published. Thank you for visiting us. Perfect I paddle this canoe on local lakes for fishing and bird watching. Material is ultra-tough Royalex. Thank you for visiting us. For my purposes it is superb. If you are going to solo and face a lot of wind often, I'd consider a different model. I have the Kevlar Flex Core version. Weight: 59 lbs / 26.8 kg I just purchased my Kingfisher (Royalex) and so far I love it. For fishing, the stability is a huge bonus. If you want a super stable boat with good capacity and aren’t out to win any races this is the boat for you. 2 paddles included, lightweight anchor for fishing trips etc, 1 life vest. We only had a short time to paddle so we launched at a close-by freshwater tidal creek and paddled about 2 to 3 miles each way. We never came close to tipping, even in fast water. OLD TOWN? I also was looking for a canoe that I could solo most of the time, but available for tandem as well. A few easily repairable scrapes was the only damage. I have some superficial scratches on the bottom from dragging it on gravel but over all hull construction it has been excellent. I would give it a ten except that I believe there no perfect boats.

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