ATLAS News; News; All Activity; Home; Contact Us; Copyright 2020 Grapeshot Games. Edit this part and note Q: at the beginning. Full World Game Map for ATLAS MMO by Grapeshot Games. But which one is best for you? After months of leaks and rumors, the Xbox Series S has been officially confirmed as a smaller, cheaper, all-digital version of the company’s next-generation console. ATLAS RE-LAUNCH: Fresh Wipe on July 3rd; Just got the game and have a question about server pop; Atlas News | Maelstrom Update | New PVP Server Many thanks to the project manager over at who have me the gird overlay to bring you the new map for the season launching on July 3rd. These examples and much more are provided with the ATLAS Dev Kit, where you can effectively create whatever large-scale action game you want to see: all supported by the database-driven network technology that powers ATLAS. Microsoft has finally acknowledged its worst-kept secret. This new World Map drops in the first half of July for both PC and Xbox. Atari’s latest attempt at reclaiming relevance is by rehashing its original success story – Pong. The world has the shape of a sphere just like the planet earth has climatic zones. Hopefully, that’s about to change, as this week Wildcard’s Grapeshot Games subunit announced new content, a new map, and new dev team members. Full World Game Map for ATLAS MMO by Grapeshot Games. Say hello to the Game Gear Micro. The world consists of hundreds of islands, separated by the ocean. In the north and south of the island are covered with ice, and in the middle of the map there are tropical zones. Plus we got our first major glimpse of the lineup of games at launch and beyond, as well as some other accessories. The newest Unreal games engine, which will work on next-generation consoles as well as a range of other platforms, looks absolutely stunning in this new demo video. The world consists of 121 regions forming a grid. This time we’ve finally been treated to a look at the controller, and the design marks a surprising departure from the last four generations. Kerbal Space Program (KSP) is set to get a free update in partnership with the European Space Agency. Atlas Game Map with Grid. Microsoft’s next generation of gaming consoles, the Xbox Series X and Series S, are due out very soon. Once a mainstay of arcades everywhere, the legendary game has now been shrunk down into a portable “table” as the Mini Pong Jr. Microsoft and Sony are both launching their next-generation consoles soon. All rights reserved. Sony has finally revealed what the PlayStation 5 actually looks like. New Atlas compares the specs, features, hardware and games of the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. (here: M8 Lourlita Peninsula) After playing coy for months, the company has now revealed the next-generation console’s price, release date, plus a few new games and subscription service features. There are two versions – one with a disc slot and one without. Click the Server Name to see The LIVE World Map! Atari bounces back with portable mini Pong table, PlayStation 5 and PS5 Digital Edition vs. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Everything we know about the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5 price and release date finally announced, Everything we know about the Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft announces Xbox Series S, a smaller, cheaper next-gen console, Nintendo brings Mario Kart into the real world with AR RC cars, PlayStation 5 revealed alongside dozens of game announcements, Sega takes another dive into nostalgia with the Game Gear Micro, Free Kerbal update to introduce ESA missions and heavy rocket parts, Video: Epic Games shows off hyper-realistic new Unreal Engine 5, Sony reveals shapely new PlayStation 5 controller.

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