This quiz is incomplete! Activity Set Printable & Digital Distance Learning/Google, Interactive Read Aloud: My Mouth Is a Volcano Lesson Plans & Activities, Interactive Read Aloud Bundle: Lesson Plans & Activities, My Mouth is a Volcano! Spring Activity Pack - Part Four is Here! I created the blogs, The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs, The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs II, and The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs III. So, this is a great mentor text to then demonstrate the variety of adjectives students can use. Social Standards: CE.TW-E.5 Demonstrate small group listening, speaking, and questioning skillsCE.05-E.12 Use active listening and speaking skills with adults and peers Language Arts Lesson - "My Mouth is a Volcano" Are you familiar with this children's book? When he is interrupted during an important presentation, he finally sees how his “eruptions” effect those around him and tries to change his ways. Language Arts - "Closed Syllable [Vowel] Bundle Pa... Fluberbia NO PREP Novel Unit: STEM, Math, ELA - e-... Daily Dollar Deals and 50% off Items Start Today! Watch one-on-one reading support in action with K-3 students, FAQs I use, The following activities provided serves to help children learn how to use self control when talking with others. No copyright infringement intended - I just love the book and it's so fun to use with elementary kids! Take a look at some of these My Mouth Is A Volcano activities: If you’ve read the book, you’ll know that it is filled with wonderful words, that come alive on the page. )12, Teach your students about respect through the read aloud "My Mouth is a Volcano" by Julia Cook. 4 social story cards I have been a teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District since 1982. Join The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative at. Purchase your one year membership at, Tips on finding great books, reading nonfiction and more, "Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty. Reading Comprehension: The Transcontinental Railroad. The Pigeon Needs a Bath! Pinpoint the problem a struggling reader is having and discover ways to help. The book teaches students a lesson about interrupting the teacher, their classmates, and their families. Play. Fun Activities for Interrupting, My Mouth Is A Volcano | Interrupting, Blurting and Empathy Activities, Carol Miller -The Middle School Counselor, My Mouth is a Volcano Activities and Experiment, Sunshine and Rainbows in Teaching- Debi Salazar, Character Education Book Activities and Crafts Bundle 2, Back to School Read Alouds / Mentor Texts, My Mouth is a Volcano Lesson and Activities, My Mouth is a Volcano Activities | Back to School Read Aloud, Back to School Read Aloud Activities and Crafts BUNDLE, My Mouth Is A Volcano Literacy Activities, My Mouth is a Volcano Social Skills Activities about Self Control, My Mouth is A Volcano Writing Activity [FREEBIE! This story helps explore what to do when your mouth feels like a "Volcano. Pre Assessment: Draw a picture of a volcano (quickly) at the top of the volcano, write how you stop it from erupting. Includes:- Color by Numbers- Behavior sheet- Writing and colo, My Mouth is a Volcano is a great book for back to school and learning to control the blurts or interrupting. This is a great activity for the beginning of the year. Great for teaching students not to call out during class! ****, Language Arts & Math Lessons: St. Patrick's Day. 11 and pg. Metaphor Puzzles &, I use this activity with the book, My Mouth is a Volcano by Julia Cook. The "Excellence in Teaching" Award was given to me by the Los Angeles Unified School District's Los Angeles Educational Partnership. Create your own booklists from our library of 5,000 books! It's a perfectly adorable story that will open a fantastic opportunity for discussing the age old problem of interrupting. After reading the book, students can follow these step-by-step directions to draw their own version of Mr. Creacher. charts that enhance the comprehension of text. It includes print and go lesson plans, easy to follow directions, worksheets, mini-charts and controlling your volcano anchor chart supplies for kinde, We all have those students who just can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to the unpleasant habit of interrupting. Your email address will not be published. Save. 1. This particular book focuses on why it is important to not interrupt and how to practice control before doing so. Mine is Ree, What makes you cranky?⁣ Read aloud My Mouth is a Volcano a. For Crankenstein, a, The monster books were a lot of fun, but Halloween, Bonaparte is falling apart! FREE LESSONS & PRICED LESSONS - The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs, SHARING IS CARING TEACHER BLOGGING COLLABORATIVE, The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs - Facebook, THREE $100 GIVEAWAYS of TpT Gift Certificates. I do!⁣ Copyright © 2020 WETA Public Broadcasting, Visit WETA's other education websites: Start with a Book  |  Colorín Colorado  |  AdLit  |  LD OnLine, The reasons why some kids struggle with reading, Target the Problem!

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