Sorta looked up to me, you know. Did you ever think about that? Boys only want one thing, of course, and guess what that means for you? I was lucky. Michael Corleone: Tom, you know you surprise me. It was a son Michael! It was an abortion. I think that I did things to myself, to hurt myself so that you'd know - that I could hurt you. We did our first work together, worked our way out of the street. Senator Pat Geary: Because I intend to squeeze you. 31 Oct. 2020. Every time I put my line in the water I said a Hail Mary, and every time I said a Hail Mary I caught a fish. Michael Corleone: I'll change; I'll change. Vito Corleone: My father's name was Antonio Andolini... and this is for you. Michael Corleone: He's has been dying from the same heart attack for the last twenty years. That was seven years ago. I'll change; I'll change. No one knows who gave the order. You need me, Michael. You wanna try it when we go out on the lake? They've killed your son Paolo! Don't be afraid to tell them! Let him go! In the movie Godfather 2 after a long day of business Michael Corleone finally returns home to his wife and children. I was lucky. If anything in this life is certain, if history has taught us anything, it is that you can kill anyone. To get stupid? Traces the problems of Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) in 1958 and that of a young immigrant Vito Corleone (Robert De Niro) in 1917's Hell's Kitchen. You know how I did it? Don Fanucci: Young man, I hear you and your friends are stealing goods. Michael Corleone: If anything in this life is certain, if history has taught us anything, it is that you can kill anyone. Hyman Roth: There was this kid I grew up with; he was younger than me. Did you ever once that about that? And there isn't even a plaque, or a signpost or a statue of him in that town! His passport's been invalidated, except for his return trip to the States. Someone put a bullet through his eye. Can't you forgive Fredo? Not here! Don Ciccio: I see you took the name of the town. Frank Pentangeli: I don't - I never knew no godfather. Johnny Ola: Hyman Roth always makes money for his partners. And I said to myself, this is the business we've chosen; I didn't ask who gave the order, because it had nothing to do with business! It wasn't a miscarriage. Fredo Corleone: I'm your older brother, Mike, and I was stepped over! Fredo, you're nothing to me now. About Us | Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us. Directed By Francis Ford Coppola, it is based on the novel by Mario Puzo. The crocodile hunter.” — Shakira, “Look, in particular, at the people who, like you, are making average incomes for doing average jobs- bank vice presidents, insurance salesmen, auditors,” — Dave Barry, “If you judge people, you dont have time to love them.” — Mother Teresa, “There are an untold number of cultural similarities that have never been fully explored because of the difficulty of communication; in a future” — Eric Schmidt, “If you are truly offended by an 80-year-old man saying youre not funny, then youre probably not funny.” — Sarah Silverman, “If I owned any of these Hot New Issues that have doubled, tripled, quintupled or umptupled within days and in some cases hours” — Malcolm Forbes. [Before shooting occurs at the Michael Corleone estate], [Don Ciccio is threatening to kill young Vito]. The family had a lot of buffers! Genco Abbandando: So, what do you think of my angel? Fredo Corleone: You know when I was your age, I went out to fishing with all my brothers and my father, and everybody. I got my own family, senator. Michael Corleone: My father taught me many things here - he taught me in this room. A kid comes up to me in a white jacket, gives me a Ritz cracker, and uh, chopped liver, he says, 'Canapes'. Whatcha go to college? And one more thing. All Rights Reserved. Frank Pentangeli: Yeah, but only the rich guys, Tom. I take that as an insult. FREE Movie Newsletter. Permalink: I'll change; I'll change. Hyman Roth is the only one left, because he always made money for his partners. Whatcha go to college? Vito Corleone: She's very beautiful. Of course, if I'm wrong about how much you stole, I'll take a little less. Not a cop! And your family will be ruined. Michael Corleone: I trust these men with my life, Senator. And I forgive you. Senator Pat Geary: Mr. Cici, was there always a buffer involved? I want to take care of you now. But, its silly to look back with regret.” — Eric Stoltz —, “I was up for Michael Corleone in 'The Godfather,' but, as I was only 10 at the time, I think Mr. Coppola made the right choice. More than success, more than money, more than power. Frank Pentangeli: I don't like this C-note, Rosato.

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