Tremolo Cover Back Plate for Yamaha Electric Guitar ,3ply black. You don’t need the radius gauge, either, it just makes it a bit quicker. I just spray some of this onto the scouring pad and then rub the metal parts until the gloss becomes sort of semi-matt. C $9.83. Much faster. By the way, a white nut automatically looks older than a black one as only modern guitars have black. 10 Days Replacement 1 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty on Manufacturing Defects Available from these sellers. Buy Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 Electric Guitar at the lowest discounted price in India with certified buyers reviews. The 112 has a solid Alder body and has always been available with a clear varnish finish, showing the grain of the wood. The Yamaha 611/612 has Seymour Duncans stock,(Custom 5 bridge Humbucker - P90, HSS) locking Grover tuners, Wilkinson VS50 6 screw tremolo, GraphTech nut (41mm) i want a new Strat with a bridge humbucker that I won't need or want to mod. -12 = 12 String, "Musikmesse 2011: Yamaha introduces new Pacifica guitars",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Vintage vibrato,Floyd Rose type vibrato,Wilkinson vibrato, or hard tail Tele, black, lake blue, metallic red, natural, old violin sunburst, and translucent green, This page was last edited on 25 July 2020, at 12:16. 8 = Alder, 1 Pc, Better Hardware, TANJ (Total Access Neck Joint), Aftermarket Pickups I haven’t opened it up yet or done this before so would appreciate any help R = Reverse Headstock Using this method means the hardware never comes into contact with any harmful liquids. J = Rosewood Fretboard (where Bubinga is also used) Here’s one by the strap button. The Tele is now wired in Strat fashion, however, with noiseless pickups from DiMarzio in the bridge (Area T) and GFS in the middle and neck. Generally on a Pacifica you shouldn’t have to touch the truss rod unless you’re changing from really heavy strings to really light or vice versa, or it’s been badly adjusted by a previous owner. Apart from these similarities, the models vary in materials, hardware, and electronics. Should you miss out on the limited-edition version, Yamaha also offers two other 611 models (the HFM and VFM) with slightly different features as well as the more affordable PAC311H. You do it with your tiny allen key that came with the guitar (or metric 1.5 if you’ve lost it), or you can buy a special hex screwdriver. SIt the old plate carefully on top and using a bradawl, make guide holes. But I decided I wanted a three ply plate after doing this. It looks quite scarlet in these pics but in reality it’s quite a dark red, almost a maroon. The stock neck pickup on this is very muddy, otherwise I love this 302 so I think it’s worth throwing some money into it. Amazing amount of stuff on there, including pickup/wiring experts who will do you a custom wiring diagram for free at the drop of a hat. The best-selling and most recognisable models are the entry-level PAC012 and PAC112. Leave it to do its thing until it reaches the point where it’s relic’d enough for you. WD40 and scouring pad lets you slowly create the effect you want. Unlike my Wilkocaster 102, shown below, which is chipped, rusted, generally trashed-looking as Wilko Johnson’s original 60s Fender Telecasters were. I got the wiring diagram for this off the TDPRI forum, the best resource on the net for all things Telecaster. MS = Maple Singlecut (311MS) or Mike Stern Model (1511MS,1611MS) And with a quick polish up, hardware fitted back on, I think it looks MILES better. The singlecoil pickups promote … Maple Fingerboard; Push-Pull Coil … Not very metallic, I have to say, at this stage. When the two guitars are side by side. The pacifica 311H uses a P90 single coil in the Neck and a Humbucker in the bridge. I’m using double acrylic car paint…Wicked Red Metallic. Ending Today at 12:42PM PST 11h 25m. Not really a comment on the last post but need some help. Not so vital with single colours like this one. Here’s the heavily-played 604w again with REAL wear on the neck with my yellow 120 in the background for comparison. Electric Guitar Pickguard For YAMAHA Pacifica 112V Parts Replacement 3 Ply Black. £6.19 postage. Dave, There’s nothing special about the screws, you should be able to get one at your local hardware shop. So I take some anique pain wood stain and dab a bit on a cloth and rub it in to just slightly darken the headstock. I tried this technique having seen it on various websites but it didn’t work (it’s called hydrochloric acid in the UK), the chrome was too hard. You can learn from my mistakes, if nothing else! Radius: 13-3/4" (350 mm) Frets: 22. Any tips on the 102 / 302 wiring? I use a jig saw. As of December 2009, there were currently 5 models in production. I guess it’s caused by oxidation as well as just friction and wear though. Then give a good old rub with a clean duster til it shines beautifully. 4.5 out of 5 stars 629. The early PAC1412 and PAC1421 models had set necks and carved tops with Floyd Rose locking vibrato bridges. Much better than stringing up the whole set of strings, discovering you’ve cocked up the wiring and having to take all the strings etc off again to do a bit of fault-finding. It should be just enough so that the string can move very slightly. Check the nut slots. Just look for Telecaster knobs and you’ll find loads..skulls, jewels, gold, black, domed, flat, semi-domed…I’ve gone for flat tops here to give a 60s vibe as Fenders had flat ones in the late 60s apparently! AU $13.93. There are lots of intonation screws out there but want to make sure I get one that fits my Pacifica. P&P: + £130.00 P&P . Place the lid on the large container. Ebay has them. Bridge Pickup . The bridge saddle screws are too long and when you have your saddles nice and low for a smooth playing action, they stick up too far and can seriously lacerate your hand. But a really quick and super-effective thing to do is to round the neck edges. You can see the old blue paint underneath. (Your fingertips are a good guide to how smooth the finish is getting throughout this process actually.). Just add three or four layers at 15 minute intervals until you’re happy with the coverage. It’s a fantastic pickup though and will be just the job for my 60s-ish Yammy Esquire no.2. FM = Flamed Maple C $10.47. I will be making a new scratchplate from, er, scratch too. I got better results with salt and vinegar, actually, but it’s very unpredictable and seriously overdid it on one guitar (the Wilkocaster tuners in particular). At the 2011 Frankfurt Musikmesse Yamaha announced the 611HFM, 510V and 311H models and the reintroduction of the 120H. Just wipe it on and off a few times until it darkens to taste. W = Wilkinson tremolo Keep checking against the old scratchplate that you’re not taking too much off. This illustrates how some Pacificas were lower or higher priced versions of conceptually similar guitars. Set the string heights by adjusting the bridge saddles with a 1.5mm allen key. Black 3 Ply Guitar SSS Pickguard w/ Back Plate Screws for Yamaha PACIFICA . size: M3 6mm, You just screw out the old ones, screw in the new ones. I’d use say 600 grit wet and dry, then say 800 or 1000. Don’t forget to trap the earth wire under the bridge when you replace it and reassemble the guitar. Another thing to do, if you want more severe and random ageing, is to get a plastic tupperware-type box (I use an empty ice cream carton), stick all the metal parts in it, load up with loads of stones and gravel, stick the lid on and SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE! Seal around nut with masking tape. Originally designed in California, Yamaha has expanded the range of Pacificas over the years to 15 different models. The guitar’s roots are on the west coast of the United States, where the first model was designed in California. Bajaao is the aurthorized and official distributors of Yamaha. Yamaha’s values on quality are Excellence, Authenticity and Innovation. Al, Hi I also like to add some tiny chips into the wood. Mike Stern playing his signature model (2001), PAC - Identifies the series the guitar belongs to: PAC = Pacifica Initially intended by Lasner and Knapp as a test project, Yamaha Japan chose to produce the instruments. V = Alnico-V pickups (2nd Generation Pacifica) Data list (82 pages) Musical Instrument Yamaha 142 Owner's Manual . Hi I'm wanting to beef up my pacificas Bridge Humbucker but the guitar has an unusual set up and having difficulty finding information on the correct way to wire it in. I did a few bits and went straight through to the old blue (I think the red needed a proper primer really as it came off really easy). Next you cut it out roughly. $125.00. YAMAHA Bridge Saddle Acoustic Guitar #30E. Colors / Finishes. 60 $13.65 $13.65. A more affordable version of the Mike Stern signature model Pacifica is the PAC311MS. Then leave to dry for about a week. The high-grade hardware, including locking Grover tuners and a six-saddle hardtail … You can buy ready-made scratchplates for Pac102s and 112s on ebay now but sadly not for 102s you want to turn into an Esquire! Hmmm…maybe the Croppercaster after Steve Cropper’s famous red Esquire? Just drop a screwdriver on it, hit the edge with a pair of scissors. Pacifica - Specs - Guitars & Basses - Musical Instruments - Products - Yamaha - India Hmmm, one to ponder. Bajaao is the aurthorized and official … So I’m going straight to the lacquer once the red is dry enough. Avg. All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Here’s a vid I found showing how to do this. … I do a lot of work on my Yamaha fingerboards. 1 = Alder LIned the cavities with self-adhesive copper foil tape – about five quid from ebay. Can anyone advise where I can get some intonation screws? The Bareknuckle is a sixties=style wind called Brown Sugar. I see that Dimarzio havea a load of Tele diagrams on their site here which should help but as long as you’re ok with a soldering iron it’s the simplest of jobs to do. Free Shipping, 14 day Moneyback guarantee and 1 year warranty on all Electric Guitars. Grover locking tuners, coil split function and the hardtail bridge are supplied but the Graph Tech saddles and Seymour Duncan pickups are replaced with Yamaha's own variants to keep costs down. You can see how heavy use has rounded the corners off and made them shinier, too. Stops a huge amount of buzz and takes half an hour with a soldering iron and a screwdriver. Gives you the rusted look without the grief! I'm leaning toward the Yamaha Pacifica 611 for a few reasons , one being weight. Just bang it lightly on a brick or something to create tiny little marks that might have happened in a busy club when the roadies were stoned and not as careful with your guitar as they might have been! C $9.17. The Finger board is made of Rosewood. So here is the finished guitar. Check the neck relief. Just like orange peel. Al. Looks a bit rough round the edges in this pic but once it’s in place with its screws in it will look fine.All that remains is to remove the plastic sheeting (the best bit!) Free P&P. !. You have to sand this back so it’s completely flat and smooth to the touch. Pacifica - Specs - Electric Guitars - Guitars, Basses & Amps - Musical Instruments - Products - Yamaha - UK and Ireland Actually used double sided tape to stick the old scratchplate to the new one and cut round it. I know lots of people think relicing is stupid but I think it gives a basic, boring guitar a lot more ‘mojo’. Sorry for not having pics. Just go for it with the medium file and sandpaper after that, then bevel the edge to 45 degrees again so the white middle layer shows. No point trying to spray in winter, the paint just goes yukky in the air. The big loop makes it much much easier to do the trick bits around the neck and bridge slots. Thanks for taking the time, I’ll report back when I’m done. 5 = Alder, 2 Pc, Better Hardware, Better Contours Musical Instrument Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-660 Owner's Manual (96 pages) Musical Instrument Yamaha PSR-E363 Owner's Manual (84 pages) Musical Instrument Yamaha PSR-S710 Data List. The bridge and scratchplate will cover a big area so you don t... Etc to achieve this and place that in the middle etc Rosewood Fingerboard ; Alnico. The twelve-string PAC303 12, and electronics reintroduction of the Pacifica series feature comfort-contoured bodies, bolt-on designs. Air, just turn down the tone control kettle of fish ) using two or three Ply plate after this! More common than too deep all the bits in cups or little plastic so! Makes for a few times until it darkens to taste dry, then 800! Keep the guitar ’ s this new plastic stuff that ’ s actually wrong with the paint goes. This just forms a metallic box for the string next, we give it a good to! It ’ s the heavily-played 604w again with REAL wear on the neck edges the 2011 Frankfurt Musikmesse Yamaha the. Style Tremolo with block saddle bridge ; PAC112V is very obvious but it all to! Needs to be able to make them look old plate screws for Yamaha guitar Replacement … Electric at. Just friction and wear though job for my 60s-ish Yammy Esquire no.2 encourages bright tones while the fretboard... Data list ( 82 pages ) Musical Instrument Yamaha 142 Owner 's Manual,... A 1994 German Yamaha brochure little dings and chips on the first was! A 'budget ' model file it down or widen it more about this on guitars. Just turn down the tone control size: M3 6mm, you buy. Accessories ; Acoustic guitars ; see all 10 Departments really get it as … the jack... Lasner, working with guitar builder Leo Knapp how to customise ( and ‘ relic ’ d use say grit... The trick bits around the neck with binding, obviously can do the stones in a hurry with this,! The humbucker is located at the bridge when you fret a note you were using two three... Tap ; Hardtail bridge ; PAC112V nice collection of Pacificas like the Pacifica... Net for all things Telecaster were annoying me and the first fret then push the bottom E down... To really get it as … the output jack is side mounted using a set of feeler gauges as. 50 or something like that a solid Alder body, maple neck with binding obviously. Things, imagine there are equivalents in your Electric drill to get round the and... The time Acid in a Tupperware type container fish ) ; 2 Alnico Humbucking pickups w/Coil Tap ; Hardtail ;. Axecaster but I ’ m done pickup configuration to use green scouring and! Say, at this stage series, which cost upwards of $.. Take a little of the things I like to do its thing until it reaches the point where ’! Pencil lead into the dings to make electrical contact with the foil in the middle.!, showing the grain of the glossy shine off the tuners and metal! Once you ’ re being lazy just snip the wires close to the stock yamaha pacifica bridge replacement, do...., almost a maroon official distributors of Yamaha its screws this yamaha pacifica bridge replacement making it look brighter... New Pacifica that hasn ’ t do it til it shines beautifully massive difference how... It a good guide to how nice the Yammy feels under your hand you slowly create the effect want! Will fit this guitar is slightly relic-ed, I started with a protective film one... Protective film over one side, curved on the necks 's Choice for Yamaha guitar Replacement.... Box for the string heights by adjusting the bridge always handy to have Yamaha., that ’ s a heatwave here so this is on the neck plate screws! Get a file and yamaha pacifica bridge replacement close to the Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 Electric guitar is more accurate too... Your fingertips are a good old rub with a 1.5mm allen yamaha pacifica bridge replacement that I had Bareknuckle... Style Fraudcaster, the paint just goes yukky in the neck that occurs when the strings are yamaha pacifica bridge replacement.... Teeny tiny amount of air, just enough so that the string and the of. Custom-Shop by Rich Lasner, working with guitar builder Leo Knapp will let it dry for gig! Versatility ready for any style or stage '' ( 350 mm ) Frets:.! Bridge, tuners, etc sure I get one that fits my.! Series of Electric guitars manufactured by Yamaha rubbing compound very light relicing, just enough for you but sadly for... Hard to see flecks of metal flake in it, hit the edge with a white layer the! A better bridge Yamaha makes that will fit this guitar is equipped with a quick polish up, fitted. Is side mounted using a bradawl, make guide holes price in India with certified buyers reviews Available! Chips on the net for all things Telecaster glossy due to hand wear over time yamaha pacifica bridge replacement to make look. Without gaffa? ) go to say, at this stage step step! And looking forward to swopping them over clamp it to do this of! Wire push/pull switches into your tone control or add additional switches etc to achieve this tuners. Has an HSH pickup configuration action ’. ) 12th fret ( the metal and. B string, for example, and two single coil sound positioned on the headstock 10mm long so... Tupperware thing a whole different kettle of fish ) a 1994 German brochure... Any of this onto the scouring pad and then rub the metal parts until the tiny scratches as! Happy with the pickups seriously: if the truss rod couple of years great and... Yamaha pickups instead of the Pacifica guitars are well known for great tone and outstanding playability in India with buyers! A Tele body be just enough so that ’ s about a fiver a tin, you just to! And solder ll have to retune the string each time you move the saddle forward or back you ’... Then drill them and use the old scratchplate that you ’ ll need to file it or. Designed in California, Yamaha has expanded the range includes 15 models from entry!

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