Hi, I bought a Marshall DSL40CR a year ago. Buy a ClassicTone Transformer, nice price and built like a vintage transformer with great customer service. I re tubed the entire amp. I love the amp other than the reliability issues. Am I not going to meet the company that produced the defective copy of the product? Sounds glorious to me. I tried to use different cables, different guitars, different power plugs in different houses, and finally a power conditioner that belongs to a friend of mine, but none seem to make the noise go away. Did you get a diagnosis saying it wasn't just a tube problem? Your description exactly matches this common problem with tube amps that people have been experiencing for decades. I can not send the amplifier back due to the rules of the customs of Russia. Send to the service center - too. Questions; I purchased this Marshall DSL40CR amplifier from Long & McQuade in Montreal, QC, Canada in April 2018. Mine has been perfect, build date is 12/17. By continuing we assume that you're ok for us to store cookies on your device. Once you start adding more the boards more problems can occur unfortunately, try the C less issues and kicks ass. I had it at my amp tech twice and it still shuts down once it while. I ask technical support to help me solve the noise problem in the new amplifier. Even non-musicians recognize the white script logo against a black background and associate it with loud, powerful guitar sounds. Discussion in 'Marshall Amps' started by EnterOblivion, Jun 19, 2018. I would have definitely tried that out if I were confident with tube swapping and biasing them. I use it weekly at my church and the performance has been outstanding. ). (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Sure, I don’t expect it to last as long as my 1976 Deluxe Reverb, but I’m impressed nonetheless. You dont hear this about any other amp. Also the warranty of the store was so complex, even they themselves preferred to exchange the amp for another one, rather than sending it for a repair. I also didn't want to void my warranty with opening the amp up myself. I say “for loud gigs” because the amplifier really shines at 40 Watts of power. Second one was and still is fine. I broke down and ordered a new DSL40C, hope I don't regret it later. I sent it back and Marshall replaced with a new amp. The Marshall DSL40CR is the latest in a long line of DSL (Dual Super Lead) amps, which began back in the 1990s with the JCM2000 series. Marshall warrants thier tubes for 3 months from the day you purchased the amp, meaning the retailer has to, by law, provide that warranty. I just need a circuit, a scheme,  specifically for this model of amplifier, and that’s all. The real bummer is it's non transferable. Could be something to the batch of bad tubes theory. Earlier this year I sold my Boogie Rectoverb 25 combo and got the new 2018 Marshall DSL40CR, dyin for that classic Marshall tone. On your post it states you have solved the issue you had, we cannot allow unauthorised amp repair information on our page incase unqualified users try this themselves, if you would like more information and to put over techincal information please contact servicedesk@marshall.com and we will be happy to help. Marshall also warrants the amp for one year meaning they will fix or replace it if faulty or if a failed tube took out components. http://www.marshallforum.com/forums/the-workbench.12/, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. When I get a new amp I punish it, I try to make it fail right away. We would recommend that you have your amplifier looked at by an engineer as there may be a fault within the software. If you didn’t try new power tubes then that is likely the issue based on your description of the problem. I'm afraid it was a bit more complicated than just the tubes. That helps me build up my confidence to go for another one of the same model. Thanks for the suggestions. Except for the resonance knob that when turned all the way up, you could hear more of the crackling and popping noise. Wish they'd have went the other way and fattened up the lead to better match the fat clean and crunch of the 40c. I do not require much. Your description exactly matches this common problem with tube amps that people have been experiencing for decades. My 2525 head is only about 4 months old but the tube in V1 failed last week. Theres just too many horrorr stories about these amps, more than any other based on what I have seen. I purchased this Marshall DSL40CR amplifier from Long & McQuade in Montreal, QC, Canada in April 2018. Only a verbal hypothesis from store staff, that the problem might be running deeper than the tubes, based on the number of reported issues of the same amp model. Meaning, if you bought used, they screw you. Hate to knock Marshall but that's what happened. ). I was not entirely sure where the noise is coming from but none of the knobs on the amp seem to affect the noise. The main difference is the power rating. Unfortunately most of these new amps are built like consumer electronics (not really serviceable, almost disposable). Good luck. I also have the DSL5CR, which I use for home practice and it has been flawless as well. I agree. As a consumer in the modern world, you just have to buy from a dealer with an ironclad return policy to cover yourself. Accepts commands and switches one time, then doesn't the next time, etc. At this point I think what would help determine the cause is for the owners of these amps to identify their amp's month/year of production. But when I switch it to the high power mode, without changing any settings on the amp or the guitar, the volume decreases. I for one got soooo fed up with my so called mint DSL 40C that I actually gave it away to a friend...seriously. ... Forum post created by Joe Graziano: DSL40CR MIDI Switching problems. Someone with a DSL100HR also had the same issue. They seem to be hit and miss. I can not send the amplifier back due to the rules of the customs of Russia. This incidents gonna hurt their reputation....and sales for sure. When I put the amp in the low power mode, I think it sounds normal. As soon as I brought it home I noticed that the amp makes a weird crackling and popping noise, which I didn't hear in the store because it was very loud in there. It seems like if you get a good one out of the box you may be fine, but the chances of getting something defective are higher. I bought the dsl100 head in April, manufacture date is 11/17. © 1997-2020 Marshall Amplification PLC. Also the noise could be heard more on the Low watt mode than the High watt. This is an irreversible process. I have a Nov 2017 build, and have had this problem from the beginning...tried to work around it and it is now becoming unusable for me. Discussion in 'Marshall Amps' started by EnterOblivion, Jun 19, 2018. This article is my in-depth review of the Marshall DSL40CR amplifier. "Unqualified users" - will not repair. All selected merge tags will be merged into when you save your changes. I just purchased the dsl40cr and I think it is acting strange. I will never own another one and that’s for sure... How do explain those of us that have one and no issues then? Just do a google search it will come up. I've seen others complaining of this on other forums. They seemed to have neutered the bass out of clean and crunch on the new one...probably to better balance with the thinner sounding lead 1&2. Marshall getting a bad batch of tubes is not an unreasonable explanation, and the simplest explanations tend to be the correct ones. DSL40. With rich functionality including the ability to move between two sounds within each gain channel, players can experiment and release their personality through sound.

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