officials next instructed Watson’s playing partners, Lee Trevino and Bobby Nichols, to take shelter in the clubhouse. Lv 4. Both players complained of a great deal of pain. Trevino and many of the other pros who played in the U.S. Open felt that Butler National was every bit as difficult as Medinah. Jacklin’s 8-iron was ripped from his grip on his follow-through and the club was launched 30 feet down the fairway. During one tournament, Tony Jacklin, paired with Trevino, said: "Lee, I don't want to talk today." A bolt of lightning suddenly hit Teal Lake and the charge was conducted across the surface of the lake and traveled through the ground to the clubs in Trevino’s  bag and the putter leaning against Heard. Trevino and Nichols were listed in excellent condition on Sunday while Heard was discharged Saturday evening. He finished nine strokes behind Lou Graham and John Mahaffey who settled the matter in a Monday 18-hole playoff which Graham won. When his uncle gave him an old club and some used balls, he started teaching himself to play. Uncorked, The Life and Times of Champagne Tony Lema. Being one of the most careful pros on the Tour when it came to lightning, Watson invoked the “lightning rule” and took shelter in the clubhouse, much to the dismay and embarrassment of U.S.G.A. “I was immediately aware of a burning taste in my mouth,” Jacklin told Golf Digest writer Guy Yocum years later. Lee Trevino and Lightning. Jerry Heard shot a 69 in the first round playing alongside Trevino who shot a 73. He took a job on a golf course as a caddy and a greens keeper, which gave him the opportunity to practice and refine his skills. Bobby Nichols was “in the room” when Trevino made his remark about God and the 1-iron and he was also hit by lightning the next week along with Trevino and Heard. Both players spent the night in the hospital in the intensive care unit before being transferred to private rooms on Saturday. Lee Trevino has told the story of the very first time he was paired with Jack Nicklaus during a tournament. Lee Trevino went on to win nine more titles on the PGA Tour as well as 29 titles on the Champion’s Tour. Trevino was having none of it. Sure, Lee Trevino won six major championships and earned a reputation as one of the greatest shotmakers in golf history. lightning rule was warranted so they walked out to the tee to check the weather conditions. “Don’t worry about it,” Trevino told the officials. To their sur¬ prise, he usually won. The abysmal weather continued for the rest of Friday and Saturday causing a delay in the second round. During his career, he donated much of his earnings to charitable organizations. Trevino leaned up against his golf bag and his young caddy, Ned Garmoe, was nearby. Trevino and Heard huddled together under an umbrella to wait out the storm. Even so, it was close to 5:30 before Nichols was transported to the hospital. Tom Watson knew things did not look good as he stood on the first tee shortly after 1 pm to tee off in the second round of the U.S. Open at Medinah Country Club outside of Chicago. 0 0. They teed off at 8:48 with Mike Fetchick as the third player in the group. Sports, Golf, Iron. He didn’t like the response he received so he informed the officials that he was staying out on the tee with the fans—he would entertain them during the delay in play. They wanted to make sure that the U.S.G.A. Trevino soon joined the professional golfing tour, and before long, he became a major contender. He won $8,267 while Hale Irwin won $40,000 and the championship with a score of 282. The quote became one of Trevino’s trademark quotes from a player known for his many humorous quips. The second round would be played on Sunday with the third and fourth round being played on Monday. He told Red Harbour, a club official, he felt strange and didn’t have his equilibrium. The home was adjacent to a golf course, and as a boy, Trevino collected stray balls and sold them to golfers for pocket change. Dickson departed for the safety of the clubhouse. Heard had his putter resting on his mid-section. This is a man, after all, who tossed a rubber snake at Jack Nicklaus on the first tee – before their 18-hole playoff for the 1971 U.S. Open!. He then sought out Tom Watson and apologized for questioning his invocation of the rule. Trevino liked to talk to his playing partners - or anybody - during rounds, joking, laughing, chatting throughout. OAK BROOK, Ill., June 27 AB)—Lee Trevino and two other golfers were struck by a lightning bolt and hospitalized today during the second round of the $200,000 Western open golf tournament. The weather did not cooperate for the second round as a ferocious thunderstorm rolled through in the afternoon of Friday the 13th. Trevino left school after the seventh grade to work and help support his family. He became a crowd favorite for his wisecracking yet friendly demeanor. - Lee Trevino quotes from "If you are caught on a golf course during a storm and are afraid of lightning, hold up a 1-iron. He then settled in El Paso, Texas, where he became a country club pro, giving lessons to members. The Tour moved down the street from Medinah to Butler National Golf Club in Oak Brook, Illinois, for the Western Open. For fourteen of those years, he had a streak of at least one major tournament victory every year. Even God can’t hit a 1-iron.” The fans ate it up and laughed along with Trevino and the U.S.G.A. Sign in. 5 years ago. Minutes later the sky started to dump rain with the city of Chicago recording two and half inches in a short amount of time. For the next eighteen years, Trevino was one of the most dominating players on the tour, with earnings of more than three million dol¬ lars. As a result of the accident, Trevino suffered from severe back pain that plagued him throughout the rest of his career.Trevino never forgot his hard times growing up. He also won the British Open twice and the Canadian Open three times. He won the U.S. Open again in 1971. Golf legend Lee Trevino talks about having an out of body experience after being struck by lightning. After he won his first U.S. Open golf cham¬ pionship, Lee Trevino joked that he would use his prize money to “buy the Alamo and give it back to Mexico.” One of the greatest and most personable players in golf history, Lee Trevino helped break down the racial and class barriers that had long made golf an exclusive game for wealthy white people. Order an autographed and personalized edition HERE. How do you think about the answers? Nobody was sure if Trevino was kidding but he flipped over and complained of pain in his left shoulder.”, “Trevino was saying he felt like he died,” his caddy Garmoe said. Trevino grabbed the rubbery object and playfully tossed it at Nicklaus, getting a scream from a nearby woman and a hearty laugh from Nicklaus. Heard was in the field when play resumed on Sunday and after Monday’s 36-hole final round was completed, he had managed a tie for third place at 288. He noticed the gathering storm … His fans, nicknamed “Lee’s Fleas,” called him “Super Mex.”. It was hot and muggy with numerous violent thunderstorms and even at least one tornado hit just 10 miles from Medinah the Wednesday before the Open began. Both men had removed their shoes because of the hazard of the metal spikes on the sole that would conduct an electrical charge. He had an exit mark on his back and muscle rigidity for some time in his upper back.”. Trevino, Heard and Dickson had just finished putting on the 13th green at 4:04 pm when a large clap of thunder and a bolt of lightning cause a cessation to play. Both players were knocked from their feet and suffered burns, Trevino to his back and Heard to his mid-section where his putter had been leaning. They all survived, but not without sustaining injury. Trevino fell to ground, rolled over a couple of times and exclaimed, “I’ve been hit!”, According to the eyewitness account of Ann Grassel of Libertyville, Illinois, “The lightning hit and must have come right up his clubs. Presented by Tour Backspin. You can sign in to vote the answer. He spent a few years in the U.S. Marines, where he continued to improve his golf game. Share Lee Trevino quotations about golf, sports and winning. They lived in a shack that had no electricity or running water. Born near Dallas, Texas, Trevino grew up in poverty. Tony Jacklin, Bobby Nichols and Bob Dickson started their round at 1:02 teeing off on the 10th tee and were playing the 4th hole, around 4:00 pm, when a bolt of lightning hit near them. The weather during the first round was hot and muggy and although thunderstorms threatened, they never materialized. But the “Merry Mex” became nearly as famous for his jocular on-course personality. After opening with a 72 in the first round and a 69 in the second round, Trevino found himself tied for fourth before fading to a tie for 29th place. Nicklaus was well aware of Trevino's reputation for constant chatter. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck near the course and P.J. SandraLee. Trevino, Heard and Fetchick teed off at 1:18 and as they reached the back nine the weather was threatening with darkening skies and thunderheads. All the leaders played in the morning as the afternoon starters had to play through the worst of the hot and humid conditions. 54 Copy quote. Except for removing their shoes, the guidelines we now adhere to when it comes to avoiding lightning were almost universally violated on this afternoon; the players sought refuge under a tall object, near water and had metal that would attract a charge in the form of the umbrellas with its metal shaft and ribs and the golf clubs in their bags.

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