This presser foot is useful for darning and freemotion machine quilting. Here is our beginner guide to Free Motion Quilting with a Ruler. These are different standard quilting measurements which will make matching your seams a breeze. If you are a beginner quilter wanting to make your own quilts, the first step is to study how to properly use a quilting presser foot. If you use a walking foot when sewing on quilt binding (or mini-quilt binding), it will keep the top layer of the binding from shifting ahead of the bottom layer, which causes puckers and wonky binding. The ruler foot is designed to enable quilters using a domestic/home sewing machine to quilt with rulers and templates to create designs usually reserved for longarm machines. How to Use the Quilting Foot and 1/4 Quilting Foot with Guide The beauty of these feet is the large number of marking around the edge of the foot. (Opening new window.) Video instructions for Quilting Foot. * This movie is being streamed from YouTube. Now, if there’s a quilting guide with your walking foot, this is what you do: To attach it, simply let it fall into the slot (at the back) and move it left or right to set the desired width (NOTE: the widest it will go is about a little over an Inch & a Quarter, or 3.5cm). Check out our full collection of Free Motion Tools HERE.. Sewing straps with a walking foot. Click on the image to play the video instructions. 3. Easy fix.

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