The service was terrible due to a lack of staff. When it cam e to dinner it was still a bit warm outside, so we moved inside to eat. itemModalClick("ea575fb0-0034-4934-8b13-0f7c9d67f5b8","ab5ad902-00ea-4cc6-ae77-efb54cd1ad76",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); }' class="clickable-anchor">, { }' class="clickable-anchor">, { attention of the waiter to ask for our bill. modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); itemModalClick("ea575fb0-0034-4934-8b13-0f7c9d67f5b8","1c04b0ff-66f2-40e9-9125-3b0913201235",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); itemModalClick("4d0c25ac-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011","5c4e9834-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show");

modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); }' class="clickable-anchor">, { Sitting 20 minutes, had to get the menu myself.

modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); He also asked if the coffee belong to us and we said no, so he quickly removed it, set up the table and brought the drinks. modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); }' class="clickable-anchor">, { modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); We will only eat there again, if we find other options are not available, which again says it all, really..More, Dear Mrs. Crowe,

There are lots of fabulous restaurants in Girona so it’s best to venture out. }' class="clickable-anchor">, { The waiter that took our order forgot we existed, even though there were 3 waiters around at all times including him in a not very busy terrace, sometimes talking to each other and not looking particularly busy. I could understand if 20 loud guys turned up but it was quite the opposite. Makes no sense to conduct business like that in a restaurant of this supposed category. Not to recommendMore, Dear user TimP221281,

Again, none of the food was outstanding.

Indigo Restaurant & Lounge, Girona: See 171 unbiased reviews of Indigo Restaurant & Lounge, rated 4 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #110 of 513 restaurants in Girona. itemModalClick("ea575fb0-0034-4934-8b13-0f7c9d67f5b8","f4c7cec8-f82f-4675-839f-9b51aa384757",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); }' class="clickable-anchor">, { Service was friendly and apologetic when there was a delay taking our order. }' class="clickable-anchor">, {
I had the lunch set on a Saturday and the food is so yum. After 5 minutes of explaining how I had come in earlier they decided to try and pull together tables to seat us.
There are lots of fabulous restaurants in Girona so it’s best to venture out. On our first visit it was nothing short of perfect. EGP, {{toFixedPriceFloored(70)}} Then, 15 min later, they hadn't set up the tableware, or removed the dirty coffee cup from the previous customer or brought us the drinks. Our staff will continue with PPE. }' class="clickable-anchor">, { Get quick answers from Indigo Restaurant & Lounge staff and past visitors. modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); {{ modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); }' class="clickable-anchor">, { Just as he was doing that, the waiter that took our order appeared with the food. No gloves will be worn by staff but available for guests should they wish. We had ordered the chicken fingers which were burnt and they were definitely dry. itemModalClick("4d0c29fc-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011","5c4eebe7-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); EGP, {{toFixedPriceFloored(25)}} Lighting is poor, especially in the evening, and so difficult to see what you were eating, which is a big no-no for me. Get quick answers from Indigo Restaurant & Lounge staff and past visitors. itemModalClick("4d0c449c-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011","6e517b94-a3a7-11e8-b2ca-0242ac110002",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); I had the lunch set on a Saturday and the food is so yum. }' class="clickable-anchor">, { }' class="clickable-anchor">, { itemModalClick("4d0c4991-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011","5c50318f-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); I acknowledge that it was 10 or 15 min to kitchen closing time, so we are glad...they were willing to take us for lunch. itemModalClick("ea575fb0-0034-4934-8b13-0f7c9d67f5b8","8dbe6f9e-59d1-4526-beeb-36c66cb1a04b",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); In these challenging times we will be very grateful if you can tell us that you would like to dine with as much notice as possible – if you have not made a reservation then please call us to check we have availability. itemModalClick("4d0c4cbe-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011","5c504986-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); This was not met with smiles but annoyance.

modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); Half an hour later we ended up paying at the bar. itemModalClick("4d0c1ef7-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011","5c4e40ad-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011",true, true,"", "", "", "",false);

Thank goodness that a different waiter (a young guy of colour) was much more attentive and came to ask very politely 'if we were waiting for something'. }' class="clickable-anchor">, { modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); itemModalClick("4d0c214c-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011","5c4e4786-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011",true, true,"", "", "", "",false);

modalToggler("item-view-modal", "show"); Excellent and fast service, very good food. itemModalClick("636d8ce1-a3a7-11e8-b2ca-0242ac110002","7efb47f8-a3a7-11e8-b2ca-0242ac110002",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); That was true both for the cannelloni and the chicken croquettes. The lamb tanging was really nice and the chaser salad was also good.

itemModalClick("4d0c17b9-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011","5c4e1f9f-2224-11e8-924e-0242ac110011",true, true,"", "", "", "",false); 100 euro for 4 including wine was fantastic value and it was probably best meal we had in GironaMore, We ate at this restaurant just because we parked at the hotel. Somewhat disorganised in service, greetings and indeed, almost everything. So far, we have not eaten there again.

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