Pillboxes: Creative Ideas for School Counseling. We’ve all got some pretty great training and degrees under our belts, but laughter is sometimes still the best medicine. The Story of My Feelings by Laurie Berkner, listen to music CD. I created an RTI progress monitoring freebie and have had people ask exactly how I use it. Stick around! A school counselor helps you solve problems by assisting you with deciding what the problem is and what you can do about. It will release on October 1, 2019. Learn how to be a more Creative Therapist with the Book that started it all! Learn how to do play therapy or enhance your skills. Reminders for Skill Generalization and Carryover. LIterature choices depending on what you have and the grade level: This week has flown by; I have been busy prepping for my school year and getting schedules together for my students. I have about 300 students now. Thanks for your interest! You can accomplish the same idea with a pillbox! The game didn’t stick for me, however the calling cards were perfect for helping my Kindergarten friends learn about what a school counselor does. Meet the counselor BB is SUCH an engaging idea … CLICK HERE to check it out! Paper Book (taped to hand): Your School Counselor may read stories to you in class. School counselors are experts on topics such as student engagement, positive discipline, suicide/self-harm, students-as-leaders, peer mentoring programs, and academic/social interventions for low-performing students. For any other type of mental health emergency call your local 911 / Police Number immediately. The rural life is so different from the 1,500 middle school students or the 800 elementary students I have had in the past, but I love it! And, they're a very visual way for principals to communicate key messages about their school's culture and climate in family-friendly ways. School counselors serve as leaders in many ways and we need to value their perspectives and strengths. Me too. Learn more about how school counselors can connect with families virtually. Love Mrs. I also have the world's greatest principal (no lie) at my school! Paper Phone (taped to other hand): Your School Counselor may talk with your parents/teachers on how to help you be the best you can be. Administrators who use their counseling staff (rather than outside contractors) to lead building-wide trainings can save a lot of money and gain quicker buy-in from staff. Thanks for another great post. Every week that kiddos come in for small group counseling, their first question is “What are we going to do today?!”. Let’s make sure we recognize all they do and put their strengths to work for our students! For students like that, work with them on creating some specific behaviors or traits they want to focus on. They work in a school setting where their job description entails offering students social, emotional, and educational support. The I also include slides that tell them what we’ll be studying throughout the year, confidentiality, etc. Click the link below for more information: Get a year's worth of school counselor's guidance lessons, character education words, and social stories! Before that I was a school teacher. is great, but I’ve also been loving some finds at the dollar store. Make distance learning and counseling exciting for your students with these Virtual Counseling Rooms. I don’t usually have tangible prizes for this game. The closing and the “click” gives students the tactile and visual response of the token board but with less prep. Alternative behavior plans, kindness missions, helpful thoughts, group activity, mystery reinforcers, daily jokes. In performing their duties, school counselors develop and implement school counselling programs that enhance students’ success. “Remember to use your snake breath today before guided reading group!”, “I know you can control your voice today!”, “Ask 1 classmate a question about their favorite TV show to practice starting a conversation with someone.”.

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