The most common use of the diminished 7 chord in jazz is to replace the vi chord in the I, vi, ii, V chord progression with the bii dim7 chord. But some authors also use the “dim” notation: Cdim. If you construct a diminished chord from its parallel major scale (ex: C dim from the C major scale), you would use the following pattern. A G7 chord contains the following notes: G, B, D, F. In music, the main use of the diminished chord is to act as a transitional chord for changing between keys in songs. 1) Use a diminished 7 chord as a transition to any 2-chord. Each note in the diminished 7th chord can be used as a leading note to a key change. The upper structure of that chord (C♯-E-G) happens to be a C# diminished triad, ao instead of playing A7, try playing a C#dim triad or a C#dim7 chord for a more complex sound. For instance, in the key of D major, the V chord is A7, with the notes A-C♯-E-G. Minor 3rds are notes with 3 half steps above their root, and a diminished 5th, which helps derive the name of diminished chords, is a note with 6 half steps above the root. You can substitute a diminished chord for the V chord by using a dominant function. Using the substitute, the progression is CMaj7, C#dim7, Dm7, and G7. For example, the I, vi, ii, V chord progression in the key of C is CMaj7, Am7, Dm7, and G7. Diminished chords are simply a type of chord used in songwriting that consists of a coupling of a minor 3rd note with a diminished 5th note. an A flat diminished scale over a G7 chord). The diminished scale is one of the most useful and versatile tools for jazz improvisers. In this post, I want to talk about different ways to use the diminished seventh chord in real-life situations. Diminished Chord Formula: 1-♭3-♭5 If you want a plain diminished chord, all you have to do is remove the VI note, or learn a movable pattern (just like any other chord… The most used symbol for the diminished chord is a little circle above the letter of the chord: C°. The diminished seventh chord can come across as scary (and it certainly has its place in horror flicks) but there are actually quite a few usages for it.. To use a diminished scale over a seventh chord, the diminished scale with a root one semitone higher than the root of the seventh chord is used (e.g. Let me show you an example of how this works by using the Cdim7 chord as an illustration.

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