It didn't. The NDP prevents progressive resolutions from reaching the floor for a vote. Granted, the NDP also doesn't have a coherent leftwing foreign policy but that doesn't make Paul to their left. But, the others had the opportunity to sign up members too. Don't quite know what happened but sorry for my error. If "stay the course" is the response to a Lascaris victory, the NDP will lose most if not all Left voters, and most likely begin to lose what little union support it still gets. It will be a lot easier to take over the Greens because it has already begun regardless of who becomes leader this time. That has historically been a huge issue for the NDP. in a strategic way if the said voter decides it is. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? If the NDP were going to take a hard left they would have done it already. Eventually I could figure out if the new membership tipped the balance allowing Singh to win on the first ballot but the math would hurt my head so I am going to skip it. i say this because political parties are not democratic. I also argued that people aren't going to give up capitalism as we know it. GDP is the gross total income and NDP is the net domestic product GDP measures the strength of a country’s domestic economy. ..we have to be looking at the big stuff. He is saying that NDP caucus and members don't trust the government but he intends to support the government anyway, so whip the votes. an alternative that matches the crisis. “They’re ragging the puck,” he said, a hockey expression meaning when a player controls the puck to kill off time but doesn’t try to score. I was hopeful that the NDP was turning a corner with the election of Singh. She was the first in fundraising which makes her the frontrunner but wasn't Mackay the frontrunner and the executive pick for the Conservatives? 3. Social democrats are solidly anchored by their values and they don't flippantly say that they will vote for the NDP if they have a chance of winning. Yes, but there is a risk of getting nothing by going for an election, unless you believe in the Italian model of perpetual short-term periods between elections in minority governments, because with five federal parties holding seats this is likely to occur fairly often. The NDP is a status quo party promoting tweaks. I think the left has a much better chance at taking over the Green party than taking over the NDP. You do have some genuinely progressive ideals but you think that the Liberal Party is a legitimate solution for what you want and expect from the government. (I got things wrong too but that confession is for another post). I agree that the Green party might be a better party for a democratic grassroots movement to move to the left but Paul doesn't represent any of that. Now they are second best but extremely close to Lascaris. "What is the NDP offering the left and environmentalists now that the Greens are no longer a right wing party?". The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. I have a feeling this is going to be a thing. Assuming for the moment that neither Haddad nor Lascaris wins. As a result NDP is $2 million less than GDP. I suspect that is because they have many racist Acadian "Metis" supporters in Quebec and Nova Scotia given that they ran at least two candidates who self identify as such. I can't help but think if Lascaris managed to convert me converting environmentalists and leftists shouldn't be too much of a challenge. Here is her policy That is, people who feel so strongly about the environment that they vote Green plus the 15K new members. In my defence I have only known the party since Jack Layton orange wave days. Paul and West are wishy washy but the rest all support sanctions. they sent bus loads of cops in training to break up a caimaw (union) strike. She supports pharmacare and basic income, same as the NDP. The justices didn’t define moderate livelihood, however, and the parties haven’t agreed on what it means. I am a bit concerned that Paul looks left enough to soak up votes that might be scared off by Lascaris' far left positions. I believe that the government has a central and powerful role and responsibility towards looking after the most vulnerable in society. In what way is the NDP farther left than Paul? In which case a lot of this is moot. What case would YOU make for continued Left support of the NDP in that scenario?

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