), A new percussion cap would then be placed on the tube (what today would be called a nipple), and the gun was then loaded and ready to fire. Professional gamblers, and others who carried regularly, often would fire and reload daily, to decrease the chance of a misfire upon needing to use a Philadelphia Deringer. [15] They are four-barrel, single-action pepperbox derringers with a revolving firing pin. There are a few guns out there that a lot of people call a “derringer” even though they don’t technically meet the accepted definition, or aren’t quite a normal derringer. With the advent of metallic cartridges, pistols produced in the modern form are still commonly called "derringers". And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. ? Like most (all) derringers, the trigger is stiff, and the hammer is hard to pull back so make sure you have the hand strength to handle that and don’t expect to be hitting anything further than 10 yards or so reliably, but for a “bad breath distance” gun it’s definitely worth considering. Courtesy W. P. Hallstein III and son Chip.41-caliber spur-trigger single-shot pocket pistol, with pivoted 2.5" or 4" octagonal barrel marked "Southerner". The .41 Short bullet moved very slowly, at about 425 feet per second (130 m/s), around half the speed of a modern .45 ACP. These derringers, called the DS22 and DA38, are still made and are popular concealed carry handguns. We offer a full showcase of grips, including our (The half-cock notch prevented the hammer from falling if the trigger were bumped accidentally while carrying the handgun in one's coat pocket.) Copyright © 2020 Pew Pew Media, Inc. All rights reserved. The COP 357 is a four-barrel, hammer-less, double-action, .357 Magnum derringer with the barrels stacked in a 2 × 2 block. The classic Remington design remains popular with the advent of smaller, higher-powered smokeless powder cartridges. Well, the American Derringer Model M-4 Alaskan may be exactly what you need. [3], Initially popular with military officers, the Deringer became widely popular among civilians who wished to own a small and easily concealable pistol for self-defense. Let's set the record straight once and for all, the 45 Colt & 45 Long Colt are the same exact round of ammunition. The company was founded by Robert A. Saunders and Elizabeth Saunders in 1980 and makes a variety of derringers and small pocket pistols. Pistols of the World. Since there’s no striker trigger, you never have to worry about the potential for accidental discharge. Then again, they can be surprisingly fun at the range as well, and will certainly stand out from all the black rifles and polymer pistols that will be taking up the lanes all around you. DoubleTap derringers are modern, hammer-less, double-action, double-barreled, large caliber derringers designed for personal protection and introduced by DoubleTap Defense in 2012. Bond Arms is a name you’ll hear a lot when looking at derringers, and with good reason: they’re basically the industry standard, and to my knowledge one of very few manufacturers that put serious effort into derringers these days. Capitalism happened, and the name of the copy stuck. The Snake Slayer is Bond Arms’ most popular model, and comes with a 3.5” barrel, and is available chambered in either .357 Mag/.38 Special, or .45 LC/.410. Seriously, .45-70 Govt in a derringer that only weighs about a pound? I had that gun. You do not pay anything extra and your purchase helps support my work in bringing you more awesome gun and gear articles. from .22 to .45-70/.410, and in every imaginable style. This thing has a 4.1” barrel chambered in .410/.45LC, which is pretty standard for derringers like this. And had it at age 15. We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. The Semmerling LM4 is a five-shot, .45 ACP manual repeating double-action pistol designed as a backup gun. American Derringer also makes a small semi-automatic pistol called the LM5, chambered for .25ACP and .32 Auto. American Derringer Corporation is an American manufacturer of firearms, based in Waco, Texas. This is the ultimate contact distance gun for surviving a bear attack and I think as a backup to either a 12 gauge, big-bore rifle, or a hefty revolver in something like .454 Casul, this is a neat thing to have. since we are always adding new exciting products and special tackle box gun is where derringers really shine anyway, places where you need something small and light to tuck out of the way, so something like the Snake Slayer really makes sense in that respect. Then, to fire the handgun, a user would fully cock the hammer, aim, and squeeze the trigger. There were four models with several variati… [4], The ancestor to the derringer of the Old West was the boxlock overcoat pistol used by travellers from the late 18th century onwards as protection from highwaymen. This gives you the option of the big .45LC throwing serious bullets around, and also the versatility of the .410 which gives you a wide variety of options for what you can do with the gun. For your convenience, all of our accessories can be Original Deringers are almost never found still in their matched pairs today. These served as the forerunner to the Old West gambler's over-and-under derringer, and also to the pepperbox revolver with the addition of a ratchet to mechanically rotate the barrels. Be sure to accessorize with American Derringer, These things are wildly popular there, and I can only imagine it’s because they are positively tame when shooting soft-recoiling cowboy action loads. Had a American derringer Alaskan survival model 4 if memory serves me. When Henry Deringer developed the original Philadelphia derringer gun in 1852, little did he know it would soon become an icon in American history. to Danbury Mint. Originally made as flintlocks, later versions used cap and ball ignition and sometimes featured a turn-off barrel for faster reloading. American Derringer 357 Mag Derringer . Texas and Federal law. It DID feel like a bomb but I shot it three times. (A typical price was $15 to $25 for a pair, with silver-inlaid and engraved models selling at higher prices.) [6] In the Old West, derringers were commonly known as vest pocket pistols, sleeve guns and boot pistols. Like most of their products however, you can quickly and easily do a caliber swap and drop in different length and caliber barrels as you see fit.

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