Sure, no problem. SEO) in Joomla! Recaptcha presents not just a formidable barrier to spambots, but to your leads, contacts, and anyone trying to fill out your form.

We hope this has shed some light on Google Recaptcha and helped you make a more informed and conscious decision about its use on your website. Hey guys, sorry to bother you with this but I’ve tried posting on the WP support for Contact form 7 and the Google ReCaptcha group to no avail. If you want Ninja Forms in a a modal/pop-up window, I’d strongly recommend WP Popup Maker. When they see a form, they are programmed to fill in every field. ↳   Productos de Código Abierto para Joomla!

Recaptcha can potentially do more harm than good. Its minimalist yet beautiful interface is simple enough for anyone to learn quickly and easily, while still being more than powerful enough for any professional. Sorry but i cant see any captcha on your contact form: On desktop it’s fine. No one likes spam, but do you really need Recaptcha? Consider these findings from a Stanford University study[3]: Your marketing team’s new campaign has attracted just the right people to your page. After configuration, add [cf7sr-simple-recaptcha] to any Contact Form 7 form. Do you use it? Visual captchas take ~10 seconds for a user to complete, audio captchas almost 30 seconds. Me too!

When the update goes live we’ll probably retire or modify this article. And that, that’s exactly where the problem lies. That’s great- that’s what it’s there for. Keep Contact Form 7 with ReCaptcha V2 This is probably the best solution (before the 5.1 version of the plugin was released on December 18) . It’s also quite possibly one hoop futher than you or your visitors may need to jump to stay spam free, however. Make sure you are using the correct shortcode.,,,, Plugin Directly to HubSpot with WordPress Forms, Easy, Custom ActiveCampaign Forms with WordPress,, Stop Spam in WordPress Comments and Contact Forms » ClickWP %, Five Premium Plugins for Creating Wordpress Forms - Blog Reactor, To help with the financial burden of recent events, membership plans are currently, Almost 33% of the time, any 3 given users cannot agree on the interpretation of a visual captcha, More than 66% of the time,  any 3 given users cannot agree on the interpretation of an audio captcha. Correct, it basically filters out programs that crawl the web looking for forms to spam. Please drop us a support request at No one is advocating going out into the wilds of the interwebs unprotected. Re: Recaptcha not showing on contact form Post by dattard » Tue Nov 22, 2016 10:05 pm Unfortunately, I've already slugged through most of the forum posts related to reCaptcha and I've already tested and checked all known problems. Categories:   by dattard » Tue Nov 22, 2016 10:05 pm, Post There’s a lot of first time WordPressers out there that don’t even realize the quantities of creepy crawly spam that can infiltrate their form submissions with no protection in place. Do they help sell a product or service? The way that it works with our forms is that, if a certain set of conditions are met, the form first redirects to a page with the checkbox CAPTCHA, and then on to your Thank You page. Users who do not speak English as their primary language have to devote ~20 seconds to solving an English captcha. I’ve been looking through articles you’ve posted about the latest Ninja Forms version 3 but couldn’t find an answer: is it necessary to add a honeypot field, or is it automatically part of every form? Find out!

We jump through all kinds of hoops to prevent it- adblockers, spam filters, math problems, Google Recaptcha, Akismet, the list goes on. Configure plugin from Settings => CF7 Simple Recaptcha.

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