Get  rabbit news, husbandry and health tips mostly every month. Both run designs have been added to the DIY Livestock Rabbit Housing e-book (and they are also in Ideal DIY Rabbit Cages, of course). Place a length 2 x 2 (or 2 x 4) board long enough to describe an imaginary line drawn from the top of a 24-inch leg to the top of a 20-inch leg. Bending it inward, will also, I hope, discourage curiosity from predators. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Go to World of Raising-Rabbits to check out cage-building and other rabbit husbandry e-books by Raising-Rabbits. Cut it into manageable pieces if you wish, or try wrestling a long piece into submission, 1 clear panel corrugated plastic roofing (dimensions = 26 1/4 inches wide by 8 feet long), 3/4 in. Just another precaution in windy areas. And that is the next step - turn over the corrugated plastic so the dowels point downward and insert the dowels into the PVC legs. You’ll need approximately 22 feet (8 feet on both sides, and 26 inches at each end plus any losses from cutting). LAZY BONES XXL RABBIT HUTCH & DOUBLE RUN (LB-337) DIRECT FROM OUR PARTNERS 0 out of 5 Sale! All rights reserved. The netting roof adds some protection from the sun, stops any sneaky escapes, and looks pretty cool. As you can see from the picture, it’s large enough for one rabbit. Rabbits run great distances at high speed if allowed, and although this is not always ideal in a domestic setting, extra large rabbit runs are a good compromise and allow your pet plenty of room for exercise. Definitely worth a look, it’s very affordable, and can be used for other pets too – not just rabbits. galvanized wire (sometimes called hardware cloth). ), Either of these J-Clip Pliers is Top Quality - should last 20+ years, Use Flush Cut Wire Cutters to Avoid Wires Ending in Spears, J-Clips - 1 pound should last for a couple cages at least. We specialise in bespoke bird aviary designs – we can make any bird aviary to your own design. Since the PVC frame is light, you might also wish to drive tent pegs through the corners to fasten the rabbit run to the ground. 2m x 1m with perspex window in the door and a built in … Having foot-long dowels should make it harder for wind to lift the roof off the rabbit run. I personally like an expandable exercise pen manufactured by MidWest, Rabbit Classifieds | Rabbits Wanted and For Sale, Rabbits for Sale in NJ - New Jersey Rabbit Breeders - Rabbits for Sale, Rabbit Genetics: Easy to understand basics of genetic inheritance. 80) PVC - 27 feet, cut as follows: 2 in. We built the frame out of 1-inch PVC and used 3/4-inch dowel rods to help secure it to the rabbit pen. or meat rabbits. £ 99.99 £ 79.99 OUTBACK CLASSIC HUTCH (GREAT VALUE FOR … Just ask! They make great gifts too!! galvanized wire. That’s why this run is more of an indoor model. If you plan to let rabbits ‘live’ in the rabbit pen as you move it around your lawn every day, then you’ll probably need to add strapping across the top, such as bungee cords, so no curious and dexterous raccoon-hands can pry the top off for a ‘free’ meal. Cut PVC to lengths specified in Materials. Send us your country, city, and area code to obtain a shipping quote.). Fasten to the 2" x 4" floor wire liberally with J-Clips, at least every 4 inches. // ]]> We sell four standard sizes of our wooden rabbit runs from the large 4 ft run to the small rabbit run of only 1ft in length for use as an extension or for a hamster or guinea pig. There are plenty of good places which can help with rabbit run ideas just like this one. I like this run because it’s lightweight, simple, yet effective. // >Click here to see the full range of rabbit runs available on Amazon<<, 12 Cute and Small Breeds of Rabbit Explained - Rabbit Cages UK, Housing Rabbits Together - Rabbit Cages UK. In this rabbit run, Since the rabbits will have access to fresh green grass, their intake of pellets will drop significantly, as will their water intake. Sturdy pen manufactured by Frisco can be used by both dogs and rabbits. Exercise is important for rabbits. Place the PVC frame in the basket you’ve formed with the 2" x 4" wire. No Comment, March 9, 2015 • Rabbit Run: Free directions for an easy-to-build rabbit pen or run using wire and PVC. No Comment. Self made run Of course you need not buy a run if you don’t want to. wood dowel rod - 4 feet; cut into 4 lengths of 1 foot each. Trixie are a great brand too. 3. If you have a solid wood floor no need to worry about struggling to clean up. No Comment, March 7, 2015 • Subscribe to  Rabbit Rhythms, our e-newsletter ! x 36 in. I have seen some of their products in pet stores and they always look, and feel decent quality. Look to buy the largest run you can afford and have space for. It does not come with any form of roof, so if you have a bunny with a spring in its step – expect it to escape. Cut and remove the extra wire, allowing for roughly 4 - 6 extra inches (see picture) to serve as a partial roof to support the corrugated panel. Rabbit runs can be used in isolation, or, with a little help from us on delivery, if needed, attached to other hutch and run layouts, perhaps to form huge rabbit runs in tandem. Cut away wire at corners as shown in photo. 1 inch Schedule 40 (or better yet - Sch. This is a great little starter run. It's easy - we only need your email address, then hit the 'subscribe' button. x 4 in. Enjoy! It is produced by a trusted brand, so no concerns about quality. ), but this also makes it easy for them to dig should they have a mind to do so. Exercise is important for rabbits. We have selected our affiliate products carefully with the purpose of improving your experience, both on the Raising-Rabbits website, and in the ease of the care you provide your rabbits. The wire run can be used indoors or out, while [CDATA[ Note: if you use livestock wire [4" x 4"] you will run a huge risk of escapees, even if only on the floor. >>Click here to see the full range of rabbit runs available on Amazon<<, May 26, 2014 • Building a rabbit run is not that difficult, especially if you use pre-built panels. // ]]> Maybe two if they aren’t too big. Although rabbit hutches with runs are available for purchase with our rabbit hutches, here at Garden Woodcraft, we also have a selection of outdoor rabbit runs for sale separately – ideal for portability or to use in conjunction with existing rabbit hutches and runs. If you'd prefer to buy a very nice rabbit pen without the effort of constructing it, here are a couple very strong runs. you can house your rabbit on grass and save money on feed, or exercise your pet Bespoke indoor rabbit run from manor pet housing for sale. While still coming in at a ‘cheap’ price, this rabbit run is galvanized and waterproof. As you can see in the picture, it’s great for indoors. In this rabbit run, you can house your rabbit on grass and save money on feed, or exercise your pet or meat rabbits. Don't want to build your own rabbit run? Check out these very cool exercise runs and pens perfect for your little friends: (If you cannot find cage wire, tools, and j-clips in your area, here and below are links to excellent tools and wire which might work for you. Just ask! After all, you want to keep things straightforward and simple. or 7/8 in. Privacy Policy  | Disclaimer Survey  | About  | Aurora Rex Rabbits  | Site Map | SBI Review | Advertise | Contact Us. Click the Rabbitry Name Links for all the details: Breadbox Rabbitry Netherland Dwarfs in NC, Provisions 134 Rabbitry Giant Angora Rabbits in MA. Our carpenters deliver and assemble in person, so you can rest assured that you are getting a complete service and that personal attention that is often missing when you buy online. It’s definitely worth trying to get a run with a roof. x 2 in. Clip the overlap at the corners and fasten with J-Clips.

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