The Sun Dolphin Excursion 12-foot sit-in fishing kayak is designed for comfort and convenience. It is not a good choice if you want one with a better warranty or a kayak that is lighter and easier to handle. It also has a riding compartment that is 21 inches wide, allowing for users to fit comfortably. It holds fishermen who weigh up to 230 pounds comfortably. ); {"@context":"http:\/\/\/","@type":"BlogPosting","mainEntityOfPage":{"@type":"WebPage","@id":"https:\/\/\/sun-dolphin-kayak-reviews\/"},"url":"https:\/\/\/sun-dolphin-kayak-reviews\/","headline":"Sun Dolphin Kayak Reviews: Boats For Fishing & Water...","datePublished":"2020-06-20T22:04:06+00:00","dateModified":"2020-08-18T03:58:01+00:00","publisher":{"@type":"Organization","@id":"https:\/\/\/#organization","name":"Probably Interactive","logo":{"@type":"ImageObject","url":"","width":600,"height":60}},"articleSection":"Kayaks & Boats","description":"Instance 1Best Fishing ModelOur #1 ChoiceLightweight ModelKayaking has become a popular fitness hobby, and new kayak manufacturers are entering the market daily.

It has a dry storage compartment and built-in safety features like protective knee pads, adjustable foot braces, and a paddle holder. Its ample seating area allows for a comfortable fit not found with comparable kayak models. You can comfortably sit and stand without the worry of capsize. You may need to test the weight capacity once purchased to determine whether or not you should return the model. Any waves or strong movement in the water, will not bode well for the kayak and may cause capsize. You need to have an appropriate skill level for each area that you paddle in. It comes with its own paddles and has a storage area for bait or dry goods that you bring with you. The kayak weighs 41 lbs. This kayak is perfect for recreational fishing and comes with two rod mount holders as well as one swivel rod holder. "position": 2, Others say that the kayak does not track straight in the water. An included paddle means that you can begin kayaking immediately. Sun Dolphin Kayaks build a variety of kayaks, boats, and paddle boards specifically for fishing and water sports lovers. You should choose the length of your kayak based on your needs. Amazon also offers the best online pricing for kayaks and kayak parts. You can buy Sun Dolphin Excursion 10-foot sit-in fishing kayak on this page of Here is a review of some of the best sun dolphin 12ft kayak, together with their features and functions. The Sun Dolphin Excursion is a sit-in kayak that comes in gray, tan, and dark green colors. Kayaks can be pretty pricey, but Sun Dolphin offers the most affordable kayak options for beginners and recreational enthusiasts.

It can puncture or crack if it is mishandled or stored improperly. Some of the better features of this kayak include its compact design and light weight at just 41 pounds. This ensures that salt doesn’t dry on the kayak. Some users have also noted that the body of the kayak is relatively flimsy. is a great entry-level sit-in recreational kayak. It is relatively lightweight at 48 pounds and can sit a person weighing up to 250 pounds. There are adjustable footrests, a flexible seating system with both a low and high position, an anti-slip deck for standing, and waterproof hatches. Front and Rear T-Handles for Easy Transport. Made out of UV-stabilized polyethylene plastic, this kayak is heavy-duty, and you won't find it breaking down. An anchor trolly kit gives you smooth turns while making navigating easier. It is also not very sturdy, so it will not last many years. The wide-open cockpit makes it easy for kids to step in and out of the kayak. It is not a solid choice if you are tall or want a kayak that is sturdier and built to withstand challenging conditions like rocky shallows. These kayaks are built with specific sports in mind, so they have all of the necessary accessories and features that you need to fish or paddle against the fastest whitewater currents. A grown-up and a child, up to ten years old, will comfortably fit in this kayak as long as their total weight is less than 250 pounds. ★Easy On And Off For Your Kayaks Makes This Cover A Winner - The elastic draw string on it to pull it snug makes this UV resistant canoe cover go on and off easily and stays in place, great investment for preventing bugs and spiders from crawling in and surprising us during water trips. } It also has a thin outer body and is only covered by a modest manufacturer’s warranty that does not cover some parts or repairs. The cockpit is extra large with plenty of space so that you won't feel claustrophobic. Comfortable seat allows unlimited casting angles With its 360° rotation. This is a sit-on-top model, which may feel more comfortable for beginners. Larger kids can lug their own kayak around, and parents can easily move the kayak for children not strong enough. The company also has an excellent customer support staff and aims to give every customer a warm, small-town feeling when they call in with questions. } This kayak is perfect for a relaxed day out on the open water.

They may also have lower weight capacities. Overall, it is a good kayak worth buying. The 72 inches length is perfect for little bodies, and the kayak can hold up to 140 lbs. It is not a wise choice if you want to venture out into the open sea. Weighing just 41 pounds, the Sun Dolphin Excursion 10-foot sit-in fishing kayak is made for taking out on lakes and rivers. When you are out on an adventure and encounter damage, a. SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Excursion Sit-in Fishing... Sun Dolphin Aruba Sit-in Kayak, Paddle Included... Sun Dolphin RED Aruba 8' SS Sit-in Lightweight... SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Boss SS Sit-On/Stand On... SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Bali Tandem Kayak (Lime,... SUN Dolphin Phoenix 10.4 Fishing Holiday... SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Camino SS Sit-on-top... Sun Dolphin Bali Sit-on-top Kayak (Ocean, 6-Feet), 7 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $5000 Reviewed, 6 Best 12 Inch Subwoofers: Reviewed, Rated & Compared, 8 Best 10 Inch Subwoofers: Reviewed, Rated & Compared, 6 Best 15 Inch Subwoofers: Reviewed, Rated & Compared. A swim platform is also a nice touch and gives kids something to hold on to while swimming in the water. Another safety tip is to be aware of where you are paddling. setTimeout(function(){link.rel="stylesheet";"only x"});setTimeout(enableStylesheet,3000)};rp.poly=function(){if({return} This page can definitely help you regardless of whether you are fishing by yourself or with a friend. Not to mention, the prices of the sun dolphin 12ft kayak are also flexible. Designed for lake and river fishing, it also has a cockpit that is easy to climb in and out of each time you use it.

The downfall of this kayak is simply the price and build materials. Sun Dolphin is a great brand for kayaks, particularly for fishing and water sports lovers. The other potential downfall with this kayak is that it doesn't have any storage space. It also comes with its own paddles, saving you money on having to buy them separately.

The Sun Dolphin Aruba kayak is a great solo kayak for kayakers who want the best quality kayak at an affordable price.

The Sun Dolphin Boss SS 12.3-feet kayak model is the best stand-up Sun Dolphin fishing kayak available. Taking care of your Sun Dolphin kayak will ensure that it lasts longer. Some reviewers also note drain holes in the bottom can get clogged easily. It also comes in a cool pink/purple color combination that is reflective on the water. Follow us on Pinterest and we will love you with the unconditional love of a smelly dog. Yes! It is designed for a single passenger and can hold up to 250 pounds.
Some of the better design features of the kayak include its PAC that can be used as a backpack, a tow behind, or extra storage. If water does enter the vessel, it will be drained out. Most Sun Dolphin kayak seats are easily replaceable. It has two built-in flush rod holders as well as a single swivel holder. Simply buy a new seat and switch out the old seat. "itemListElement": [ so it won’t weigh you down as you adventure on the water. This is the ultimate Buyer’s guide to the Best sun dolphin 12ft kayak and most important is that, In picking this sun dolphin 12ft kayak, we have considered a lot of factors like quality, features, product … It also has a covered console and a Portable Accessory Carrier (PAC) that doubles as extra storage, a backpack, or a tow behind. For a tandem kayak that can hold three people, this model is a steal. Or will you be paddling down a fast-moving river with rocks? The Sun Dolphin Excursion SS 10-foot sit-in fishing kayak is designed to make fishing fun and convenient. Stable Flat Bottom. Moreover, it has a storage compartment for bait or other supplies that you bring on the fishing trip. Shorter kayaks are faster when it comes to turning and maneuverability. Whether you are single or tandem, fishing or just out for a paddle, we have all the Sun Dolphin kayak information you need. A simple solution would be to buy a more adaptable and padded seat.

Made from UV-sterilized polyethylene, this kayak will give you many years of use. Plentiful storage options in both the bow and stern give you the ability to add a bucket with live bait or to use the wells as dry storage. from $58.99, 32 new The Sun Dolphin® Aruba 10 Sit-In Kayak is great for river and lake trips. The drain holes on the bottom of the boat also can become clogged and lead to water damage. Reviewers also say that the kayak fits easily into most pickup truck beds or cargo spaces in vans and SUVs. Upgrading the seat is a recommendation for kayakers with back injuries and other health conditions. For the price you pay, it is a good investment if you want an easy-to-handle kayak that rides smoothly across lakes and rivers. Made with UV-stabilized polyethylene plastic, this heavy-duty kayak is rugged and durable. The bottom line for this kayak is that it is a good choice if you want to enjoy tandem fishing with friends or loved ones. It also makes it unsuitable for ocean kayaking or rough whitewater kayaking conditions. The padded and cushioned backrests are comfortable, and the adjustable foot braces help prevent fatigue. Four vertical rod holders Perfect place to store and position fishing rods. Adjustable foot braces make paddling more comfortable, and protective thigh pads help kayakers brace themselves while kayaking. Send us a message. "name": "Sun Dolphin Kayak Reviews: Boats For Fishing & Water Sports"
45 lbs. We recommend switching the cushion out for a more advanced model if you need additional support. The Best Sun Dolphin Kayak Review. You can buy Sun Dolphin Bali SS 12-foot sit-on-top kayak on this page of If you want a heavy-duty sit-on kayak made for fishing, then we recommend this Sun Dolphin kayak model. Easy On And Easy Of-The elastic draw string on it to pull it snug makes this UV resistant canoe cover go on and off easily and stays in place. The sit-in kayak is also easier to maneuver and offers greater control.

Two 6" Storage Compartments in Rear and Center, Two Paddle Cradles with Shock Cords. "@type": "ListItem", from $849.99, 2 new A cockpit cover will keep your kayak safe while you travel or while storing your kayak. Kayaking has become a popular fitness hobby, and new kayak manufacturers are entering the market daily. "@type": "ListItem", If you’ve ever wanted to kayak with three people, here is your chance. At first, the company focused on pedal boats but quickly branched out to other watercraft products such as paddle boats, boats, canoes, Jon boats, fishing boats, dinghies, and kayaks. The first notable element of this kayak model is that it can hold as many as three people.

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