For WordPress users of any skill level, Facebook Instant Articles & Google AMP Pages by PageFrog offers an easy-to-use tool for expanding and optimizing your online publications overall effectiveness. não recomendam sites de negócios que são mal otimizados para mobile. Só o fato da melhora no carregamento de páginas resultar em mais desempenho do seu site já faz o Google AMP valer a pena. Get Screamo, Mutant Delay & Dodge Pro Plugins – ALL for... Computer Music Is Giving Away 8,600 FREE Samples & 90 FREE... Modal Electronics Creatively Kickstarts New Synthesizer Series with COBALT8, 83% off Sampletraxx Horror Kontakt Bundle via Audio Plugin Deals. The official AMP plugin for WordPress is a powerful tool that helps you build user-first WordPress sites, that is, sites that are fast, beautiful, secure, engaging, and accessible. However, given the new capabilities of the plugin, we strongly recommend upgrading to ‘Standard’ mode (formerly ‘Native’) or ‘Transitional’ mode (formerly ‘Paired’) so that you can achieve full visual and functional parity for your site. O Que é AMP WordPress e Como Seu Site se Beneficia da Tecnologia, Como Instalar AMP WordPress Usando 2 Plugins, O Que é Plugin WordPress? All rights reserved. Campos obrigatórios são marcados com *. E combina as funções de melhoramento de carregamento de página sem prejudicar o ranqueamento do seu seu site. Click the links below to learn more, and to see a live plugin demo, of WP AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress. plugin, theme, or core) responsible for originating that markup. Para isso, encontre e clique na aba Design do plugin. Easy to use by WordPress novices and experts alike with a consistent reputation for reliability, responsiveness, and versatility. Já a aba de Extensions é para você adicionar funcionalidades extras ao seu site AMP WordPress. Second, Facebook Instant Articles & Google AMP Pages by PageFrog formats your content as to avoid search engines seeing publications on multiple social networks as duplicate content. The Tube Amp U530 is one of Mercuriall’s first plug-ins, and emulates the Engl E530 preamp, also known as the “heart of modern rock.” With multiple tube options and countless cab combinations, the U530 serves up everything from soft cleans to dirty leads. Para fazer isso de forma bem rápida, siga os passos abaixo. Essas são as configurações mais básicas que você pode fazer para otimizar seu site, páginas e posts com o AMP WordPress. é uma tecnologia de aceleramento que faz com que as páginas de um site feito no WordPress sejam carregadas mais rapidamente em dispositivos móveis. Resonant DSP has announced the release of Swanky Amp, a free tube amplifier emulation plugin based on detailed simulations of tube amplification. Style options, sizing options, color, and display are all customized and edited on the dashboard of your WordPress website. WP AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress features support for advertisements on every page and in any posts. And, AMP on WordPress – weeblrAMP CE automatically converts MailChimp signup forms so visitors can subscribe and produce site conversions from smartphones, tablets or computers. This plugin is perfect for beginners and advanced users alike. If you are interested in helping shape it for the future, the plugin is also available on Github and you can join the development efforts.

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