years of experience and the tools necessary to safely and effciantly install your pole. Providing excellent service & quality products. Did you know that there is a proper way to fly the American flag? Polyester Flags:  Our polyester flags are made using 100% spun polyester 2 x 2 woven construction intended for use in extreme weather conditions or high wind areas. Size: 3 by 5 Foot Verified Purchase. See Custom Flags and click on Quote form or the email link, or you may contact us by phone.Indoor & Parade Accessories:  Indoors - we carry a complete line of American and State Indoor Sets. grunge . The Grand Union Flag, the first unofficial national flag, represented here on a 1968 postage stamp. Flag Day is a celebration of the American flag that occurs each year on the anniversary of the flag’s official adoption, June 14. Various towns in colonial America have claimed to be the birthplace of the Stars and Stripes. In 1818, after a few design changes, the United States Congress decided to retain the flag’s original 13 stripes and add new stars to reflect each new state that entered the union. Aug. 28, 2014 . Confederate Flags:  Are beautifully dyed on 100% nylon. I highly recommend this flag for any proud American who wants an American flag that flies with flying colors and beautiful craftsmanship. You can choose up to 3 colors. This variant of African-American flag uses the colors introduced by Marcus Garvey, but in a different order: The black-red-green flag has first appeared on a stamp issued by the United States Postal Service in 1997 to commemorate Kwanzaa, the African-American yearly celebration [1]. Keep this practice up and influence other governments on how to respect our national flags. If you have any questions or concerns about adding a flagpole to your property, Our team will gladly help you to choose the correct flagpole that's good for you. You can email, fax or bring in to our retail store, your design and we can quote it for you. Birmingham Comment Report abuse. Because Polyester flags are heavier than Nylon flags, they may not fly in the slightest of breezes. Based on colonial folklore, it has also been stated that the American flag was first flown in battle during the Revolutionary War at the Battle of Cooch’s Bridge in 1777. 9-1pm Order Online, Shipping Daily We are Open 24/7 Online and Phone Orders daily. We can take your corporate business logo, personal artwork, or any other idea you have and create a custom flag or banner just for you! Our American flags are NOT imported. AL Vector. Wether it's displaying the family crest or supporting your favorite team. Although many people believe that Betsy Ross designed and sewed the first flag, there is no true proof of this. BONUS: You’ll also receive our Almanac Companion newsletter! 3x5 Ft US Flag Strong, Long Lasting, and Durable with Brass Grommets. Auto Flags, Ribbon Magnets and Ceremonial Cases. : American Flag: 100% Made in USA Certified by Grace Alley. Wether it's displaying the family crest or supporting your favorite team. State Flags:  Are available in either Nylon or Polyester. American Flag Company has always been known . Every National Flag's Colors. July 4, 1960: The new 50-star flag was flown for the first time—the flag that still flies today. Historical Flags:  Our Historical Flags are authentic historical flags that are reproduced either out of 100% nylon or cotton. However, in 1782, the Congress of the Articles of Confederation chose the colors for the Great Seal of the United States with these meanings: According to the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, the colors originated with the British flag, which is called the Union Jack and was a combination of the Scottish cross of St. Andrew (white on blue) and the English cross of St. George (red on white) at the time. Thank you for sharing the information about the history of the American Stars and Stripes Flag. International Country Flags:  Are dyed in sharp, long lasting, accurate colors, available in Nylon. This 3x5 ft US Flag Meets US Flag Code. We are a full line provider of American Flags, State, Country, Message, Military Flags and Custom Flags and Banners, Flag poles and Flag pole AccessoriesAmerican Flags:  Our American Flags are made in America. Similar Images . The flag is usually taken indoors at night out of respect, but there are some places where flying the flag around the clock is permissible. 5.0 out of 5 stars Great product and made in the USA. What we know fondly as the “Stars and Stripes” was adopted by the Continental Congress as the official American flag on June 14, 1777, in the midst of the Revolutionary War. Indoors, outdoors, wood, aluminum and fiberglass flagpoles. Call or email us! jeremy d steele. Parade – we carry parade poles lightweight and adjustable. Our State Flags are colorfast to the sun and rain and are of brilliant colors. June 14, 1777: The Stars and Stripes were adopted by the Continental Congress as the Flag of the United States. I am sure every little child is taught all the important points about the American Flag from early age. House Flag Mounting Kit Deluxe - This set is tangle free because the flagpole spins. Colonial troops fought under many different flags with various symbols—rattlesnakes, pine trees, and eagles—and slogans—”Don’t Tread on Me,” “Liberty or Death,” and “Conquer or Die,” to name a few. The Continental Congress left no record as to why it chose these colors. I now begin to appreciate the respect accorded the American Flag by all the citizens. Flag-Works flag store supplies American flags, State flags, Military flags, Desk flags, Military Guidons, International flags, Historical flags, Confederate flags, Indoor American Flag Sets, Custom flags, Fiberglass flag poles, Aluminum flag poles to people and businesses all over the world! Also available, trucks, halyard rope, snap hooks, flagpole finials, eagles, cleats, retainer belts, weights, lock boxes and solar power flagpole light.Custom: Flags, Banners, Table Banner, Avenue Banners, Streamers, Military Guidons and Military Battalion Flags. Flag Code is an official set of guidelines (not laws) that dictates how a flag should be flown in order to show it the respect and honor that it deserves. We’ll do our best to advise and assist you with all of your flag and flagpole needs. I wish we people of the African Continent could learn and adopt the best practice regarding our different country flags which are sometimes subjected to unnecessary and meaningless change by the government of the day. Learn about George Washington’s birthday in our article on Presidents’ Day and don’t forget to catch up on your Independence Day history before July 4! Military Flags:  Have authentic insignias and logos and are dyed in brilliant colors onto 100% nylon, they read correct on one side and as a mirror image on the reverse. I have an American Flag memento I bought while studying at University of Florida as far back as 1991 - 1994, and I have always cherished it without any knowledge of its historical background and how it should be hoisted. Our In ground flagpoles are available in either internal or external halyards and also available in a variety of colors and sizes and they looks great flying one of our American Flags. We can have your new flagpole installed by a Professional Installer that has. This 6 foot flagpole has been tested to stand up to the strongest wind and the slightest breeze and still end up untangled. Flagpoles:  We carry a variety of different flagpoles. The origins of the Stars and Stripes have become part of American folklore. More Information About Flag-Works Over America:Flag-Works flag store supplies American flags, State flags, Military flags, Desk flags, Military Guidons, International flags, Historical flags, Confederate flags, Indoor American Flag Sets, Custom flags, Fiberglass flag poles, Aluminum flag poles to people and businesses all over the world!Flag-Works Over America was established in 1996, our retail store is located in Concord, NH. Similar Images . Similar Images . In truth, the flag may be flown at night anywhere that it may be flown during the day, provided that it is properly illuminated during the hours of darkness. Add to Likebox #35389919 - Closeup of grunge American flag. F lags are one of the best ways to express what matters most to you. For all the talk of American exceptionalism, there is at least one thing that is unexceptional about the United States: it’s flag. Materials available are Nylon, 600-Denier Polyester, Dacron, and Sunbrella. Flag Day, celebrated on June 14, is not an official federal holiday, but its observance is traditionally proclaimed each year by the president of the United States. Flags are one of the best ways to express what matters most to you. Add to Likebox #43851699 - American flag. I remember Flag Day as the last day of school and after we had a ceremony for The Flag we were sent home for the summer, for my family it meant that we left Bridgeport, Connecticut to West Rutland, Vermont where we spent our summers to return on Labour Day and then back to school the next day. The colors are (kind of) symbolic. What we know fondly as the “Stars and Stripes” was adopted by the Continental Congress as the official American flag on June … Read more. Find all of your flag supplies at Flag-Works Over America. This annual holiday celebrates the history and symbolism of the American flag. Helpful. It became the unofficial national flag, preceding the 13-star, 13-stripe version. Submitted by Peter H. Burke on June 15, 2016 - 1:51pm. However, records do indicate that she made ensigns and pennants for the Philadelphia navy during the war. 131 people found this helpful. Learn about the history of this holiday and the beloved Stars and Stripes! All intricate emblems are faithfully and accurately reproduced in fine detail.

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